rbasakcoreycb: o/ there's an aodh upload languishing in the Jammy SRU queue, but the bug it links to (LP: #1974682) doesn't have an aodh source package task and doesn't have SRU information. Please could you take a look?12:17
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1974682 in python-aodhclient (Ubuntu Jammy) "openstack-tox-py3N jobs continously fails" [High, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/197468212:17
coreycbrbasak: thanks for the message. I'll take a look. I was wondering why it wasn't getting attention.12:40
coreycbrbasak: that's been updated to target the aodh package12:48
rbasakcoreycb: thanks! It also needs SRU information please.12:57
coreycbrbasak: of course, sorry!12:58
coreycbrbasak: dosaboy has added the sru information13:50
ricotzddstreet_away, hi :), please don't forget to accept the libreoffice backports16:53
ricotzmapreri, hello, maybe you could take over nevertheless17:03
mapreriricotz: I could, yes.17:07
mapreriricotz: enjoy! ;)17:13
ricotzmapreri, thank you!17:18
arraybolt3Weird network problems, feel free to ignore22:07
arraybolt3If there are any MOTUs available (especially ones who work with Ubuntu MATE), I would like to request sponsorship for the patch here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/caja/+bug/2013138 This fixes what I believe is a likely Final Release blocker in Ubuntu MATE.22:48
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2013138 in mate-desktop (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu MATE application menu vanishes shortly after opening every time it is clicked on" [High, Triaged]22:48

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