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guiverchttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2023-March/000288.html  (23.04 beta released)    will massage for fridge in ~20+ mins05:25
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guivercI don't see https://fridge.ubuntu.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=9789&action=edit (23.04 released draft on fridge) pasted... but it's waiting..09:18
guivercI may have pasted earlier in wrong room possibly; as not appearing in my feed.. (internet connections last ~two hours not withstanding; posted before net issues)09:19
krytarikguiverc: The only thing I spot there is the headers should be done as actual headers like on the past Beta releases, but now I think we may venture into also dropping the colons off them, because they look kinda odd there in any case.11:25
guiverci did look at the headings briefly as H3, but to me it looked different & not better11:26
guivercdo you want any changes krytarik ?11:28
krytarikhttps://fridge.ubuntu.com/2022/09/30/ubuntu-22-10-kinetic-kudu-final-beta-released/ - to me this looks better than just bold. :311:30
guiverccolons removed?   (i'm going to each anyway...)11:32
guivercthanks krytarik !11:38
krytarikUhm, don't you see the huge space that is below of every header now though?11:39
krytarikAnd the Regular Images header between them seems to be totally gone now.11:41
guivercthe <br> that was after each ahas been removed... 11:42
krytarikAh, there was no actual "Regular daily images" header.. maybe we want to add one though.11:46
guivercI added a <br> there only...11:47
guivercyeah I agree.. a "Regular daily images" in <h3> would make loads of sense... logging in again11:50
krytarikI mean technically the whole "Regular daily images for Ubuntu, and all flavours, can be found at:" is the header in the original announcement, but that'd be too long for the format we use and then it'd miss an intro for the link..  So I suggest using that as the intro and what I wrote above for the header.11:50
guivercyeah that is the heading... I just never saw it as that due to length (never noticed the ":")11:50
guivercbut there are also :'s before other URLs so maybe not heading..11:51
krytarikYeah, but I see it context of the flavor list, where the same formatting is used for the header and the link.11:53
* guiverc forgot to remove my <br>... that looked wrong ... removed & updated (heading for 'Regular daily images' bit) 11:53
krytarikHeh, they forgot to put the colon after the newly added Ubuntu Cinnamon there.. XD11:54
guivercsent a notice to bdmurray to add to skeleton for next time on that one.. 11:54
* guiverc had noticed & thus fridge had it in preview earlier :) 11:55
krytarikAh, nice!11:57
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krytarikguiverc: Uhm, the ReportingBugs link also has a leading empty line though that's neither in the original post nor in previous posts of ours.12:15
guivercI likely added that (in error) .. will remove \n12:17
krytarikUhm, now you also dropped the newline on it though, which I've also considered before but it seems to be intended in the original post, as opposed to the "visit" one in the section.12:26
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Eickmeyer(since nothing is going to post it here)12:29
guivercadded <br> before https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs link 12:34
krytarikIt seems the Testing category only gets irregularly added to the Beta release posts.. do we want to set a policy of whether or not to use it on those generally?12:38
guivercI don't mind... I was actually reluctant to use 'release'  (I'd used that before alas..)12:41
guivercTo me the beta is Testing... (not so much an actual 'release' ; though of course it's sorta that too)12:41
guivercI'd say beta shouldn't be 'release', just testing..  you concur?12:42
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krytarikWell, looking at the tagging of previous posts wrt that, it seems "Release" there is used as generally pertaining to releases, rather than indicating an actual state of the release at hand - because Beta releases as well as a stable release reaching EOL are both included there.12:56
* guiverc will have to look another day; ~midnight here12:58
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