youngbin_<Fallen> "youngbin: re UbuCon Asia on..." <- Hi, thanks for the new category setup! Would be nice if i can have full access under ubucon category. I plan to use indico for at least call for proposals and schedule management.00:18
Fallenyoungbin: you have event creation permissions there which will allow you to create an event which you have full access to. 05:41
FallenI'm also going to check with legal if there are any requirements we might need to take into account when people are submitting information there, eg accepting the privacy policy, and acknowledging that community contributors will have access to the data.05:43
youngbin_Sounds good :) But Indico says I have no permission to create one. Could you check this later? 05:48
* youngbin_ uploaded an image: (57KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/IVYoexqlzOobyrCrhudGuexT/image.png >05:48
FallenYes will do, need some breakfast first! :)05:52
youngbin_Thanks :)05:52
Fallenyoungbin: ah of course, again I forgot to hit save due to how the UI works :)09:55
FallenShould be good now09:55
youngbin_Thank you! just created one on indico :) https://events.canonical.com/e/UbuconAsia202311:12

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