penguin42daftykins: http://www.treblig.org/daveG/teletext-channel-islands.jpg21:00
daftykinswhat detail!21:01
penguin42that's almost one sixel each21:02
zxmpiis there an teletext map of the island? :-P21:29
penguin42zxmpi: Only of Jersey http://www.treblig.org/daveG/teletext-jersey.jpg22:23
zxmpii was hoping for a map you could put on a floppy disc and read on your 286 laptop :-)22:31
penguin42well that'll fit in a couple of sectors22:31
zxmpii remember back then having a map of dublin and ireland on my psion in mid 90s. mind it was a road route map so only had major road and rail networks in <70k images iirc22:34
penguin42can't you just carry a Domesday disc with you?22:40
zxmpidid they bring out a speccy version yet?! :-P22:49
zxmpion 300 3 inch discs22:50
* penguin42 tries to remember the name of the tapes for the specy/ql/1pd22:53
penguin42ah yeh22:53
zxmpi180k per cartridge iirc22:53
zxmpigreat idea let down by manufacturer and quality control22:53
zxmpivoyager space probes are using essentially the same thing for last 40 years in deep space and still operational22:54
zxmpiit's fun looking at the retro communities now as they adapt sd cards and usb drives to connect and transfer data to 8 bit computers to replace non working tape and disc drives22:55
penguin42I guess it doesn't have to worry about dust23:03
zxmpi1.4gb of doomsday laserdiscs divided by 300k per 3 inch disc... over 4666 discs rough guess. gonne be a bit of shuffling needed23:55

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