nightstrikehow do I troubleshoot a stalled startup of a vm?  This has been going for a few minutes now:04:34
luisp[m]nightstrike: hi, I don't see anything wrong in the log you sent. This smells like a network problem accessing the instance. Do you have by chance some VPN service or firewall running?12:32
nightstrikeluisp[m]: it timed out after 5 minutes. I do have a vpn, not sure if it was connected at the time. The only thing I did differently between the last time it worked was reboot due to an OS update12:44
luisp[m]nightstrike: this happens sometimes due to changes in the macOS firewall. You can try solutions like these: https://github.com/canonical/multipass/issues/238712:51
luisp[m]In particular, I'd try first the solution posted by this user: http://skowronski.tech/posts/2023-01-30-macos-application-firewall-and-multipass-debugging/12:51
luisp[m]The tl;dr is here: http://skowronski.tech/posts/2023-01-30-macos-application-firewall-and-multipass-debugging/#tldr-or-executive-summary12:52
nightstrikeOk, I'll try tonight12:57
luisp[m]Good, let us know how it goes!12:57
nightstrikeAs an aside, I got a second instance of x quartz running on display 112:58
nightstrikeThe problem was due to needing to code sign the copied app, which I couldn't do because I did a cp -r instead of -a12:58
luisp[m]really! I'd like to know how did you do. We can add it to the Mac section of the document about X11 windows12:59
nightstrikeI haven't yet gotten a new wm to run, but I did stop quartz-wm from running on it while not disrupting the normal one12:59
nightstrikeI'll write it up in more detail tonight13:00
luisp[m]Excellent! If you can do it, we can add it to the document13:02
luisp[m]Thanks for the investigation!13:02

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