lagunasay what is the deal with qterminal constantly crapping out when you hold a key down and let it repeat for several minutes....will they ever get this stuff working18:03
lagunaevery time there is a new version of lubuntu i check that and it never gets fixed18:03
arraybolt3laguna: I've never hit that bug, but, what usecase do you have where you have to hold down a key for several minutes?18:04
arraybolt3And what exactly is it doing wrong?18:04
lagunai never see that problem in the c++ kde terminal....or the c gnome terminal18:04
lagunaarraybolt3 it is called trying to have the ability to type something....i can't understand why people don't check the buffer problems associated with their coed18:05
lagunaat least thunderbird version 102.10 is working today18:06
arraybolt3laguna: You'll have to be more descriptive, because I still don't know what error is happening. Is QTerminal crashing? Does the cursor stop moving? Or something else?18:06
lagunaarraybolt3 no just pick any key like say f on the keyboard and hold it down for a few minutes and watch the buffering crap out18:06
arraybolt3And also, again, *why* are you holding down a single key for several minutes? I can't think of a single command in QTerminal that uses "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" as part of it. :P18:06
lagunaweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll......what if you want to emphasize something18:07
arraybolt3If you hold down "e" for a few *minutes*, you're going to make a few *thousand* characters.18:07
arraybolt3But I'm testing now.18:07
lagunauh oh i see a problem with thunderbird too...it looks like it is chopping off some of the text i typed in the display window here18:08
lagunaand they cannot say it is a c++ issue because kde is c++ and its terminal doesn't crap out18:09
arraybolt3laguna: Hmm, I see the problem that you're seeing.18:09
arraybolt3But if you type that many "f"s into your IRC client, I am going to get after you for flooding :P18:09
lagunaoh well it won't be the first time.18:09
arraybolt3I assume there must be something that's looping through every character in the terminal every time a key shows up.18:09
lagunayea it is just shitty quality control on code people writ3e18:10
arraybolt3But still... I have no clue why anyone would need to do that. And even if you are doing that rather unlikely thing, it still works, it just slows down once you get far enough.18:10
arraybolt3I suppose it may be worth a bug in upstream LXQt.18:11
lagunaarraybolt3 not really it will go to a dead halt if you wait long enough18:11
arraybolt3I don't have the patience to type that many characters :P18:11
arraybolt3And also I think Bash has a limit to how many characters it will accept in a single command.18:11
lagunai like the idea of lxqt but i don't like code with all kinds of problems18:11
tewardlaguna: unless you have a WPM typing speed of a billion, the buffers aren't *designed* to have the key repeat rate filling up the buffer, and that's typically *faster* than actual typing speeds18:11
tewardalso please don't swear in here, this is a public more friendly oriented channel so no need for profanity18:12
lagunateward not really my wife could type superfast when she was a hot young sexy secretary18:12
tewardand if you don't like "code with problems" then I'm sorry to disappoint you but *all* code has problems.18:12
tewardi won't ask you to keep it friendly in here and such again18:12
lagunateward tell me about it18:12
tewardif you don't like LXQt because of a problem with its buffer rates, that's less to do about the code and more to do about your hardware, etc.  you're free to use *other* programs that "don't have this problem" but I'm not sure what you expect *us* to do short term on this kind of thing.18:13
lagunateward well its been my experience that usually nothing ever gets done but more constant corrections that never solve the problems18:14
arraybolt3_(internet glitchiness)18:14
=== arraybolt3_ is now known as arraybolt3
tewardthen your experiences are blunted by the fact *you* had poor previous issues with programs, not the general reality of things18:14
tewardyou've reported this issue, but it's not necessarily going to be a 'quick fix' especially if the issue is at a core programming level18:15
lagunateward  facts are like assholes...everybody has one...but some are worth more than others18:15
tewardand as arraybolt3 and myself have indicated we have never had this issue nor been able to replicate it (and I just tried on an Lubuntu 22.04 system)18:15
tewardi also said stop with the profanity18:15
arraybolt3(I can reproduce the issue, I've just never managed to run into it in regular use.)18:15
lagunafuck off...let the bastards steal your wife and little kids and try to frame you for murder for 40 years and then see how you talk bastard18:16
lubot[telegram] <teward001> moving on...18:18
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Yes! (re @teward001: moving on...)18:18
lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> It's not my place to say but contributors here are great and give a lot of time to help us. It is requested that all the members respect each other so the contributors and people who ask for help can both be happy and satisfied. Moving on...18:29

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