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surfzoidcjwatson: Hi, could you please, simply delete hiknetextractor_1.0.39-0~202303281717~ubuntu23.04.1_amd64.deb , python-hiknetextractor_1.0.39-0~202303281712~ubuntu22.10.1_amd64.debin /surfzoid/qtvsplayer/ubuntu/pool/main/h/hiknetextractor and also libqtvsplayer_1.0.39-0~202303281018~ubuntu22.04.1_amd64.debin /surfzoid/qtvsplayer/ubuntu/pool/main/q/qtvsplayer10:36
cjwatsonNo, I don't have any special permissions required to do that10:41
cjwatsonI'll look at your ticket if I get the time but I have a half-day today so time is tight10:41
surfzoid<cjwatson> "No, I don't have any special..." <- ok, eventually it should be nice if my ssh acces have shell10:54
cjwatsonYou're not ever going to have a shell account on the PPA publisher machine :)10:55
cjwatsonDoesn't work that way10:55
surfzoidcjwatson: if i delete QtVsPlayer PPA, create a new one, Hikvision, all should be ok?11:05
surfzoidok, i did it, wait and see11:28
realtime-neilWhen did the apt endpoints change from ppa.launchpad.net to ppa.launchpadcontent.net ? Where was this announced? How can I subscribe to similar announcements?20:31
wontfix[m]That was after https became standard post 20.04 right?20:33
wontfix[m]So 20.04 was the last timeframe to have http ootb IIRC20:33
realtime-neilOh, that's different, too.20:34
realtime-neilI assume that the http://ppa.launchpad.net endpoints will be deprecated? 20:35
realtime-neilIf so, then when?20:35
rbasakrealtime-neil: https://blog.launchpad.net/ppa/new-domain-names-for-ppas20:46
realtime-neilrbasak: thanks much21:27

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