caribouHello holmanb, I have just ran over an annoying issue with my last PR on DataSourceScaleway tied to Focal & Bionic : 13:26
caribouIn a few places in tests we check that the python minor version is >= 7 to use RequestsMock.assert_call_count() but I Have just found out13:26
caribouthat this one is only available from Jammy onward.13:26
caribouSo building deb pkgs on Focal or Bionic fails since unittests fail on this assert missing13:26
caribouWould it be feasible to fit a quick MR to change if sys.version_info.minor >= 7 for if sys.version_info.minor >= 10 so those asserts do not fail ?13:27
caribouThis is bound to come up when pkgs are built for Focal & Bionic distro$13:36
cariboubtw it is problematic on Focal only. The skip remains valid for bionic14:02
holmanbcaribou: I'm not seeing the same issues with our daily builds, but if you are seeing an issue I'm guessing others might as well, and we should fix it, yes.14:41
holmanbcaribou: If you want to propose a fix (including the unittest errors), I can review it.14:44
holmanbcaribou: otherwise I can try to fix it, but more info to get a reproducer would be helpful for that14:45
falcojrcaribou: do you have the latest code?14:48
falcojrIs it fixed with https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/2119 ?14:48
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 2119 in canonical/cloud-init "backport assert_call_count for old requests" [Merged]14:48
holmanb@falcojr: +1 good point, I forgot about that fix14:48
caribouOh, I didn't know about this one, good catch !15:27
caribouand since I build on my own commit, I didn't get it; I'll build on the latest MAIN15:27

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