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Teridonnot sure if appropriate for this channel, but:  trying to mirror focal repos. it has worked successfully in the past (though it's been ~ 3 months since I've tried).  Getting a GPG key error   https://dpaste.org/jpO5Z 13:53
tomreynthere's #ubuntu-mirrors13:57
ravagewhat is the reason for that partial mirror?13:59
tomreynbtw, sks-keyservers.net is no more.14:01
Teridonwdym partial mirror?  why only the updates repo?  I'm mirroring focal, focal{-updates,-security,-backports} too, I'm just not showing that because it gives me the same errors14:01
Teridonty tomreyn I'll try there also14:02
ravageok. and a simple proxy with or without cache is not an alternative?14:02
ravagenginx does a pretty good job at that14:03
Teridonwe are trying to freeze patch levels to keep all our systems the same.14:04
tomreyn"trustedkeys.gpg" maybe the root issue there. read the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) 14:07
TeridonI see that in the kinetic man pages.. but I'm on bionic.  14:11
Teridon*focal, sorry 14:12
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