Unit193rbasak: Got a list of users that'd need to pilot in/out?04:54
Unit193The bot can auth users based on what account they're logged in with services, so no need to login specifically to the bot.04:54
rbasakUnit193: I think I'd prefer for it to be open to all, and only lock it down if we get abuse - that never happened before.11:03
rbasakIf we must have a list, it'd probably be https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-uploaders/+members - but some people have encouraged prospective uploaders to be pilots too, and a list would prevent that.11:04
krytarikrbasak: Well, the issue with that though is also that we'd then have to open up the bot to users not registered with it generally, which is something we'd rather avoid on any of these bots indeed for the reason of potential abuse.  And the idea to simply run a dedicated instance for it wouldn't really help here either, because that also would need to be locked down as much as possible while ...14:30
krytarik... keeping the desired functions available to anyone.  But then it may make sense generally to try and do the latter on the bots, rather than just having them ignore any commands from unregistered users..  Also, I've realized this topic should probably be moved to #ubuntu-bots, to make this channel clear for actual opping ones.14:31
rbasakOK moving to #ubuntu-bots thanks15:03
sarnoldteward: I think your laguna ban needs a bit of tuning -- that's blocking only part of an ISP, so it might not be effective, and yet blocks an entire isp rather than the one person18:39
teward*shoves sarnold into the ops team channel with a vengeance*18:40
leprechaunplz let me back in to ubuntu channel again i have been fixing my connection now i'm sorry for everything.22:33
tomreynleprechaun: are you the same person as beaver / pong, and if so, why are working around the ban forward?22:34
leprechaunno i'm not the same person22:35
tomreynokay, is your client properly setup now?22:35
leprechaunsure i ran into some small problems only22:36
tomreyni.e. will you not join / part #ubuntu more than 2 times a day?22:36
leprechaunokay thats not fair :D I have to disconnect from time to time22:37
tomreynhow often do you need to reconnect a daY?22:37
leprechaunplz let me connect more than that my friend can connect multiple times22:37
tomreynwell, make it less than tonight please22:38
leprechaunsure no problem22:38
leprechaunis it safe to join again :D ?22:39
tomreynyou should be able to22:39
tomreynand please leave here when you're good.22:39
leprechaunthx a lot for helping me out22:39
tomreynthanks for solving this.22:40

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