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BluesKajHi all12:14
ahoneybun[m]Heyo BluesKaj 13:51
BluesKajhey ahoneybun[m]13:57
claydohAre the old LTS point release ISO images stashed anywhere?  kubuntu.org's downloads page mentions them, but the links jsut go to the current ones.   15:06
claydohI know that previous Ubuntu point releases can be found on  old-releases, but not anything recent for the flavours.15:07
geniiMaybe here? https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/15:08
claydohgenii, but the links for the older ones all pint to the current. 22.04 and 22.04.1 all lead back to 22.04.2, for example15:19
claydohsame for  focal. And other flavours.15:19
clivejoclaydoh: can I ask the reason why you would want that?15:45
claydohclivejo: some are looking for non-hwe original ISO images, for hardware support reasosn. We started looking and saw that all the images links on cdimage.ubuntu point to the current one. 15:56
claydohmostly curiousity, really15:57
claydohthough I was under the impression that desktop LTS installs are all HWE15:58
clivejoprob have to go to a mirror, like http://mirror.uchile.cl/ubuntu-cdimage/kubuntu/releases/focal/release/15:59
clivejoThere are really old releases here - https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/kubuntu/16:00
claydohthe OP ona thread on kubuntuforums was installing kubuntu, from an aparently old 22.04iso, and the update only pulled in the current 5.15 kernel. Which may have broke his laptop keyboard?16:01
claydohin any case, we though he would be upgraded to the current 5.19 kernel, and ended up in a rabbit hole lol16:01
claydohold-releases does not have anthing recent for LTS isos, like it does for Ubuntu proper. 16:02
claydohclivejo: thanks, the mirrors idea is cool, But we may want to update the kubuntu website to remove/change references to downloading previois point release images16:04
claydohalso, the Focal downloads still refers to 20.04.5, thoughn that is soon to be a moot point :)16:04
clivejo22.04 isn't old and an LTS16:04
claydohold-releases has old point releases for 22.04, for example, not found on the cdimages, for example16:05
clivejoI have a draw of old kubuntu iso's!16:05
clivejonot sure, I wasn't about for 22.04 release, so unable to help you there!16:07
claydohcool anyway, it is quite confusing. More of a rabbit hole moment as much as anything. I have an "og" 22.04 iso myself on my NAS16:08
clivejobut I do know I had issues with that kernel and nvidia graphics16:08
clivejoit wouldn't let me enter my password in sddm16:09
clivejowhy does OP think the keyboard isn't working?16:10
claydohit worked in 5.15.25 for the install, stopped after updating, which got him 5.15.67 or something16:11
claydohI thought it would be a 5.19 kernel16:12
claydoh-25 and -67 kernel builds, rather16:13
clivejowhat I'm trying to get at is at what point is the keyboard broken?16:13
clivejocan OP get into Plasma?16:13
clivejoif it's at login, can they try to open a TTY and does the keyboard work there?16:14
claydohapparently not, but we are waiting for responses lol.  16:14
claydohplus he claims that he got the kernel update despite not being connected to the internet, which is wrong.16:15
clivejoI need a computer like that, poor internet is the bane of my life!16:16
claydohwho knows? there is always missing information that people forget or do not hink is relevant. It is a Slimbook, though16:17
clivejothey not come preinstalled with Neon?16:17
claydohno idea. waiting for repsponse, and did suggest contacting their support as well.16:18
clivejoI think they do16:18
clivejoalways secretly wanted one!16:19
claydohditto! Or a Framework.16:27
claydohBut a used AMD Thinkpad chromebook has to suffice lol ( I just got one this week)16:28
ahoneybun[m]claydoh: clivejo no Kubuntu Focus?18:04
clivejono, they seem to attract liquids, like a magnet :P18:58
* arraybolt3 hasn't spilled anything on mine yet :D19:10
clivejosorry, was a dig at Mr Mills I couldn't resist :P19:12
* tsimonq2 gives clivejo a friendly wave21:14
clivejoo/ @tsimonq222:39

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