pycurioushow do i update  linux-libc-dev in ubuntu 20.04 - it looks like it has an old Critical vulnerability? (4.19.181-1  - I am on this I think)00:06
leftyfbpycurious: which vulnerability?00:07
sarnoldpycurious: are you really running a two year old kernel from debian? https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/linux/4.19.181-100:09
sarnoldpycurious: if so, there's dozens of way more important issues than whatever is in linux-libc-dev you gotta fix00:09
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Varrohow do i set my ipv6 address static within the LAN?03:18
oerhekson gnome, network manager, add a new profile03:19
oerheksor in your router, lease reserved for your mac address03:20
Varrooh ok03:20
Guest2Hi I have an Android question but I cant join #android please help. some app is using my Camera, how do I find which one did it?03:47
Guest2I restricted my allowed apps with camera acess to just Camera app, but it still happens03:47
Guest2I get the Camera On notification03:47
Guest2every time I turn my phone on03:47
Guest2Why is that funny03:53
aimatme`/join #android`03:53
rboxguest2: because this channel has 0% to do with android03:54
oerheksyou might need to register with Libera03:56
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Muliganis anybody here good w/lxc containers?05:24
arraybolt3Muligan: Maybe. If you ask your question, someone might know the answer and be able to help.05:25
arraybolt3(I use LXC some but I'm not exactly an expert at it :P)05:25
Muliganit's an oddball setup05:25
Muligani'm simply trying to figure out this system05:25
Muliganthere's very minimal documentation that really dives into it05:25
Muliganit's an 'Antman' system by Antsle05:26
Muliganso far, I've been able to migrate the KVM's off into my vSphere cluster, but having an issue w/these LXC's05:26
arraybolt3That issue being?05:27
Muliganfrom what multiple lxc commands that I've run, they've yielded as NOT running05:27
arraybolt3Also is this system running an official Ubuntu installation?05:27
Muliganhowever the webui of this unit is running, and the two LXC's that are running, the data/webui's to those LXC's are reachable05:28
Muliganit's a Ubiquiti AirController05:28
arraybolt3(Official as in, you downloaded an image from an official Ubuntu website and used that to install Ubuntu on the device.)05:28
Muliganalong with Ubiquiti Mfi05:28
Muliganarraybolt3, no05:28
arraybolt3Muligan: To be clear, is this Ubuntu at all? And if so, is this an Ubuntu installation that came with the device?05:28
Muliganunfortunately, not05:29
arraybolt3You might have better luck in #lxc then.05:29
arraybolt3(This channel only supports official Ubuntu operating systems.)05:29
arraybolt3However the #lxc channel supports LXC in general.05:29
arraybolt3Glad to help!05:29
Muliganarraybolt3, sad thing is, this box is way old05:31
Muliganoutdated, etc.05:31
Muligansome of the converted KVM's I'll end up rebuilding altogether05:32
arraybolt3Muligan: Hmm... re-reading your questions, you're trying to migrate these containers off of where they are onto an Ubuntu system?05:32
arraybolt3Ah, I get it.05:32
Muligani'm simply trying to access the LXC environment in order to get in to reset the DB passwd05:32
arraybolt3Can you use "lxc shell" to get into the containers?05:33
arraybolt3Possibly using "lxc start" to get it running?05:33
MuliganI couldn't even get into the console of the hosted KVMs, I wound up shutting them down, converting the qcow2 vdisks on over to vmdk, and rebuilt them using the vmdk's on my vsphere environment05:33
Muliganthe basic command 'lxc' doesn't exist05:34
arraybolt3Oh yikes.05:34
Muliganlxc-ls lists 'alpha, beta, and gamma'05:34
Muliganthen when I go to get info of each one of those, it shows them  as not running05:34
arraybolt3That's probably something we can't help with then. We don't really know how odd devices like that work.05:34
arraybolt3Though if "lxc-ls" exists, "lxc-shell" might exist?05:34
MuliganI understand, just looking for some direction05:35
Muligan1st time really dealing with lxc's at all05:35
arraybolt3And maybe "lxc-start", too.05:35
Muliganlxc-shell doesn't even exist05:35
arraybolt3(There actually is an "ls" subcommand in normal "lxc", so that's why I'm thinking... oh, tar, ok nevermind)05:35
arraybolt3lxc-start might though.05:36
arraybolt3Muligan: Try "lxc-console" then.05:36
arraybolt3Looks like these "lxc-*" commands are part of the lxc-utils package, and there's an "lxc-console" command in there.05:36
arraybolt3Looks like it's on your system too.05:37
MuliganHonestly, I'm lead to believe that this system is just jacked05:40
Muligani mean, it's running 0.4.0b of Antman, and there clear up to 4.0 now for the release05:41
arraybolt3Muligan: Try using lxc-start then?05:41
arraybolt3But yeah, with something this old, it may be easier (possibly *far* easier) to start from scratch.05:41
MuliganI will start from scratch, but I'm trying to get in and set some commands to default/reset the webui passwd for this AirControl program by Ubiquiti05:42
arraybolt3Now maybe it will let you use lxc-console?05:42
Muligani'm not sure which option of lxc-control to issue05:45
Muliganlxc-ls --active -1 spits out nothing05:47
arraybolt3Yeah then I'm not sure either.05:48
Muliganhell, even lxc-ls --fancy isn't even supported in this version05:49
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propususe mate it rocks.05:50
arraybolt3!ot | propus05:50
ubottupropus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:50
