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lotuspsychjegood morning02:06
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arraybolt3Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the list of packages that would have security updates if I had enabled Ubuntu Pro isn't growing out of control - it shrinks too. Looks like people are porting those updates to typical Ubuntu. Which means not only has Ubuntu Pro not "taken anything away" from the existing Ubuntu community, but it's actually improving security for all Ubuntu21:16
arraybolt3users, whether they use Ubuntu Pro or not.21:16
arraybolt3Not sure what devs are putting in the effort to make that happen, but big thanks!21:16
leftyfbthe packages getting updated as part of pro are from the universe repo, which is community maintained. I didn't see any mention that Canonical would be "upstreaming" their fixes to pro subscriptions to universe proper21:19
arraybolt3Well someone's doing it. Might not be Canonical themselves, but there's some dev or group of devs who must be SRUing the Ubuntu Pro changes into Universe, since I've been getting updates for fixes that were once in Ubuntu Pro only, IIUC.21:20
arraybolt3Or something similar to that at least.21:20
leftyfbI guess it's possible that the community maintainers are pulling in the (open source?) updates to their packages that Canonical is updating for profit?21:21
arraybolt3The updates (at least to the open-source packages) are open-source - you can pull the source packages from the pro repos on a machine that is attached to Ubuntu Pro.21:21
arraybolt3All I know is that the list of "Enable Ubuntu Pro to get updates for these packages" is shrinking sometimes, not growing forever.21:22
JanCthe fixes to universe might not always the same as to Pro, of course21:28
JanC*be the same*21:28
JanCthen again, it might still be useful, especially for professionals (who can pay for Pro), to get those fixes earlier21:30
JanCso it shouldn't really make much of a difference for Canonical's paying customers21:31
JanCand at the same time avoid most bad press from issues that otherwise wouldn't get fixed in universe21:32
JanCso it could be a win-win really21:32
JanCarraybolt3 / leftyfb what do you think?21:33
leftyfbI never thought of the idea that if the patches Canonical released to pro never made it into universe, then the list of packages from the pro spam would be ever-growing. Hopefully they have addressed this in some way. I'm not sure how other than my thought above21:35

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