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carwashhi everyone, skr 1.4 with a fresh Marlin 2.1.2 config. i installed a 2nd TCM2209 for the second z axis driver. It is installed into the farthest socket, normally used for E1. The stepper connectors are x,y,z0,z1,e0,e1. should i be plugging the second z into the slot for z1 or e1? it won't work in e1, but does in z1. in the fw i added a 2209 for z1. but i didn't explicitly in the firmware note that z1 should be coming from e1's output 20:22
carwashand using e1's stepper. how would i test to see which driver im using?20:22
tomreyncarwash: i'm reading what you wrote, but have no idea what you're talking about. are you sure this is related to Xubuntu?21:40
tomreynthis seems to be arduino related21:42
tomreyni bet you'll find a more dedicated irc channel for that21:43

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