propusubottu: okey05:52
arraybolt3Muligan: I'd still try #lxc. Yeah, your equipment might be ancient, old, and EOL, but they'll have a better chance at knowing what to do than we will, I would guess.05:53
Muliganeither way, thanks for the attempt05:54
luna_good morning06:53
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hid3Greetings everyone. Is there any way to grab messages from 'dmesg' which are shown in red colour?07:48
alivehid3: The color is applied to the message from a text element (ie 'ERROR' in message) in the first place. To get that out, you would do "dmesg | grep ERROR"07:55
aliveIf it's not specifically ERROR: Find the common text element in the message and grep for that text element.07:55
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pydevcan i create an user with the HOME in a different location? /var/www/HOME_NAME ?10:32
lotuspsychje!home | pydev10:42
ubottupydev: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving10:42
ravagepydev: sudo useradd10:43
ravage-d, --home-dir HOME_DIR       home directory of the new account10:43
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hsiktas[m]anyone here who considers that faster bugfixes in non-LTS releases are better than staying with an LTS for two years? Is that too optimistic toward non-LTS releases?11:36
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matsamanhsiktas[m]: LTS is strictly to put off updating. Not putting off updating is always better if time allows11:42
hsiktas[m]sound reasonable...11:43
hsiktas[m]sounds :)11:43
matsamansadly plenty of organizations are so buried in nonsense, five years and it can still be hard to find time to update11:44
matsamaneverything depends on your system being maintained, though, so, gotta11:44
koffeinfriedhofhsiktas[m]: depends on what tools you use. LTS is fine for main and restricted, but most programs come from universe and are not or less supported. its a very individual task to check if lts suits you.11:45
hsiktas[m]it would be nice if universe would be somehow decoupled from the other repos. Like provide the usual support duration for main/restricted but all supported releases point to a common universe repo that gets regular imports from Debian. (basically similar to how each supported FreeBSD release points to the same package versions in their ports tree)11:49
koffeinfriedhofthat won't be possible as libraries change and some tools have to be recompiled. But thats what Snap is for. Same versions across all ubuntus.11:51
matsamansame nonsense version =P11:53
koffeinfriedhofBUT same version :D11:53
matsamanas far as you know11:53
koffeinfriedhofyep. I just assume it as I do not use snap or ubuntu at all ;)11:55
matsamanI don't either, but there's nothing good about snap11:57
koffeinfriedhofDepends. Allowing decentralized servers (or stores if you want) would be great. Sandboxing itself is a good approach considering users being allergic to read stuff about users, groups, permissions,…12:00
matsamansandboxing is critical given that ever snap is a block box from upstream12:01
koffeinfriedhofsad but true. But everyone has to trust somebody as we cannot read all source codes ourselves. Canonical is probably not the best to trust in, but there are worse. If you look what applications are requested and used, it is a minor issue.12:05
agatdo you think?12:05
agatabout this?12:05
matsamanwell, mostly you're trusting debian12:06
koffeinfriedhofI do trust debian/main. Mostly. But thats far from being an ubuntu installation.12:07
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vlmUntil a few years ago i didnt know the store was closed source ill admit. Is it not possible yet to set ones own store location yet?12:14
koffeinfriedhofvlm: You can technically if you use the GPL3-snap-client-stuff and write your own server application. But its easier to take other approaches like flatpak and host a custom repository for it.12:19
matsamaneasier to avoid both snaps and flatpak =P12:24
koffeinfriedhoftrue. Just use a free/libre distribution, read the basics and you are done.12:26
matsamankoffeinfriedhof: you're the one I like12:27
koffeinfriedhofWell, I don't. Its awful to search for new hardware nowadays and very frustrating. Intel ME, AMD PSP, graphics and wireless stuff only with blobs… Live could be easier ;)12:28
matsamanmeanwhile the world keeps cranking out young adults who don't even know what privacy is, so they can't even miss it or wonder how to get it12:29
koffeinfriedhof"Privacy? Dunno. Is there a facebook group?"12:31
elias_aThou shalt not curse. :P12:32
akikkoffeinfriedhof: good one, thanks12:46
BluesKajHi all12:49
koffeinfriedhofHi BluesKaj12:49
BluesKajhi koffeinfriedhof12:49
agathi all12:49
matsamanhi just cool people who are cool12:49
akikwhy do i now need a computer reboot for group memberships made with usermod to update? a simple logout/login is not enough. what changed?13:45
akiksudo usermod -a -G group username13:46
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leftyfbakik: you don't. A complete log out and back in will suffice13:48
akikleftyfb: i just tried it on ubuntu 22.10 and it's not enough13:49
jhutchinsakik: You're special?13:51
akikjhutchins: what the fuck does that mean?13:51
leftyfbjhutchins: lets not13:51
leftyfb!language | akik13:51
ubottuakik: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:51
leftyfbakik: do you have error messages?13:51
akikyea keep the guy in chains because he can't behave13:51
