ducassemorning all07:10
webchat42hello guys I am xavier since a moment my ubuntu is not working I don't know why.09:04
tomreynhi webchat4209:08
tomreynif you're looking for support with ubuntu , please ask in #ubuntu09:08
ice9I'm getting higher FPS with the nouveau driver than the prop nvidia driver, how come?17:52
daftykinslol, i bet the proprietary didn't load properly18:15
ice9daftykins, I re-installed it, rebooted etc ..18:20
daftykinsthat's not a guarantee18:23
leftyfbice9: maybe ask for support in #ubuntu 19:16
JanCI likely explanation is that games might use less detail when certain features aren't available, and thus get higher framerates...21:45
JanCor maybe nouveau is just faster on some (older?) hardware for some use cases...21:45
JanCit's not like the nouveau driver is really bad21:46
daftykinsthat's a very good point, i foolishly assumed feature parity! :D21:46
daftykinsuser's gone though21:47
JanCthe nvidia drivers tend to be optimised for the most recent hardware also21:48
JanCand most recent hardware features21:48
daftykinsseen plenty of pieces that disprove it makes as much of a difference as many claim 21:50
JanCyou mean nvidia vs. nouveau?21:51
daftykinsnah having an old card and then keeping up with drivers, say21:52
JanCwell, nvidia tends to drop support for older hardware pretty quickly21:53
JanC(compared to some other companies, at least)21:53
JanCwhich is why Ubuntu something like ~15 driver versions packaged21:54
JanCfor nvidia21:54
daftykinsi don't think i've felt disadvantaged by whatever the pace may be21:55
JanCwell, the older driver versions are still around, just not officially supported, I think21:55

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