xu-help43wbluetooth problem15:14
tomreynassuming youwere a volunteer trying to help others make things work on xubuntu, do you think you would be able to help if someone joined and said "bluetooth ptoblem"?15:16
DelemasAre there any PPAs available with newer code? I'm trying to find a PPA with xfce4-panel
DelemasI've found the QA staging and experimental but those aren't helping much.16:58
Unit193What's your interest in 4.19?17:08
Unit193Once it's picked up, it'll be in xubuntu-dev/experimental first.17:11
DelemasI'm trying to figure out what is going on with icons and the panel in 4.18. I've managed to get icons to appear again in workspace switcher by increasing my panel row size by 50% but I'm still seeing a mixture of tiny and huge icons and it's unclear why. Checking the current release would be good to avoid logging useless bugs that are already fixed.17:25
novaHey does anyone know of a way to make Chrome dark mode on Kubuntu?23:52
novaThe force dark mode in chrome://flags messes up text displays on some websites. The dark reader extension messes up some websites functionality and displays..23:52
novaSick of websites with no dark mode flash banging me and blinding me :/23:56

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