jhutchinsakik: I mean that the behavior is not common to most Linux systems, including Ubuntu.  There's something different about how you're doing it.13:52
akikleftyfb: no error message, just that the group membership doesn't change until a reboot13:52
leftyfbakik: this a desktop or server?13:52
akikleftyfb: it's desktop installation13:52
jhutchinsakik: Is your hardware/storage unusual?13:52
leftyfbakik: and did you log out of the desktop or just close your terminal?13:52
akikjhutchins: oh you're civil now?13:53
leftyfbplease stay on topic13:53
jhutchinsakik: I usually am, although occasionally sarcastic.13:53
akikthis is just a normal laptop with ubuntu 22.10/gnome13:53
akikleftyfb: i logged out and logged back in. please test yourself adding a new group for your account with usermod13:54
leftyfbakik: I can't log out of my desktop at the moment, a bit busy13:54
jhutchinsakik: If you look at the shadow files before you reboot, does the change show there?  What GUI are you using?13:54
akikjhutchins: i'm now in windows, but i can try again in ubuntu. using plasma 513:55
akikusing gnome13:55
leftyfbjhutchins: shadow files have nothing to do with groups13:55
leftyfbakik: did you add a user to a group or did you change the main group the user identifies as?13:56
akikleftyfb: you're asking questions i already gave info13:57
akik16:46 < akik> sudo usermod -a -G group username13:57
jhutchinsleftyfb: The collection of password files that control user and group identification are often collectively referred to as shadow files.  I believe there's a document, probably at tldp.org, that explains migrating from a pre-shadow to a shadow system.13:57
ELFrederichHello... I just did an unattended installation of Ubuntu on VirtualBox as per the documentation on ubuntu.com.  The user it created seems to not be in the sudoers file.13:57
clarkkBefore a kernel update (I'm not sure which one, but I may be able to work it out given time), my bluetooth headphones won't connect automatically when I switch them on without me running bluetoothctl connect "$hwaddr". Does anyone know why?13:58
clarkk*since, not before13:58
clarkkIs there a way to fix it?13:58
clarkkI'm on 20.04 with all updates13:59
ravageELFrederich: the unattended installation of Vbox is broken. Do a manual installation.13:59
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akikleftyfb: this same problem happens on arch linux/plasma 514:00
ELFrederichravage, okay... I should delete this one and start over?  I haven't done anything yet, other than manually adding myself to "sudo" group.14:00
jhutchinsclarkk: Which kernel?14:00
ravageELFrederich: yea14:00
ELFrederich.... because the root password is set to the same as my user's password.  That also seems like a bug.  Shouldn't most installs not even have a root password at all?14:01
jhutchinsakik: It sounds strangely like your changes aren't being written to the files.14:01
leftyfbakik: try newgrp group14:01
leftyfbjhutchins: that isn't the problem14:01
jhutchinsleftyfb: Great, you solve it then.14:01
akikjhutchins: i checked and /etc/group was modified14:01
akikleftyfb: i know newgrp command but this is not about it14:01
jhutchinsakik: Thanks for confirming that.  Assumptions often lead to errrors.14:01
leftyfbakik: my guess is, even logging out of the desktop isn't enough, maybe try restarting GDM as well. Maybe there's still some process under your username running14:02
akiknewgrp is problematic that you need to run it then in every shell14:02
akikcan somebody else test this?14:03
akikpick a group from /etc/group that you're not part of (id, groups commands), then sudo usermod -a -G group your_username, logout & login, check id or groups command14:03
leftyfbakik: but newgro does work for the terminal right? That means the changes have been made successfully but we're not "logging out" sufficiently14:04
akikleftyfb: i didn't test it because it's not a solution i want to use14:04
leftyfbakik: please test it14:04
akikleftyfb: yes newgrp works, but it changes the primary group14:07
akikleftyfb: and then i'd need to run it in each shell14:08
akikshould i logout with "kill -9 -1" ? :)14:08
leftyfb"If the optional - flag is given, the user's environment will be reinitialized as though the user had logged in, otherwise the current environment, including current working directory, remains unchanged."14:09
leftyfbnot sure if that'll help the 2nd issue14:09
akikleftyfb: if that's for su i know about it but it doesn't apply14:09
leftyfbit's not, it's for newgrp14:09
akikoh you mean i should test it now?14:09
akiksu - aki worked and the gamemode group is now visible in that shell14:10
leftyfbright, that's a direct login14:10
akikleftyfb: newgrp without the - also worked14:10
leftyfbas opposed to spinning up a vterm14:10
leftyfbso it's working, it's just the DE not being able to do a full log out of the user14:11
akiki'll try kill -9 -114:11
leftyfbthat won't work14:11
leftyfbsudo systemctl restart gdm14:11
akikkill -9 -1 kills all your processes14:12
akikthat fixed it, even though it's a bit brutal14:12
akiknow gamemode group is automatically in all shells14:13
leftyfbI would try restarting gdm14:14
akikleftyfb: don't you feel that's kind of strange thing to do?14:14
leftyfbakik: it's troubleshooting14:15
akikarch has this same problem14:15
akikand i use sddm on it14:15
akikand plasma14:16
leftyfbakik: you're using ssdm on ubuntu?14:16
akikleftyfb: sddm on arch14:16
akikleftyfb: i think this is gdm on ubuntu14:17
leftyfbakik: restart gdm on ubuntu14:17
jedorfHello everyone14:17
