flxfoohi all08:16
flxfooI have a bit of an issue.08:16
flxfooI upgraded some controller/models to my latest current version (2.9.42) on dev platform.08:17
flxfooProduction is 2.8. And documentation tells that before version 3.x one can use `upgrade-controller` and `upgrade-model`08:18
flxfoonow the upgrade is stuck on some mongodb database upgrade08:18
flxfoowith this message08:18
flxfooERROR juju.worker.upgradedatabase worker.go:356 database upgrade from 2.8.0 to 2.9.42 for "machine-0" failed (will retry): add spawned task count to operations: cannot find document {actions 61909253-939f-48c0-8452-389111410e43:10} for applying transaction 5ef73fe0f769b403ba6ea62a_dde833fc08:18
flxfooIs there something I can do from here, upgrade still retrying without success 08:19
flxfooERROR juju.state database.go:308 using unknown collection "linklayerdevicesrefs"08:19

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