FallenHey Kubuntu Council Friends. With KDE Akademy happening soon, I'd love to get some Kubuntu folks there. Answers to my question in -devel sound like there isn't anyone specifically planning to go, but having representation and best case also a talk would be great. Would you be able to help me find the right people to go? We could offer a travel sponsorship as well if that helps.09:37
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I'll throw my hat in the ring yet again, Lubuntu uses KDE products and I've contributed to Kubuntu heavily in the past10:32
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valorie@tsimomq do you have a passport?21:35
valorieIf so, I would certainly back your travel21:35
valorieI suggest asking quickly for KDE to allow you housing21:36
valoriebecause shared housing is so much fun21:36
valorieIn fact I would send you $ myself b/c it's almost my birthday and I would love to have a part in sending you to europe21:37

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