jedorfI have a problem with gpg IDK why.... , in ubuntu 22, when I do: ""sudo gpg --dearmor oracle_vbox_2016.asc --yes --output /usr/share/keyrings/oracle-virtualbox-2016.gpg"14:19
leftyfbakik: btw, I just powered on another laptop I have running Ubuntu 22.04. Adding my only user to a group, logging out of the desktop and back in worked just fine14:19
akikleftyfb: sudo systemctl restart gdm didn't fix it, but again kill -9 -1 did14:19
jedorfit's extremmely slow, and show nothing...14:19
jedorfsomeone have an idea why ? I didn't have this problem in ubuntu 20...14:19
leftyfbakik: maybe you have some service running in the background as your user14:19
akikleftyfb: maybe something changed in 22.1014:20
leftyfbakik: unlikely14:20
akikleftyfb: i don't have anything custom on this laptop14:20
akikleftyfb: you used usermod?14:20
leftyfbI did exactly as you did14:20
akikleftyfb: and it's shown in id now?14:21
leftyfbafter logging out of the desktop and back in14:21
akikok so something is different14:21
akikno idea what14:21
leftyfbI also did a test right before logging in, at the login page I switched to a different tty, logged in and ran id, it showed the new group appended to the list of my groups14:21
akiknewgrp works fine after logout/login but the group i added is not by default in id output14:28
ELFrederichWith Ubuntu guest under VirtualBox should I use the Guest Additions CD or should I use open-vm-tools?14:38
leftyfbELFrederich: that is for you to decide based on what each gives you in functionality and what your needs and preferences are.14:39
ELFrederichI saw this... https://linuxconfig.org/virtualbox-install-guest-additions-on-ubuntu-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish14:39
ELFrederichwhat is this "multiverse"14:40
leftyfb!multiverse | ELFrederich14:40
ubottuELFrederich: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.14:40
ELFrederichwell that installation of guest additions didn't seem to do anything.  I see it under lsmod but I can't resize my window14:44
pydevthank you so i will add --home-dir to change the default home of users14:47
pydevthose are users that i use for websites14:47
pydevso i will point their home to /var/www/home1 /var/www/home2 /var/www/home314:47
pydevcan i do that?14:47
pydevi think that /var/www has been created by "www-data"14:47
pydevshmm i do not thing i can create nested homes :D14:48
leftyfbpydev: you can, but I wouldn't. Just set the virtualhost Directory for each site to /home/<user1>/WWW14:48
pydevyes better14:49
pydevthank you14:49
pydevlat thing i need those users with their home but i do not need to login with those users into the system14:49
pydevshould i add /sbin/nologin ?14:49
clarkkjhutchins, sorry for the delay. It broke some time in the last 3 kernels. I'm currently on 5.15.0-69-generic #76~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP.  I'd have to do some investigation to find out exactly which one. What would be your course of action, specifically?15:06
clarkkSince a kernel update, my bluetooth headphones won't connect automatically when I switch them on, without me running bluetoothctl connect "$hwaddr". I'm currently on 5.15.0-69-generic #76~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP. Kernel 5.15.0-67 also had the issue. I have two others installed - 58 and 60, but haven't yet isolated which one it worked in. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please? What steps should I take to either resolve it, or15:14
clarkkwhere should I raise the issue?15:14
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TahcRahcHola folks. Wondering if anybody is familiar with this. Trying to access data from a weirdo disk image (Android-based image).. So far it's not mounting under any standard tool. All I have managed to identify is that the fs is f2fs. I've used f2fs-tools then, but also no dice. The offset is basically unknown, and I've even looked at trying to just try them all (1-10,000) which also didn't work. Any ideas?15:56
TahcRahcI should additionally note that testdisk doesn't appear to have found anything useful either :(15:56
leftyfbTahcRahc: maybe try #linux or #android15:57
leprechaunhello! i'm on ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop and i dont have the posibility to choose HDMI output for the sound i'm only getting built in auido. I'm using the driver for amd kabini r5 driver that ollows with ubuntu?15:59
leprechaunit's the same on 22.04 and 22.1015:59
ELFrederichhow should I add a search domain to /etc/resolv.conf?16:01
leftyfbELFrederich: you do that on your router DHCP settings16:02
ELFrederichleftyfb I'm set to Automatic16:03
leftyfbELFrederich: on your router16:03
TahcRahcleftyfb, #android isn't as active, but I'll check, thnx16:05
ELFrederichokay... what happened is this.  I have two Ubuntu VMs that I wanted to talk to each other on VirtualBox.  So I created a new NAT network.  When I put both of them on the same network they can communicate.  When they were on the default NAT they had a "search foo.acme.com" but when I put them on the newly created NAT Network they get "search16:05
harrisonerdany pulseaudio gurus in here?16:06
harrisonerdhaving sound problems with a macbook 12" retina 201716:06
leftyfbELFrederich: that would be a setting in virtualbox for the network you created.16:07
leftyfbELFrederich: in this case, virtualbox is your "router"16:08
ELFrederichleftyfb, yeah... no real setting there.  Don't even see an advanced option16:08
ELFrederichI just choose the CIDR, that's it16:08
leftyfbELFrederich: maybe hit up #virtualbox16:09
