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penguin42damn, that would be dangerous: https://discountdragon.co.uk/product/special-bulk-buy-lindt-lindor-milk-chocolate-18g-eggs-total-7kg/10:16
zxmpii'd have to eat my choccy orange collection to have space to store it...10:51
knightwisehey zxmpi penguin42 12:51
knightwiseLindt chocolate is the best :) 12:51
knightwiseeverytime we go to germany I buy some12:51
zxmpiit's quality was never in doubt12:53
zxmpistorage on the other hand... somewhere it won't spoil over a long period of time v somewhere no one else will find it :-D12:55
knightwisefreezer ?12:55
zxmpii'm more think of the vegtable drawer with a bag of questionable salad on top :-P12:56
knightwiseto control your urges and not eat it all at once , :) 12:57
knightwisei was wondering12:57
knightwiseI have an old G3 imac here, running osx12:57
zxmpito keep it safe from any one who wants to rob the gaff! :-)12:58
zxmpiwhat colour is your imac?12:58
knightwisebondy blueeeee12:58
zxmpihad a pink one many moons ago12:58
knightwiseit won't support SSH or SSL encryption anymore12:58
zxmpiperson selling said no one wanted it. i said it's a theft proof imac :-)12:58
knightwisebut could I in theory, use my Pi as a jumphost  ? 12:58
knightwiserun telnet server on the pi12:59
knightwisetelnet over to the pi from the imac12:59
knightwiseand ssh out from there ?12:59
zxmpisomeone hasn't made an updated ssh client for it?!12:59
knightwisebeen looking for a while now12:59
zxmpiwow. i was just looking at videos over weekend of people putting c64 online 12:59
knightwiseat least not natively12:59
zxmpithough it was using a pi as a wifi bridge to it's serial port to do the heavy lifting13:00
knightwisenot sure if i understand that setup13:00
knightwisebut open up telnet on imac , telnet to pi, SSH out from pi13:01
waveformknightwise, apparently there's https://github.com/cy384/ssheven ?13:02
knightwisehey waveform 13:03
knightwiseOooh ... 13:03
knightwiseLooks complicateed13:03
waveformwell, there's some pre-built releases: https://github.com/cy384/ssheven/releases13:03
knightwiseHA! 13:03
knightwiseBin Files ! :) 13:03
waveformthough I must admit at this point I'd be hard-pressed to get it onto a floppy ... I could do a writable CD still!13:04
zxmpibondi mac does usb like all civilised computers :-)13:04
waveformah, modern technology!13:05
zxmpiand if that fails add a serial port to usb adapter and send it via serial like a caveman :-)13:06
* waveform looks from his hairy knuckles to the serial adapter he's currently hooking up to another pi ...13:07
zxmpiunga bunga 9600,n,1?13:08
waveformunga 57600!13:08
waveformoh, terribly sorry, 115200 actually ... a civilized speed!13:09
zxmpiyou try and send your mp3 collection across it and see how civilised you sound :-P13:11
penguin42zxmpi: How do you mean a 'long period of time' I doubt it would last that long :-)13:49
zxmpijust leave a note in fluent dolphin about what to do with the mp3s when it's finished :-)14:18

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