waldo323thats perfectly fine :) i appreciate the responses 17:48
cmaloneyyeah, there's not a lot of great choices17:48
waldo323it also wasn't a time sensitive question.  17:48
cmaloneyTeams seems to be the one that most folks use because it's included with their live365 stuff17:48
waldo323yeah i think we may get it by default but maybe we can use something else for most things (or even just my team and the devs, I'd be okay with that)17:50
waldo323mattermost has been on the top of my short list, rocketchat and tulip also looked okay17:51
greg-gI wish we (Wikimedia) would have gone with mattermost (or matrix) instead of slack, le sigh17:56
greg-g(for internal staff comms, not community/volunteer, WHICH IS THE PROBLEM)17:57
waldo323due to features or other reasons?18:10
greg-gfeatures/FLOSS ideals (yeah, I'm a grey beard at this point)18:10
greg-gand the reality that Slack won't be able to ever be an option for volunteers to engage with staff, but mattermost/matrix could have been18:11
waldo323ah :) yeah o18:12
waldo323*I like having a floss solution when possible 18:12
cmaloneyMatrix / mattermost is what I'd go with18:37
benmatrix is hot trash18:40
benmattermost is alright18:40

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