ELFrederichleftyfb yeah... I'm asking there.16:09
ELFrederichleftyfb but is there not a mechanism for me to add a line to /etc/resolv.conf in addition to what is coming from dhcp?16:09
rfmELFrederich, there should be a place to put additional search domains in the network settings (or netplan if these are Ubuntu Server VMs).  Don't try to edit resolv.conf.16:15
leftyfbELFrederich: https://askubuntu.com/a/121170516:16
effumateim new16:18
effumateidk what to do16:19
effumateso what is this thing16:23
effumateor idk what16:23
effumatewhat is libera chat16:23
leftyfbeffumate: this is an Ubuntu support channel. Feel free to /join #libera for help with Libera or other IRC questions16:24
effumateoh ok16:24
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pydevhello again17:11
pydevi am reading the useradd doc17:11
pydevi see -r = create a system account17:11
pydevwhat is the difference between a normal user and a system user ?17:11
akikpydev: they're defined in /etc/login.defs17:15
leftyfbpydev: https://www.cyberithub.com/system-users-and-human-users-in-linux-explained-with-examples/17:15
akikpydev: it's just a id range17:15
akikpydev: search for "System accounts"17:16
pydevoh i read that system users have no home17:17
pydevi need the home directory17:17
pydevso it is not system user17:17
tomreynpydev: note that ubuntu is a debian derivate, and uses the same uid ranges as debian. to make sure you apply debian-like standards, i recommend working with the frontends (debian and) ubuntu provides for this purpose: adduser and addgroup - and to refer to their manual pages, too.17:19
pydevtomreyn, ok17:19
pydevbut basically i need users to run my web projects but they do not need to login17:20
pydevso i wonder if i need to create normal users or system users17:20
tomreynactually, useradd also follows login.defs, which defines the proper ranges, so the choice between useradd and adduser is just a matter of convenience / preference, i guess. sorry.17:22
pydevtomreyn, i have a doubt i have created an user with17:26
pydevuseradd -M -N -r -s /sbin/nologin -g www-data myuser17:26
pydevwhy /home/myuser ??17:27
tomreyni'd say: use system users to run services or for any technical purpose which is not tied to an existing person (or group of persons, who just need a single login). but the line can be drawn differently by some tools and for some purposes and workloads.17:28
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tomreynwhat did you expect the home directory to be?17:28
akikpydev: use -d option for that17:29
pydevtomreyn, i am using -M that says  do not create the user's home directory17:29
pydevis the home mandatory ? why has been set to /home/myuser17:29
akikpydev: if it doesn't have a home dir, it probably starts in / i think17:30
pydevakik, in /etc/passwd i see : myuser:x:997:33::/home/myuser:/sbin/nologin17:31
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akikpydev: i don't know about -M17:31
pydev-M, --no-create-home          do not create the user's home directory17:31
akikpydev: maybe it's for a case where that dir would already exist17:32
pydevakik, the funny thing is that if i go do /home17:32
pydevthere is no /myuser directory :D17:32
pydevso i just see it in /etc/passwd17:33
akikpydev: what if you now run "sudo su - myuser" ?17:33
ELFrederichIs there a place to post screenshots to this channel?17:34
arraybolt3ELFrederich: Usually we just post them to something like Imgur and then send links here.17:34
pydevsu: warning: cannot change directory to17:34
pydevso the directory does not exist17:34
karthyELFrederich imgbb i guess17:35
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.17:35
ELFrederichk, if nothing particularly recommended I'll use the first thing Google gave me;-)  ... https://snipboard.io/KGuU74.jpg17:35
akikpydev: did it start in / ?17:36
ELFrederichThat's on a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 on a fresh install of VirtualBox on a fresh install of Windows 11.  My old 20.04 VM which I copied over launches Gimp just fine.  All the text is messed up on 22.0417:36
leftyfbpydev: it did what you told it to do. It created the user and didn't create the home directory17:36
tomreynpydev: useradd -M is decribed to do exactly do what you see - (assign but) not create the users' home directory.17:36
leftyfbpydev: what exactly are these users for?17:37
pydevthese users are for running gunicorn it is basically a webserver to run django webapp17:38
pydevbehing nginx17:38
pydevso basically each website has its own user17:38
leftyfbpydev: sounds like a job for docker honestly17:38
pydevBUT the same group (www-data)17:38
tomreynELFrederich: this may be an incompatibility of virtualbox and wayland (which 22.04 uses by default)17:39
pydevtomreyn, exactly it does not create the home but for some reason it assign one home17:39
tomreyneffortDee: there's a channel #vbox on the irc.oftc.net irc network, and they have a forum, too17:39
leftyfbpydev: it will do that. You can specify a different home if you like17:39
pydevtomreyn, i see that /var/www is the home for www-data so i suppose i can create /var/www/website1 as the home directory of a specific user17:39
tomreynpydev: because it does so by default, yes17:39
tomreynpydev: i don't see why not17:40
pydevtomreyn, what? can i create "nested" home directory ?17:40
ELFrederichhmm... this sucks.  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1447077/display-problem-with-ubuntu-22-04-on-virtualbox17:41
