ubottuleftyfb called the ops in #ubuntu (MrsSkilton)19:29
manehey, can you unban me on -offtopic?19:33
manei was banned for speaking foreign languages19:33
tomreyni cannot, but you should probably explain what will be different than last time if you regain access.20:47
Eickmeyermane: ^ , and furthermore, do you understand why speaking languages other than English is not allowed in an English-speaking channel? (I also cannot perform the unban, but this might help expedite things if those that can so choose)23:33
manetomreyn: i will speak english only23:33
maneEickmeyer: yes i was just practicing russian23:34
manebut i don't really want to join a russian community23:34
Eickmeyermane: No, that doesn't answer my question.23:34
maneare you expecting an answer?23:34
manei answered: "yes"23:35
EickmeyerStill doesn't answer my question. My question is: Do you know why using languages other than English is NOT ALLOWED in an English-only channel?23:35
EickmeyerI didn't ask why YOU did it, I asked if you know WHY that's a rule.23:36
maneso the communication is fluent and transparent i guess23:36
EickmeyerPartially. The reason is because it is impossible for an English-only op to moderate any language other than their native language. So, the English-language channels prohibit other languages. #ubuntu-offtopic is an English only channel.23:38
EickmeyerHowever, that wasn't the reason you were banned.23:38
EickmeyerThe reason you were banned is because when people started telling you not to do that, you basically snubbed the rule.23:39
EickmeyerThree times.23:39
manewell i don't like to be told what to do23:39
manethat's why i acted like that23:39
EickmeyerWell, terribly sorry, but that's disrespectful, and it doesn't matter if the person is a channel op or not, the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, which governs that channel, mandates that we're respectful at all times.23:40
EickmeyerSo either you submit to the channel rules and do as you're told when the rules are pointed out, or remain banned. The choice is yours.23:40
maneso will i get unvanned or is this over23:40
maneso will i get unbanned or is this over23:41
EickmeyerSounds like this is over and you will remain permanently banned.23:41

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