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howarthAnyone else seeing breaking with dropbox under lunar?15:00
howarthUpgrading from kinetic, the nautilus menu icon doesn't work and the Dropbox application seems to be non-functional15:01
howarthoddly, the file directory seems to still be present and working in Nautilus itself15:01
howarthIt's properly showing the green checkmark icons next to all of the dropbox files on their server15:02
oerheksmaybe you need to login online, to get your new install verified/trusted?15:04
howarthThe non-functionality of the dropbox icon in the menu bar argues and the presence of the file verification icons in the file viewer argues otherwise15:05
howarthIt looks like the legacy support of gnome used by the GUI interface to dropbox is has broken15:05
howarthAlso, dropbox is weird15:06
howarthAs far as I know, the dropbox-nautilus application installs the actual linux dropbox code and routinely updates it15:06
howarthbut without explicitly installing further deb packages15:07
howarthso there may be some issues with dependencies that aren't being enforced under lunar anymore if not present in a deb's dependencies15:07
howarthii  nautilus-dropbox                           2019.02.14-1.2   15:08
howarthThe actual dropbox in use is way newer than that15:08
howarthhowever you can only see the version number from the GUI dropbox menus in the menu bar15:08
howarthwhich are no longer functional15:08
howarththat is how you check to see if the dropbox code has been recently updated automatically15:09
howarthlooks like this has been on the downward slope for awhile15:10
howarthHad to install dropbox_2022.12.05_amd64.deb15:12
howarththat pulled in libpango1.0-015:12
howarthspoke too soon15:16
howarthIt does make the Dropbox app respond but the menu icon is still not producing dropdown menus15:17
howarthIt does get updated with the checkmark showing that is has checked their servers and updated the files which is an improvement15:17
howarthInterestingly, installing the upstream dropbox deb replaces the dropbox-nautilus 15:18
howarthgiven that dropbox-nautilus is based on the 2019 code base and needs to auto update to a newer dropbox internally, that was always going to eventually break15:19
howarthSo far lunar looks like an improvement over kinetic. The 6.2 kernel seems less prone to failing to properly start the Intel WI-FI 6E AX210 PCI card15:21
howarthNot as solid as the original 22.04 kernel but not as bad as the 5.19 ones which basically failed on an initial cold boot every time15:22
howarthIntel's linux support isn't what it used to be15:22
peterdkI did post here 2 days ago, I saw in the chatlog that later someone responded. I'll keep monitoring that log, cause I won't be online the whole time. Anyway, I experience a quite serious bug in 23.04 beta. I am on 200% scaling on a 4K monitor, and some of the statusbars are tiny, I guess they are somehow not scaled. This happend with OpenOffice and15:24
peterdkVisual Studio Code, but also the dialog that asks me for my password after I login to unlock the keychain. Can somebody point me to where I should file this bug? It happens on live cd as well, so it's not my config. https://pasteboard.co/S0idNZig1HEV.png15:24
peterdkI mean libreoffice ofcourse.15:28

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