pydevi mean...inside /etc/passwd i see /var/www with www-data user17:41
ELFrederichit's "solved" by disabling 3d acceleration.  Everything seems so slow when it's disabled.17:41
pydevso if i create an user with an home inside v17:41
pydev /var/www/website117:41
pydevis this possible?17:42
tomreynpydev: you can create directories all over your file system, and set homr directories for users to point wherever, whether that will do what you intend or be good idea security-wise is an entirely different question.17:42
ELFrederichtomreyn why just gimp is messed up though?17:42
tomreynELFrederich: i wouldn't know that. it seems the window decoration is, too, so it's not just the application17:43
pydevtomreyn, yes but in my case i will create an home inside another  home17:43
leftyfbpydev: as I suggested before, create the users as normal, create the /home, set the "<Directory> for each web site/server to each users /home/user1/WWW/17:43
tomreynpydev: you can do so. it is probably a bad idea.17:44
pydevleftyfb, yes but as we said those are system users so i should not create the home dir no?17:46
pydevi read in that link you posted before17:46
leftyfbpydev: don't set them as system users17:47
leftyfbthere's not really a benefit here17:47
tomreynis this for separating users in a virtual hosting setup?17:47
pydevno tomreyn  no virtualhosts17:48
pydevok i will create normal users17:48
tomreynso what is it?17:48
pydevit is a web server where i run my rojects but there is no virtualizations17:48
pydevwhy do i have to virtualize it ?17:49
leftyfbnginx does virtualhosts17:49
pydevleftyfb, yes17:49
pydevvirtual hosts...yes i meant docker17:49
leftyfbso use docker17:49
pydevso i set the "virtualhost" to /var/www/website1 /var/www/website217:49
leftyfbset it to /home/user/website1/WWW17:50
pydevleftyfb, why? is there a particular reason for that?17:50
pydevyes yes17:50
pydevleftyfb, you mean /home/USER/www17:50
leftyfbup to you17:50
tomreyn"virtual hosts" refers to having multiple domain names point to a single (web)server. it is not related to virtualization or containers.17:50
pydevok tomreyn so i have virtualhosts17:51
leftyfbso why do you need to run a separate web server for each user?17:52
tomreynpointing to a single (web)server and having the (web) server respond differently based on the domain / hostname requested17:52
tomreyn^ more precisely17:52
pydevtomreyn, yes exactly17:52
pydevhowever ok got it17:52
pydevi will create N users as per the number of websites i need to run17:52
leftyfbpydev: so use virtualhosts, not separate web servers17:52
pydevthen create /www inside the home17:52
pydevleftyfb, it is a bit more complicated because as i said17:53
pydevi have nginx....yes....but i also have gunicorn that is the web server that is running the django appliations17:53
leftyfbthen again, you should be running each user and this setup in separate docker containers17:54
ELFrederichtomreyn disabling Wayland worked.  sudo nano -w /etc/gdm3/custom.conf ... and uncomment the line which disables Wayland17:55
tomreynELFrederich: congratulations for successfully working around a bug that's not ubuntu's17:56
pydevleftyfb, never used docker idk ...i wonder what is the benefit of running many containers.... N containers for GUNICORN N containers for NGINX17:56
leftyfbpydev: if you're using nginx to support multiple webservers talking to gunicorn, you can do without that if you use docker. Each docker will have it's own gunicorn setup17:57
ELFrederichtomreyn until the bug is fixed perhaps we don't know whose bug it is.17:58
tomreynELFrederich: well, it doesn't occur with other virtualizations, that at least makes it unlikely.17:59
pydevleftyfb, yes exactly but in that case i need to run N different containers for gunicorn  other N container for NGINX with different configuration18:00
pydevseems hard to mantain18:00
leftyfbpydev: no, you put all that into each container18:00
leftyfbper user18:01
leftyfbassume you only have 1 user. Put everything it needs into 1 container18:01
leftyfbthen duplicate that for each user18:01
pydevi heard that each container should run one service18:01
pydevone container per service18:01
leftyfbthe host OS doesn't need anything installed on it other than docker18:01
pydevleftyfb, i think that nginx should be just one...because i only can have one container listening on port 8018:03
pydevso just one container for nginx and then N container for N projects18:03
ELFrederichdamn, looks like "heal selection" isn't there in Gimp on Ubuntu 22.04?  ... even after installing gimp-plugin-registry18:07
leftyfbELFrederich: https://askubuntu.com/a/130259318:12
tomreynELFrederich: see also https://www.gimp.org/registry/ and bugs 939660 1393237 179327018:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1793270 in gimp-plugin-registry (Ubuntu) "After upgrading to cosmic, GIMP python plugins no longer work" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/179327018:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1393237 in gimp-plugin-registry (Ubuntu) "Many of these plugins don't work" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139323718:12
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 939660 in gimp-plugin-registry (Ubuntu) "globally-installed GIMP python plugins are not accessible" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93966018:12
ELFrederichleftyfb, it's not there.  That link they installed it from a ppa.  I installed mine through apt18:15
leftyfbthat shouldn't matter18:15
