thefossguy<arighi> "Pratham Patel, this is with..." <- Yep, I got the tarballs from kernel.org and ofc verified the signature. After `make olddefconfig`, I do get `CONFIG_RUST=y` from the `.config` file.01:16
thefossguyEven after booting in the new kernel, I get `CONFIG_RUST=y` from `/boot/config-$(uname -r)`01:16
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juergh<alkisg> "(although all flavours should..." <- Why? Different flavors target different use cases which might have different kernel needs. Ubuntu Studio for example wants the low-latency kernel. 04:42
alkisgjuergh: I don't think that was a deliberate choice, I think they just weren't notified to update their seeds04:42
alkisgWhen there's a deliberate choice, sure; but e.g. if you ask martin now "does mate deliberately offer a different kernel than ubuntu"? He'll probably answer "wut?" :D04:43
juerghhe. fair enough.04:44
alkisgSo, to sum up my problems are two, (1) why, when someone starts with -generic, they end up getting -hwe with plain updates, and (2) why some of them end up with -oem too, i.e. 3 different kernel series in parallel04:46
alkisgSince this isn't a known issue, I'll try to investigate the apt logs of affected machines when I next get a chance04:47
Eickmeyeralkisg: Ubuntu Studio wanting the lowlatency kernel is a deliberate choice.14:28
alkisgEickmeyer: yeh, I know about that one14:38

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