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chris_uk[m]Congrats on launch of beta. 13:01
chris_uk[m]Just downloading via torrent now. 13:01
tarzeauanyone in here uses ubuntustudio for video editing? if so using which video editing software?13:04
Eickmeyertarzeau: kdenlive is included by default.13:04
ilviperotarzeau: My go to is blender13:04
tarzeaui'm aware of that. and i was wondering if anyone prefers something else way over kdenlive, like i don't know shotcut, olive-editor, flowblade13:05
tarzeauilvipero: word! i'm aware of blender as video editor13:05
ilviperotarzeau: It's not the easiest to get into. But I love it because it never crashes. I edited and rendered like 70 videos for the Ubuntu Summit and i had zero issues.13:07
tarzeauilvipero: are you aware of https://auto-editor.com/ ? 13:08
tarzeaualso wondering if there's any user of Natron (like adobe after effects)13:10
chris_uk[m]I use kdenlive. No complaints. 13:28
chris_uk[m]I have dabbled with Natron and was able to begin to use it with aid of online video tutorials.13:41
guivercFYI Eickmeyer, rufus writing of ubuntu-studio ISOs (22.04) maybe of interest (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1461218/booting-from-the-flash-ubuntu-studio-22-04-created-with-rufus-on-dell-vostro-1/1461793#1461793) size beyond limit rufus non-clone/non-dd-mode can currently cope with22:36
Eickmeyerguiverc: We link to a different guide from the release notes.22:52
guivercsorry (you're already aware of it; so aware you cover it in release notes!!!)22:53
Eickmeyerguiverc: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows#1-overview22:53
EickmeyerGranted, that uses rufus, but the sidebar box does have the caviat.22:54
guivercyeah I know about official guides... users in support read elsewhere..    anyway I'm aware of issue (finally) so can point folks to cloning (dd-mode on rufus)22:55
EickmeyerBut yeah, the rufus developer is aware of the issue too, and it's an issue with rufus.22:56
ilvipero<tarzeau> "also wondering if there's any..." <- Not aware of this one but i will look it up. Thanks. I do use ffmpeg to balance and fix audio problems when needed and it works quite well.23:14

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