ELFrederichI had a lengthy workaround for getting the "heal selection" and "liquid rescale" to work on 20.04... I was hoping it would just work in 22.0418:18
ELFrederichThis is what I had in my notes.... https://bpa.st/IJKJA18:19
ELFrederich... grouping/ungrouping the toolbox didn't make it show up18:22
clarkkSince a kernel update, my bluetooth headphones won't connect automatically when I switch them on, without me running bluetoothctl connect "$hwaddr". I'm currently on 5.15.0-69-generic #76~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP. Kernel 5.15.0-67 also had the issue. I have two others installed - 58 and 60, but haven't yet isolated which one it worked in. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please? What steps should I take to either resolve it, or19:29
clarkkwhere should I raise the issue?19:29
=== Furna is now known as Furna_away
unixbeardis there a nice clean example/guide of using gparted (or other) to shrink an encrypted lvm in ubuntu 20.04 so I can give my /boot partition more space and upgrade to 22.04?  Do I need a separate boot/live cd (assuming I do)?19:39
bluejaypophello guys, i reported some couple of months ago that i got screen flickering with ubuntu 22.04 with latest kernel, but when I connected my external display, was working normally, now i see again the problem with the kernel 5.19.0-40-generic , my pc is a laptop lenovo x1 nano gen219:47
sneakyimpdoes a brand new/clean Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support installation of php 8.2 via apt? If not, what steps must I take to install php 8.2 via apt?19:48
bluejaypopi dont see anything weird in Xorg log or dmesg19:48
bluejaypopand it's weird, when i dont move the mouse it works good enough, but when I use the mouse, the flickering starts.19:48
sneakyimpbluejaypop: flickering screen, in my experience, is usually due to a cable not being plugged in properly. you have a laptop, though. i wonder if it might be a display driver issue? sadly, i cannot offer any real assistance in this matter.19:51
bluejaypopsneakyimp, could be, since its working normally in Win1019:52
sneakyimpbluejaypop: i remember when i was trying to get blender running optimally on my ubuntu workstation that I downloaded a linux-compatible driver from nvidia. perhaps you could investigate what kind of display chip/card you have in your lenovo, and see if they offer linux-compatible drivers. otherwise, you could look into other generic drivers19:55
sneakyimpbluejaypop: i've no idea if it will be helpful, but there's an old thread here, might have some useful commands to get video driver info: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1331925/possible-to-install-distinct-drivers-for-two-dissimilar-nvidia-gpus-on-ubuntu-2019:56
bluejaypopthank you19:57
bluejaypoplet me find out19:57
bluejaypopubuntu-drivers devices <- gives me nothing in the output, let me find out in lenovo20:01
sneakyimpthat looks like an intel graphics device...i wonder if intel offers a linux-compatible driver?20:01
sneakyimpbluejaypop: perhaps here? https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/platforms/details/alder-lake-p/downloads.html20:02
bluejaypopi added the i915.enable_psr=0 and it seems a little better20:02
sneakyimpbluejaypop: or here? https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/747008/intel-arc-graphics-driver-ubuntu.html20:02
bluejaypopyes, checking20:02
sneakyimpthat latter link has an 'Intel Arc Graphics Ubuntu Linux Installation Guide.pdf'20:03
sneakyimpAm I correct in understanding that Ubuntu 22.04 LTS doesn't have an apt package to install php 8.2?20:04
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bluejaypopno, i think is 8.120:07
bluejaypopi use docker for php dev20:08
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sneakyimpbluejaypop: i'm trying to set up a production server. no docker20:11
sneakyimpPHP 8.1 will no longer enjoy active support in a mere 7 months20:11
sneakyimpPHP 8.2 has been available for 4 months20:11
jhutchinssneakyimp: Distributed versions of PHP have beeing "going out of support" ever since the project picked back up afte PHP 5.  You live with it.20:25
jhutchinssneakyimp: Nobody who relies on distributionpackages acctually needs bleeding edge PHP.20:25
jhutchinssneakyimp: If you do, you get it directly from the PHP project.20:26
ravagebluejaypop: check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/195819120:26
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1958191 in linux-hwe-5.19 (Ubuntu) "[i915] Screen flickering in Ubuntu 22.04 (until i915.enable_dc=0 intel_idle.max_cstate=2 are added) (fixed in 5.17.7 and later)" [High, Fix Released]20:26
jhutchinsProduction Server != latest packages.20:26
ravagetry the kernel boot parameters that helped some users there20:27
jhutchinsYou want well tested software.20:27
sneakyimpjhutchins: respectfully disagree in broad terms. today's tools like composer et. al really hate older versions of PHP20:27
sneakyimpjhutchins: and software that's been out for 4 months isn't exactly 'bleeding edge.' they're up to php 8.2.5 now.20:29
ice9if there is a crash or a bug in one of the software like nouveau, i915 or gnome-shell, etc. Why should we file a bug on the Launchpad? why not directly on the bug track of that software?20:34
sneakyimpjhutchins: I would also point out that PHP 7.4 was EOL in November of 2022, and no longer receives security fixes. I think the problem is sluggish deployment of apt packages20:35
