cjdghi there, one question, does anyone how can i contact , @eickmeyer?19:35
EickmeyerI'm right here.19:35
cjdghi man, sorry for bothering you, but i was trying to contact you for some months19:35
EickmeyerNo worries. Not a bother at all. What's going on?19:36
cjdgsince i saw the news that you wanted to take edubuntu back to life19:36
cjdgi been a user and promoter from more than a decade using it19:36
EickmeyerIt's already a full-fledged Ubuntu flavor now. Beta was released yesterday, published news this morning.19:36
cjdgim already testing it XD19:37
cjdgbut i have some ideas19:37
cjdgfor further taking back to the development19:37
EickmeyerOk, any changes will have to wait until next development cycle, FYI. Feature freeze was a month ago per the Ubuntu Development Cycle.19:37
cjdghow can i join to the development ?19:38
EickmeyerWell, you're here, this is where we're going to do development discussions for the time being.19:38
cjdgyou see, im from mexico, and i been promoting open source for education since kindergarten to university19:38
cjdgand low economic levels19:39
EickmeyerYes, I think I remember getting your email.19:39
cjdgohh great!!!19:39
EickmeyerAs I understand it you have a classroom full of raspberry pi's?19:39
cjdgnot only one19:39
cjdgright now i been installed almost a 1000s19:39
cjdgof pis19:39
EickmeyerOh wow.19:39
cjdgfor schools19:40
cjdgplus maybe more than 3000s edubuntus installed19:40
cjdgalso im a fan of ubuntu studio 19:40
EickmeyerWell, for Raspberry Pi images, we're at the mercy of the Ubuntu Release Team, but that is definitely a goal since I received your email.19:40
cjdgcount on me for testing19:41
cjdgi have since the first pi to the latest one19:41
cjdgplus other SBCs19:41
cjdglike orange, banana19:41
EickmeyerPerfect. What I'd recommend is installing the Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 Beta Raspberry Pi image with the minimal installation option, then installing edubuntu-desktop and letting me know how it goes, because that's basically the same thing.19:41
cjdgwill start to work on that19:42
cjdgby the way19:42
cjdgon the edubuntu19:42
cjdgthere was some tools19:42
cjdglike making computers thin clients19:43
cjdgand remote monitoring19:43
cjdgright know i forgot the name19:43
cjdgand i think they are lost19:44
EickmeyerRight, that was the LTSP project which was spun-off into its own project.19:44
EickmeyerIt sounds to me like you didn't read the announcement: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/edubuntu-23-04-beta-released/3486119:44
cjdgohh great thanks19:44
cjdgyes i didnt saw it19:45
EickmeyerIt was tweeted out this morning.19:45
EickmeyerWe don't have our own website yet, we're still working with Canonical on hosting.19:45
EickmeyerI need to update the topic in here...19:46
=== Eickmeyer changed the topic of #edubuntu to: Edubuntu Development | No supported releases yet | 23.04 beta is out | 23.04 Final due 20 Apr
cjdgok ready, im following you now, both my project and myself, havent see the twitter 19:47
cjdgis there a mastodon also?19:48
EickmeyerNot yet. Again, still beginning stages. While there used to be an Edubuntu, think of this as a rebirth.19:48
EickmeyerI'm also working on acquiring the old mailing lists.19:50
EickmeyerI also have to get the project leader (my wife) in here.19:50
cjdgmy wife also loved it 19:52
cjdgcount on us19:53
cjdgby the way19:53
cjdgwatever  you need19:53
cjdgim biologist and inventor19:53
cjdgso im quite related to science, arts (mostly technological) and technology19:54
EickmeyerOh, awesome! Well, if you have any suggestions, let us know. Welcome! If you can set-up an IRC bouncer to stay connected, that's probably the best way to keep in touch for now.19:55
cjdgand also we are both related with social activism, hacktivism, open knowledge19:56
cjdgdo you recommend any bouncer?19:56
EickmeyerA lot of people recommend ZNC, but if you like Quassel as an IRC client the Quassel client-core setup is pretty easy to use.20:00
EickmeyerEither way, you'd have to have access to an always-on server.20:01
EickmeyerIf you'd like a web-accessible client that's always connected, TheLounge is a good option and there's even a self-hostable snap in the snap store.20:03
cjdgi have  some droplets running on digital ocean 20:04
EickmeyerOh, perfect!20:10
cjdgim already installing revolution irc on my mobiles so i can be in touch there20:18
EickmeyerOh, excellent. I try not to pay too much attention when I'm not at my desk because that gets me in trouble. ;)20:22
cjdgdownloading isos and images20:22
cjdgok 20:22
cjdggreat job, and thanks for bringing it back, you dont imagine how many people helped, and hope to continue20:22
EickmeyerHey, it started when my wife and I went to Prague for Ubuntu Summit and she, an educator herself, was sad to learn of both Edubuntu's existence and demise. So, I looked into what it would take to bring it back and saw that it was possible. With her guidance and my technical know-how, we did it.20:24
cjdgwe were trying for almost 5 years to contact the ubuntu team20:58
cjdgto see what we could do to bring it back20:58
cjdgbut no response20:58
cjdgsince its beginning i was using edubuntu for rescuing old computers donated to kids in schools20:59
cjdgplus being honest, i worked for m$, appl3, and g00gl3 and the things i saw there were disturbing20:59
cjdgplus saw how many countries were coped by the lobbiers21:00
cjdgso since almost a decade i went full foss21:00
cjdgfrom science, to arts I encourage the use of open source 21:01
cjdgso i call myself a "open source yihaddhist"21:01
EickmeyerHehe, I like it. I've been leading Ubuntu Studio for 5 years, and am a MOTU, so it was a matter of getting all of the puzzle pieces in order, knowing where to look and who to contact. My wife works for a non-profit here in the Seattle area that helps refugee children from Somalia. She wants to use this in their classrooms.21:04
cjdgi know!!  you lead to a great distro, i was involved into the apo33 gnu/linux distro, also i was involved into a international festival, called piksel21:07
cjdgit happens in norway and we made the international tour called transpiksel, is a opensource related arts+science festival21:07
cjdgplus im also involved with a lot of hacktivists 21:08
EickmeyerThat's great!21:08
cjdgthe only bad thing is that covid shutted down a lot of finances, plus our youngest kid born in the middle of pandemic21:09
cjdgand because he is disabled, i had to step down from those projects21:09
cjdgbut those related with education21:10
cjdgim still on them21:10
cjdgand my wife she is entomologist and botannist, and she makes workshops for women21:11
cjdgkeeping seed banks, and ecology21:12
cjdgtraditional knowledges21:13
cjdgand self sustaining21:13
cjdggonna go prepar food for family guys21:53
cjdgsee you later21:53

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