akikis ubuntu going to keep xorg for longer than fedora?10:43
akik"it's very possible Xorg will be removed on F39 or F40"10:43
akiknow the current fedora is F3710:44
akikF38 is coming out very soon10:44
ravagedid not hear anything about removing it 10:44
akiki was thinking it's kept as a backup for many years10:44
tomreynso here's what my crystal ball says: ubuntu has a common foundation for all flavours, mayn of which continue to depend on Xorg. it is therefore unlikely that Xorg packages will not be available in the next few *ubuntu release archives.10:45
akikF39 and F40 are also the next few releases :)10:46
tomreynalso, i *think* fedora works differently. they have spins (~ flavours), but i think they don't share the common baseline.10:47
tomreyni'm not really sure about the common baseline, though10:47
akikthe base packages are the same10:47
tomreynwhy is the question of whether xorg will be available in archives relevant to you, though, akik?10:47
ravageand this is still ubuntu discuss. so it does not matter ;)10:47
akikcome on dude10:47
akikthis is a direct question about ubuntu10:48
* ravage points to #ubuntu-offtopic :D10:48
akikyou can stay there :)10:48
tomreyni like choice. i like it when multiple rather-more-than-less supported softwares which can be used more-or-less-interchangeably can be available in parallel.10:49
tomreynso i'd like to see xorg in ubuntu repos for as long as it is maintainable.10:49
ravageim on xorg and i dont see nvidia getting their stuff together any time soon on wayland10:50
ravagemy hope is 24.04. but im not that confident 10:50
* tomreyn giggles10:51
akiki went to #fedora-kde to ask about mouse pointer speed and why it's so slow. i can fix it with a xorg snippet. they said it's not going to be added in the installer any more10:51
tomreynakik: to me, a much more relevant question than "is package X still going to be available" is that about defaults. which ubuntu flavour is able and ready to switch to wayland, and when will they do so? is this actually something they will ever be able to do?10:52
akiki have a new 4k tv and it was a drag to move the mouse pointer on it :)10:52
tomreyni bet you can configure mouse pointer acceleration on kubuntu settings somewhere10:53
akiktomreyn: yes there it is in systemsettings but it doesn't do anything 10:53
tomreyni see. well, i'm not really into kubuntu / kde, i'm afraid.10:54
akiki've not used anything except plasma and mate since ubuntu 14.0410:55
akikmate on the older computers10:55
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