athosPHP 8.2 transition will happen in the next release cycle, meaning Ubuntu will ship it starting in 23.10. Ubuntu does keep supporting the versions of PHP we ship in our supported versions. For 22.04, there is no "sluggish deployment". It is about api/abi stability.21:03
athosNow, we could indeed discuss why the transition did not happen yet, even though 8.2 was released back in late November21:04
athosThe reason is the short gap between PHP and Ubuntu release cycles)21:07
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bluejaypopravage, thanks ill check21:33
bluejaypopsorry, i got busy21:33
jhutchinssneakyimp: If you actually need that, don't rely on the Ubuntu packages, go directly to PHP.org: https://www.php.net/downloads.php21:36
leftyfbsneakyimp: ubuntu patches software in LTS releases. This includes php, regardless if upstream supports it or not21:58
jhutchinssneakyimp: That's how most of the distros handle PHP security.22:01
jhutchinssneakyimp: Mind you, they don't usually add new features.22:02
hsiktas[m]does anyone here rely on the Google Drive implementation in Gnome (Online Accounts)? How does it compare to e.g. rclone?22:04
jhutchinshsiktas[m]: rclone is the only thing I've tried that actually worked on the  first try.22:05
hsiktas[m]for example: opening a pdf, leaving it open for hours or even days, and then making an annotation and saving it. Would that sync back?22:06
jhutchinshsiktas[m]: Bad idea, cosmic rays will corrupt your file.22:08
hsiktas[m]or the file in the local cache gets orphaned and my changes land in limbo :-/22:09
jhutchinshsiktas[m]: Seriously, there are too many variables to be able to rely on a "permanent" connection to google storage.22:09
hsiktas[m]well, it is no issue with the official Drive client on macOS/Windows. I can make a change offline and it will sync it days later22:11
leftyfbhsiktas[m]: and I'm sure if Google made a linux client for google drive, it would be the same way.22:11
jimhi. how can I find out what versions of pyaudio (package python3-pyaudio) are available for my installed version of ubuntu?22:11
ravagejim: https://packages.ubuntu.com22:12
ravage!jammy python3-pyaudio22:12
leftyfbjim: apt-cache policy python3-pyaudio22:13
leftyfbjim: or: apt list --installed python3-pyaudio22:13
ravage!info python3-pyaudio jammy22:14
ubottupython3-pyaudio (0.2.11-1.3ubuntu1, jammy): Python3 bindings for PortAudio v19. In component universe, is optional. Built by python-pyaudio. Size 26 kB / 114 kB22:14
hsiktas[m]ok, that was a short journey: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/evince/-/issues/178122:20
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 1781 in GNOME/evince "Unable to open PDF file from Google Drive virtual drive" [Opened]22:20
jimI'm told by the folks in #python, that the version of pyaudio (package name python3-pyaudio) is broken, and they're recommending people install pyaudio from pip. in the middle of that conversation, they commented that ubuntu devs are tracking the issue22:31
leftyfbjim: do they have a bug report?22:33
jimthe issue may have something to do with a change in python itself, that stems from version 3.10; I don't know what that issue is, and it might be a non-problem22:33
jimI do not know22:33
jimbut they are confirming that if you get the version of pyaudio from pip, you should be OK with 3.10 of python22:34
jimlet me try to find out about a bug report22:35
=== xenial is now known as Guest9059
krytarikLP #1970912 strikes me as being it btw.22:49
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1970912 in python-pyaudio (Ubuntu) "python3-pyaudio fails with: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN macro must be defined for '#' formats" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/197091222:49
Guest65In v22, is there some way to run fsck at boot?  This didn't work https://askubuntu.com/questions/1352774/how-to-force-fsck-on-reboot-for-ubuntu-20-0423:16
sarnoldGuest65: if the fsck.mode=force kernel command line parameter doesn't work, that's worth filing a bug report23:18
clarkkSince a kernel update, my bluetooth headphones won't connect automatically when I switch them on, without me running bluetoothctl connect "$hwaddr". I'm currently on 5.15.0-69-generic #76~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP. Kernel 5.15.0-67 also had the issue. I have two others installed - 58 and 60, but haven't yet isolated which one it worked in. Can anyone offer any suggestions, please? What steps should I take to either resolve it, or23:23
clarkkwhere should I raise the issue?23:23
clarkkI've asked 3 times today. Any chance of some help?23:23
reinvo49clarkk, can you try with blueman?23:24
clarkkwhat shall I do with it reinvo49 ?23:25
reinvo49clark, run blueman, in the UI, click search, and associate your device trhough it (cause it remember the device then), then disconnect your headphones, and try to power them up again, and look if blueman connect them back again automaticly.23:26
gryclarkk: if blueman does not help, i'd run the 'reportbug' utility and choose a linux-kernel package (output of `dpkg -l *linux*image*`) as the package to report the bug against. if that's wrong then someone will adjust the bug report accordingly23:27
reinvo49clarkk, is it a packaged kernel you installed with apt?23:28
clarkkreinvo49, yes23:28
clarkkgry, what is reportbug? It's not installed on my system23:28
sarnoldubuntu-bug on ubuntu :) reportbug is for debian23:29
gryclarkk: what sarnold wrote (thanks, sarnold)23:30
clarkkok, thanks chaps :)23:31

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