xu-help57wi have installed andy ham xbuntu 4 times every time it will not accept set name and passcode02:55
gregkcan anyone help me please?  I'm having trouble with the installation type and partitioning.15:21
gregkmake that just partitioning...i've been trying to hit the bullseye by throwing darts blindly15:22
diogenes_Vx15!ask | gregk15:28
ubottugregk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:28
gregkwhat's the best way to partition my 120 GB SSD for a new install?15:29
gregkwhat's the recommended way to partition and format my 120GB SSD for a new install?15:31
diogenes_Vx15gregk, you mean how to or what partitions and sizes you should make15:32
gregkwhat partitions and sizes I should make15:32
geniiFor a single user sysem just a swap partition the size of your RAM and the rest a single partition15:33
genii..formatted in ext4 is the norm15:33
gregkand what mount point?15:33
gregkprimary/logical? beginning/end of this space?15:34
geniiWith SSD the location is unimportant because it's not a physical platter. The main partition would be mounted /  , or the root of the filesystem15:35
geniiPrimary partions15:35
gregk"no EFI System Partition was found"15:36
diogenes_Vx15gregk, on my setups i always have this: 1) 300 MB /boot/efi (fat 32); 2) 30 GB / (ext4); 3) rest of space - 7 GB /home (ext4); 4) 7 GB swap15:37
geniiAh, right, I forgot about EFI15:38
diogenes_Vx15you can choose primary for 1 and 2nd15:38
gregkdo I want that /boot/efi to be /dos or /windows ?15:41
gregkas the mount point, i mean...15:43
diogenes_Vx15gregk, first of all you start with creating new partition table GPT15:43
gregkthat's what the installer is guiding me to do, I think15:44
diogenes_Vx15and /boot/efi is the mount point of the partition nr. 1 which is fotmatted as fat3215:45
gregkand so far, /dev/sda has /dev/sda1 as 298MB fat32 /dos mount point15:45
gregkam I on track with that?15:46
diogenes_Vx15swoh us a screenshot.15:46
gregkhmmm...im typing on a laptop, next to the desktop I'm xubuntu-ing.  bare drive15:47
gregkim not sure how to take a screenshot on one machine that I'm trying to config while typing to you on another15:48
arraybolt3gregk: You can upload the screenshot to Imgur on the machine you're installing to and then type the link here.15:49
arraybolt3(note that I didn't read the rest of the conversation, I just saw this one snippet and thought I could help with it.)15:49
diogenes_Vx15gregk, or go here on Xubuntu machine: https://webchat.freenode.net/15:50
diogenes_Vx15and find our channel.15:50
arraybolt3diogenes_Vx15: You're on Libera, not Freenode.15:50
diogenes_Vx15arraybolt3, sorry my bad :)15:51
gregkis there a telegram?15:51
arraybolt3Not that I'm aware of in here.15:51
gregkimgur needs a login or to install their app...15:53
diogenes_Vx15gregk, xfce screenshooter has that builtin15:53
gregkI have broken it up sda1- 298 MB as /dos, /sda2- 30GB as / and /sda3 as 8GB swap and /sda4 as 80GB /home16:00
gregkok - what is an EFI partition?16:00
diogenes_Vx15gregk, why is /dos there? it should be /boot/efi16:01
gregkdiogenes_Vx15...two different machines is the problem.  can't screenshot on one that I'm trying to config and chat in another thats running w1116:03
gregkand /boot/efi isnt an option in the installer16:04
gregki can choose / or i can choose /boot for mount points, but there is no /boot/efi16:04
diogenes_Vx15gregk, we've already given you some instructions on how to login to this chat from the machine you are installing now, if you don't know how and need a more detailed explanation then simply ask, if you don't want to, well that's a different story.16:08
gregkuhhh, maybe I missed how to do that?  I'd need to exit the installer and just "tru xubuntu" right?16:10
arraybolt3gregk: You should be able to just click a "New Post" button in the upper-left corner of the screen in Imgur to use it. I use it a lot and don't have an account.16:10
diogenes_Vx15gregk, yes you have to choose Try Xubuntu.16:13
gregkok, trying xubuntu and will screenshot 16:14
gregkhttps://imgur.com/FdPLo2y.png is probably better 16:21
diogenes_Vx15gregk, let's statr from a clean partition table, remove all the partitions.16:22
diogenes_Vx15then click on New Partition Table, choose GPT16:24
gregkI'm not seeing that option...?16:25
diogenes_Vx15on the right side there is revert and New Partition Table16:26
diogenes_Vx15also screenshot 16:26
gregkYes, I've hit New partition Table, but there's no GPT option16:27
diogenes_Vx15gregk, screenshot16:28
diogenes_Vx15gregk, ok let's see, click on + and screemshot16:32
* diogenes_Vx15 wonders why New partition Table is grayed out16:33
gregkbecause this is a new partition table.16:35
gregkthe "Use as" doesn't include the GPT option16:35
diogenes_Vx15gregk, ok size: 300, use as: fat32, mount point: /boot/efi16:36
gregkI can choose the size and fat32 no problems, but my mount point is limited to /dos or /windows16:37
gregkwhich I can't screenshot because the pulldown options disappear when I open the screenshot app16:38
gregkmaybe we should go back a step - and it may help:  I flashed the .iso to this drive using etcher.16:40
diogenes_Vx15gregk, that's strange, really strange, did you make any changes in BIOS maybe?16:40
