IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Does anybody know what is the state of the Kubuntu Backports PPA for KDE Plasma 5.27 for Kubuntu 22.04?00:41
IrcsomeBot<zparihar> https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/experimental00:44
IrcsomeBot<zparihar> I wonder when it will make it into Backports?00:44
BluesKajHi all12:26
skramerI wonder if it would it be advisable to install 22.04 on an old Core2Duo 1.4 GHz + 2.9 GB of RAM?12:31
skramerLast system installed was 14.04 though...12:32
BluesKajthe recommended minimum RAM is 4GB for 22.04, although 'buntu would work on your setup with one of the lighter DEs12:37
skramerThanks, BluesKaj. Will have a look into those alternatives then12:41
BluesKajskramer, it can work with your setup, but it would be kinda slow and become frustrating after awhile12:43
BluesKaj22.04 that is12:43
mparilloNo matter which distro you use, the moment you have a few browser tabs open, your browser probably consumes more resources than everything else combined.12:44
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CoJaBoIs it possible to set the win key as compose in 22.04? My old install got nuked somehow, and I remember this being impossibly difficult, but I can't recall what I'd done that actually worked :/18:32
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Rajputwhen i download kubuntu iso url chinese from china mirror , in kubntu firefox i can on every tab chinese social media , messaging apps ,news, directory sites already bookmarked, when i open different sites it redirect to chinese version23:50

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