lotuspsychjegood morning02:46
lotuspsychjewatching the tour of flanders JanC ?07:40
lotuspsychjethey passing our door in a bit here07:43
ravagerun to the camera and wave for us07:43
lotuspsychjethe live starting at 10h07:44
JanCI'm watching, yes07:50
JanClive broadcast already started 35 min ago  :)07:50
JanCceremonial start at 10:00 in Bruges, official start at ~10:15 in Beernem07:52
lotuspsychjeim in assebroek here07:52
lotuspsychjei wonder how fast they will get here07:52
JanCsomewhere between those 2  :)07:53
JanCthey usually don't start too fast before the official start while still in the start city; it's a bit like a parade...07:55
JanCthey are getting closer to you now08:05
JanCon the ringway08:05
JanCturning into Assebroek now08:06
lotuspsychjeyeah was around 10h07 JanC 08:13
JanCabout to start officially08:15
JanCBTW: there is also #peloton on Snoonet if you like08:18
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