EickmeyerResult of the discussion was that the security team did not consider it a CVE, but did consider it a security bug. As such, I have attached a debdiff as instructed to the bug for the security team to upload to jammy-security.00:28
arraybolt3This is thinking way ahead, but when we do start thinking about Wayland support, we're going to need to start thinking about how to do screen locking without XScreenSaver. I would prefer really like if whatever solution we come up with works with X too, so that we can Get. Rid. Of. XScreenSaver.00:42
arraybolt3I like the screensavers, but I am sick and tired of things like time bombs that need to be removed from the code and junk like that.00:43
arraybolt3Maybe we can even get the screensavers from XScreenSaver to work under a different screen locking solution.00:44
arraybolt3(That would be really neat.)00:47
arraybolt3Rebooting, sec01:23
arraybolt3k back01:28
kc2bez[m]Secure boot tests out OK. I am off to stare at my pillow.02:32
arraybolt3Thanks kc2bez[m], rest well :)02:32
guivercThanks heaps kc2bez[m] !02:32
kc2bez[m]Of course.02:33
guiverclots of blacklist messages on sony.thingy... :(   I'll see support questions about that (how to stop..) but it boots...02:44
arraybolt3Blacklist messages? Never seen those here.02:44
guivercI've not seen the LONG LIST before on this thingy either..  some ubuntu base change but for now I'm ignoring it.  02:45
* arraybolt3 grumbles and makes note to actually *remember* the encryption passphrase I provide when doing an FDE install test17:07
arraybolt3Pretty sure I used some variant of "P@ssphrase1" but I did it on a Spanish keyboard layout and it is being quite stubborn.17:09
arraybolt3Ah, because the Spanish keyboard layout puts a double quote where I am typing an at symbol.17:10
arraybolt3OK, so that's a bug to file.17:10
arraybolt3Yep, that opened it.17:10
kc2bez[m]I feel like that should be a dupe.17:27
arraybolt3I looked for dupes in Calamares and couldn't find any.17:27
kc2bez[m]It is a long standing issue in Calamares 17:27
arraybolt3Hmm... maybe it's in upstream GitHub then and only now in LP.17:28
arraybolt3(I tried several search terms before filing a new bug.)17:28
arraybolt3Anyway, that was the last two tests done.17:28
kc2bez[m]It is a limitation of how minimal the environment is at that stage of the grub process 17:28
arraybolt3Theoretically Calamares could change the keyboard layout when the encryption text fields are selected though, right?17:29
kc2bez[m]There are no other keyboard layouts available 17:29
kc2bez[m]No, it is more complicated than that.17:29
kc2bez[m]Grub would need to be precompiled per my understanding 17:30
arraybolt3Hmm. Well with the fact that LUKS1 and PBKDF1 are possibly no longer safe, we may want to get rid of encrypted /boot and then have Plymouth do the unlocking.17:30
arraybolt3(see the link I posted in -members last night)17:30
kc2bez[m]Recompiled *17:30
arraybolt3I meant that Calamares would change the live system's keyboard layout when someone clicked in the passphrase box so that they would be typing in English into that box even if they didn't know it.17:31
kc2bez[m]Same situation with that though I think the article has a good deal of FUD17:31
arraybolt3Then whatever they typed into Calamares would work in GRUB, even if they didn't know what they were typing into Calamares.17:31
arraybolt3Actually Plymouth allows you to change the keyboard layout at decryption time.17:31
kc2bez[m]Plymouth isn't loaded yet17:32
arraybolt3I meant if we stopped encrypting /boot.17:32
kc2bez[m]Oh sure but I think that is a large compromise .17:33
kc2bez[m]That was a discussed solution on the upstream bug17:33
kc2bez[m]arraybolt3: https://github.com/calamares/calamares/issues/120317:38
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Issue 1203 in calamares/calamares "Encryption does not work well with non-QWERTY keyboards" [Open]17:38
kc2bez[m]That was filed by one of our members and has discussion from us on the bug ^17:41
arraybolt3Looks like they aren't too keen on fixing it at all.17:54
arraybolt3I wonder what was wrong with apt-ghetto's solution of adding another key slot?17:54
arraybolt3Maybe we just need to implement it ourselves and then submit a PR.17:55
arraybolt3tsimonq2: Now that all of the tests for Lubuntu have passed, do you think it's reasonable for us to be marked as Ready at this point? Or is that something we want to wait a bit for? (I noticed ItzSwirlz already has Cinnamon marked as Ready.)18:24
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I may be busy thursday so getting the last bits merged over for the manual might be a bit later than usual on realease day18:25
arraybolt3The entire testing checklist was knocked out last night and this morning (my time) between guiverc[m], kc2bez[m] and myself.18:25
tsimonq2lynorian: No worries18:26
tsimonq2arraybolt3: Let me give everything a once-over tonight and I'll mark as ready when that's done.18:27
tsimonq2In the meantime, we need some draft release notes18:27
arraybolt3Sounds good. (Also looks like kgiii, guiverc[m] and sudodus gave the live session testing a serious workout.)18:27
arraybolt3Generally release note stuff isn't anything I've been involved with. Is that something I should start learning how to do, or would it be preferable for me to leave that to the rest of the team?18:28
arraybolt3(er, I've done some reading of release notes, but never helped write them that I can remember.)18:28
tsimonq2You're more than welcome to start on them if you get the chance at the next couple of hours before I get there18:29
tsimonq2Just remember to give it a read out loud. Make sure it's all grammatically correct. Follow RFC 211918:30
tsimonq2Oxford comma :P18:30
arraybolt3+1, though I'm not in a spot where I can actually read things out loud so I may have to do the best I can mentally and rely on others to do that part.18:31
tsimonq2Sure. I really like Markdown but ultimately it gets converted to HTML18:32
tsimonq2Try to remember everything we've done this cycle and summarize it. Try to read a few previous iterations, a couple by me and a couple by Dan and the rest18:33
arraybolt3I'm basing the one I'm writing on the 22.10 one, is that an OK idea?18:33
arraybolt3Like I just copied everything into CodiMD and am going through and updating things.18:33
arraybolt3Do we remember when we first started shipping a screensaver in Lubuntu, and how long that default has been Flurry?19:12
arraybolt3I'm documenting the switch to GL Matrix.19:12
kc2bez[m]Git history on - default-settings should show19:14
arraybolt3Looks like we've been using Flurry since 22.04.19:16
arraybolt3(heh, I'm *sure* we've been using it longer than 22.04!)19:16
arraybolt3If anyone has the time, can someone do an install of 22.10, **change the screensaver to something else,** upgrade it to 23.04, and then make sure the screensaver still works? We had XScreenSaver configuration file problems in the past and I'd like to make sure that the user-specific config file that XScreenSaver generates doesn't cause issues.19:19
arraybolt3(I'll get to it if no one else can.)19:19
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> https://forum.manjaro.org/t/why-are-non-us-keyboards-not-supported-while-prompting-for-decryption/133287 (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <arraybolt3> Looks like they aren't too keen on fixing it at all.)22:27
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Same in manjaro22:27

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