guiverci just booted lubuntu lunar on lenovo g560 & it appeared to 'fail to boot'...  so I restarted & removed 'quiet splash' & retried... conclusion is its just 'slow to boot' on some boxes/firmware...    Worth a mention on 23.04 release notes??  or we're already covered on discourse with https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/slow-boot-times-of-lubuntu-22-04-lts-on-some-hardware/3280    (i didn't time it  so can't compare with the j3400 that made me 02:07
guiverccreate that post..)  Any thoughts welcome02:07
guiverc~4mins 34 secs for plymouth to appear (first message was at 4:30 so just prior)... 5 min 53 secs for wallpaper & functional at 6 mins.. (on that box)  I don't think it's worth mentioning personally..02:16
arraybolt3I've seen multiple people get hung up on stuff like that (I believe), so it might be worth updating the existing post to includ 23.04?02:28
guivercyeah i was considering that myself... though not as edits but another post on thread.  Thanks arraybolt3 02:29
guivercthanks arraybolt3 ; added a post on that thread..02:47
guivercold bios box; lubuntu lunar install & i'm getting an error on boot prior to grub appearing.. I can't read it (quickly replaced by grub menu, I think it relates to what was usually blue background & logo on this box) .. ignoring as its working correctly..  (grub just boring black/white menu not bright blue background this box has mostly had)07:58
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- Builds: Lubuntu Desktop amd64 [Lunar Beta] has been marked as ready16:35
tsimonq2I just marked us as ready for the Beta. I'll figure out an announcement shortly.16:36
tsimonq2I noted the three bugs on the tracker, let's look to track those :)16:37

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