gregkthat's way beyond my paygrade ;)16:41
gregkis there a way for me to just reformat/wipe ths drive and try again from a USB?16:42
diogenes_Vx15gregk, what machine is this and what SSD? internal/external?16:42
gregkalso- the .iso is v22.04.2. latest LTE iirc16:43
gregkinternal HP SSD...it's an AMD processor I think...16:43
gregk64bit...8GB RAM16:44
gregkthe 30GB SSD that came with it died the other day, so I'm trying to recreate what I had and it was brilliant16:44
diogenes_Vx15gregk, so you've replaced the SSD16:45
gregkjust went with a bigger one: 30GB -> 120GB16:46
gregkit just wouldn't boot, so I got a new one and figured this was going to be smooth, but...16:49
diogenes_Vx15ok you'd probably have to check your BIOS setting, especially what interface this SSD is using in BIOS and if UEFI is enabled.16:49
gregkUEFI should be on?16:50
diogenes_Vx15UEFI on but secure boot off16:50
gregkare you going to be around?  If i reboot and check BIOS etc, this chat will end now that I'm on the machine I'm trying to get running again16:51
gregkthanks...see you in a bit16:52
gregksafe boot = secure boot?  I'm in the Asus uefi bios utility17:00
diogenes_Vx15i believe so.17:02
gregkand it seems to be enabled...should I turn it off/delete the keys diogenes_Vx15 ?17:02
diogenes_Vx15gregk, yes it's better to turn it off, also don't forget to check your drive settings what interface it's using (e. g. AHCI)17:05
gregkok- asus logic is weird: secure boot is always enabled UNLESS you're using an OS other than windows.17:25
gregkso while bios is telling me it's enabled, choosing "other OS" overlooks the secure boot otions/keys/procedures17:26
gregkAHCI is set to SATA 6.0GB/s17:30
gregkdo I want to enable SATA ESP diogenes_Vx15?17:31
diogenes_Vx15gregk, some manufacturers make it very difficult to install anything other than windows these days.17:31
diogenes_Vx15yes enable esp17:32
gregkok thanks...rebooting17:37
gregkstill not getting a GPT option17:41
gregkis /usr/local maybe what I'm looking for?17:43
diogenes_Vx15gregk, ok let's try with gparted17:46
gregkwell, I'm actually tempted to try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCxoOyUQqUE17:49
gregktheres no admin password set,which may prhibit me from actually disabling that logic and turning safe boot off17:50
diogenes_Vx15gregk, ok try also try changing SSD interfaces, at this point it's a trial and error journey.17:52
gregknope, still no GPT.  i'll quit the installer and we can go to GParted17:59
gregkok, gparted launched diogenes_Vx1518:01
gregkshould I switch back to chatting on that machine for screenshotting?18:03
diogenes_Vx15gregk, first see if a new partition table is available in gparted18:13
gregkI don't think I can do that..."1 partition is currently active...unmount or swapoff..."18:19
gregkyeah, that's what happens when i attempt to Create Partition Table after selecting the device18:20
gregkis there maybe a command line option here?18:22
diogenes_Vx15gregk, did you select your SSD and not USB?18:22
gregkthe USB prevents the machine from booting, so I'm just running off the SSD18:22
gregkI also flashed the USB with the same .iso as the ssd with etcher18:23
diogenes_Vx15gregk, what do you mean running off the SSD?18:23
gregki flashed the .iso to the new ssd18:24
gregkthats how the machine boots and I'm able to Try or Install xubuntu at boot18:24
gregkright now, to get to gparted, im in the "try" mode18:24
diogenes_Vx15gregk, no way, you need to boot from USB18:25
diogenes_Vx15you need to disable secure boot18:26
diogenes_Vx15otherwise it won't boot18:26
gregkI did...you walked through that with me18:27
diogenes_Vx15ok now try to boot off USB18:28
gregkoh wait...now it's giving me the option to erase disk and install xubuntu18:28
gregk  should I select some advanced features?18:29
gregkuse LVM?18:29
gregkso choose "something else"18:30
gregkso I can resize partitions?18:30
diogenes_Vx15it won't work until you boot off USB18:31
gregkor just "erase disk and install xubuntu" and "install now"?18:31
gregkI think I finally have booted off USB18:31
gregkor the installer wouldn't give me this option, right?18:32
diogenes_Vx15try and see it you can create new partition table18:32
gregkerase disk and use ZFS?18:33
diogenes_Vx15no. choose "something else"18:35
gregknow I can choose a new partition table...18:36
diogenes_Vx15so proceed18:36
gregkI've selected free space of /dev/sda (the 120GB SSD) and clicked + and now it's hanging18:39
gregkbut it has recognized the bootloader location as the USB, so I guess we wait...18:39
diogenes_Vx15if it hangs then check again in BIOS SSD is SATA18:40
gregkand AHCI as the SATA type?18:44
gregkmax speed set as sata 6gbps18:45
diogenes_Vx15and always choose "Try" and go to live boot.18:46
gregkok, ive rebooted but I'm not sure if I'm running off uSB or the SSD18:49
gregkgo to gparted?18:50
gregkok, gparted is seeing the USB so hopefully I vcan unmount and try a new partition scheme on the SSD18:51
gregknvm gparted...i clicked on Install xubuntu, then the erase disk option and it's creating a new ext4 file system18:57
gregki believe the progress bar is moving...not fast, but it might be moving...19:01
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