apxseemaxHello, I am here to find the wizards of lake curtin so they may help me to get stuff from /cdrom/ to /target/. Strike me if I am wrong here.10:11
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CrashedServerHello, I jsut came home to a drive that has completely disconnected from the host, and I can't really deteremine the cause. The smartctl stats don;'t seem to indicate any failure. https://0bin.net/paste/1WApbaFi#OTB+nx-eIsvhc67gqu0y/hZ4vKXJPIz15NyqdFdoJxh17:55
CrashedServerAnd on the syslog side, I am seeing this: https://0bin.net/paste/dH8hL4zB#XY93m21Lt8Z7q390BqJPDWyjSnN4I2+sbE82JmKUtNM17:56
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