Bergemaswan: well, UMU is more familiar to me than KTH is, probably due to that name being exposed here and there in DNS09:13
maswanyup, but it is awful that something under umu.se is not properly vetted information from the university itself09:25
maswanthe university vision is a sterile glossy pamphlet of university wonderfulness09:26
maswanand not a living virtual campus with all the beautiful weird stuff that students and staff can come up with09:26
Bergemaswan: This reminds me of my local uni's change some years ago, where they wouldn't give network connectivity to student orgs anymore, since "the ntnu.no name would appear in traceroute"10:37
Teridontrying to mirror focal and bionic repos. it has worked successfully in the past (though it's been ~ 3 months since I've tried), but now I'm getting a GPG key error for all mirrors.  e.g.:   https://dpaste.org/jpO5Z 14:03
TeridonFWIW, the problem I have is on focal.  I switched to running aptly on a bionic system and it's working without issue.  I'd still like the fix the issue on the focal server.  15:35
sarnoldTeridon: the openpgp community has basically abandoned the sks keyservers after https://gist.github.com/rjhansen/67ab921ffb4084c865b3618d6955275f17:40
sarnoldTeridon: try grabbing them from keyserver.ubuntu.com ; I doubt that'll actually help, but that's running a newer keyserver software that's less annoying17:42
TeridonI did try that.. (see dpaste ).  It says "not changed"17:58
sarnoldah sorry I only saw the sks-keyserver and jumped to conclusions from that18:02

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