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ahasenacksdeziel: hi, in your dnssec bind9 zones, do you have the "inling-signing yes" config parameter?17:06
ahasenackI'm looking at how common the scenario described here would be: https://kb.isc.org/docs/dnssec-policy-requires-dynamic-dns-or-inline-signing17:07
ahasenackand you are my sample #1 :)17:07
ahasenackI'm worried about upgrades hitting this problem if the existing dnssec zones are configured like that. bind9 will refuse to start after the upgrade in that case:17:07
ahasenackApr 10 16:55:12 f-bind9-mre named[2902]: /etc/bind/named.conf.local:12: 'inline-signing yes;' must also be configured explicitly for zones using dnssec-policy 17:07
ahasenackwithout a configured 'allow-update' or 'update-policy'. See https://kb.isc.org/docs/dnssec-policy-requires-dynamic-dns-or-inline-signing17:07
sergiodjahasenack: regarding your comment in the MP: I remember glancing over this release note entry, but for some reason I did not raise this topic while reviewing the Jammy/Kinetic MREs.  I may have been distracted by something else18:15
sergiodjeither way, it's a good catch and I believe it warrants *at least* a note on d/NEWS18:16
sergiodjI'm not sure how to proceed with the Jammy/Kinetic updates, since they've been release already18:16
oerheksignore MrsSkilton 19:31
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