juliankseems Xwayland is completely broken today11:41
juliankeclipse, chrome crahs :(11:42
juliankthis is a regression from the last boot on Apr 311:43
juliankto be fair chrome hang before, but on external screen and I'm now on internal11:44
juliankorca-autostart.desktop[3854]: gi.repository.GLib.GError: atspi_error: The process appears to be hung. (1)11:48
juliankSomehow screen reader was enabled in accessibility menu and that crashed it all11:49
juliankso I guess hooray it works for me but accessibility is dead?11:50
juliankfiled https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/orca/+bug/2015680 but don't have more input12:01
KBarhello. im having a peculiar problem regarding node snap. snap correctly installs the latest LTS (v18.15.0). cool. but then there is also /usr/local/bin/node symlinked to "/usr/local/lib/node_modules/node/bin/node" having priority over it (due to their order in PATH). where does it come from? `/snap/bin/npm ls -g` doesn't list it, nor does `npm rm -g node` help. when i uninstall the snap, /usr/local/bin/{node,npm} are still there.15:47
KBar im a bit puzzled15:47
KBaralso, i dont have it installed as .deb15:48
KBardoes node snap also install it in /usr/local/bin so as to stay in-line with npm's packaging structure? but then why is the snap version 18.15 but the one in /usr/local/bin  is 18.1315:53
jbichaKBar: the node snap does not install /usr/local/bin/node maybe that's leftover from a previous time you installed node?16:34
KBarthe very first time i wanted to install it via apt, the version was outdated (as was shown by apt policy) so i was okay installing its snap. i honestly dont remember if i ever compiled it myself but looking at their instructions im 99% sure i didnt.16:44
KBar`sudo /snap/bin/npm i -g node` exits with an EEXIST error. i suppose i did `npm i -g node` at some point when only the snap version was present16:47
KBarbut then again, shouldn't `/snap/bin/npm ls -g` list it?16:49
KBarok, `cd`ing into /usr/local/lib and removing it manually did the trick17:11

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