jhutchinsHe STILL hasn't checked the download.00:45
sarnoldjhutchins: Thu 20 22:38:29 < DumbLDoor> SHA256 matches.. just checked00:46
jhutchinsYou can burn the download to as many devices as you want, with any tool you want, and if it's corrupt it still won't work.00:46
sarnoldjhutchins: granted he didn't say he checked the SHA256, but I bet not many people are that paranoid :(00:46
jhutchinssarnold: My mistake, I skimmed past it. If the md5sum is good, chances are everything else will check out.  I usually only look at the last 4 digits.00:47
sarnoldjhutchins: heh :)00:47
jhutchinsHe seems to be gon or I'd apologise.00:48
sarnold(honestly that's probably fine, but still, here I'm worried about someone swapping files around..)00:48
jhutchinssarnold: I'm usually checking for corruption.  Old habit from when there were dial-up links in the chain.00:48
jhutchinssarnold: Remember zmodem?00:48
sarnoldjhutchins: fondly :)00:49
floatcomplexnew installer crashes on an xps 13 plus fyi01:10
floatcomplexold one seems to work fine01:10
VarroWhat's a lightweight way to create a all white window in KDE01:22
VarroMy webcam is on the monitor, I want from time to times to use the monitor just as lighting for my face while I'm streaming or recording01:23
rfmgoogle homepage is probably white enough for that, max the browser window and go there01:27
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amazoniantoadI'm trying to enable listen type address in spice server on kvm. Howeverm when I hit apply it just resets and nothing is selected. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?02:22
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mario70hola a todos saludos desde cuba05:19
kubuntuHi guys, I'm having some trouble connecting to my synology nas with ubuntu. From a mac I have no problem: I go to finder>network>synology, enter credentials and I'm inside06:16
kubuntufrom ubuntu > dolphin > network > shared folders (smb) > synology-ds218 and then no folder found error06:18
kubuntuwhat am I doing wrong?06:19
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matrixyi found a bug. when you drag a window off the top from being maximized the mouse pointer is way above the window07:33
matrixyin 23.04 that is07:34
ice9is systemd-tty-ask-password-agent a replacement for the gnome password agent?08:22
ice9after upgrading to 23.04, bluetooth service doesn't start: "Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to read MSFT supported features (-110)"   "src/plugin.c:plugin_init() Failed to init bap plugin"08:49
oehmanmine is working correctly08:50
ice9if I want to use ubuntu-bug to report an issue with bluetooth, which package to provide?08:55
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execratethanks everyone to make ubuntu as good as it is10:47
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ice9"ubuntu-drivers list" doesn't list the inte/nouveau driver, so how to switch to it from cli?12:09
koffeinfriedhofice9: You do not need to "switch" as those are the default drivers if you've uninstalled all proprietary stuff.12:32
akiksnap lxd doesn't start automatically, not even the container which i set boot.autostart true on12:53
akiki see these for a while12:53
akikroot         170  1.2  0.0   2888  1700 ?        Ss   15:49   0:00 /bin/sh /snap/lxd/24758/commands/daemon.activate12:53
akikroot         344  1.5  0.5 5338656 45372 ?       Dl   15:49   0:00  \_ lxd activateifneeded12:53
akikbut after that, nada12:53
BluesKajHi all12:54
akiki can make lxd start automatically if i edit snap.lxd.daemon.service to contain the [Install] section12:54
akikthen this command starts lxd up :P12:56
akik# lxc config get rockylinux-8 boot.autostart12:57
akikand the container12:57
oerhekssudo snap enable lxd.daemon  should do it, right?12:59
akik# snap enable lxd.daemon12:59
akikerror: snap "lxd.daemon" is not installed12:59
akikshould i run snap enable lxd ?13:00
akikCheck  if  LXD  should  be  started  (at  boot) and if so, spawns it through socket activation13:04
akikthen there's no explanation about what is checks13:04
oerheksjournalctl -u snap.lxd.daemon might give a clue13:06
oerheksI think i made a mistake; lxd.daemon >  snap.lxd.daemon13:06
akik# snap enable snap.lxd.daemon13:07
akikerror: snap "snap.lxd.daemon" is not installed13:07
akikbut there is lxd snap13:07
akiksnapd   2.59.1        18933  latest/stable  canonical✓  snapd13:07
akiki can also start it with this: systemctl start snap.lxd.daemon13:08
akikjust not able to enable it13:08
akikunless i modify the service file to contain a [Install] section13:09
oerheksweird, no clue there..13:09
akiki can't be the first one to get that problem :)13:09
akikoerheks: i'm doing this i wsl 2 with systemd enabled. does that matter?13:11
akikwhat the world. now it started on boot13:11
akiki'll do it once more to get to the bottom of the issue13:13
lotuspsychjeakik: this guy mentions a debug kernel param; https://discuss.linuxcontainers.org/t/lxd-failing-to-start-due-to-failing-snap-update/12322/1513:14
lotuspsychjenot sure if thats your issue13:14
akiki can share all the steps i make to configure it later13:15
leftyfbakik: this is the first time you've mentioned that it's all in WSL. Yes, since WSL doesn't have systemd enabled and setup properly out of the box, you're going to run into issues with things like LXD13:21
leftyfbakik: https://wsl.dev/wsl2-lxd-funtoo/13:21
akikleftyfb: wsl 2 has systemd13:24
akiki think i found out the error i made13:24
akiki ran "lxc config set rockylinux-8 boot.autostart true" after stopping that container13:25
akiknow it boots up automatically. thanks for letting me tell my story :)13:25
akikleftyfb: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/commandline/systemd-support-is-now-available-in-wsl/13:26
leftyfbakik: available != enabled by default13:27
akiki have it available and enabled13:27
akiki wouldn't dare to try this without13:27
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hsiktas[m]I thought this was fixed in Gnome already: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/01/gnome-shell-show-full-application-name13:47
hsiktas[m]I stlil see truncated application names in 22.1013:49
oerheksyes, until you hoover over it13:49
hsiktas[m]can I change it to always show the full name?13:50
oerhekssize of those icons, spacing, none of that is standard editable13:50
oerheksoh, i found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1421472/is-there-a-way-to-fix-the-truncated-names-in-the-app-drawer13:53
oerheks!info alacarte13:55
ubottualacarte (3.44.2-1, lunar): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Built by alacarte. Size 48 kB / 312 kB13:55
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mybalzitchwhy goes gnome treat clicking "cancel" vs hitting the escape key differently, when I plug my iphone in and that nag screen pops up about trusting the device14:21
mybalzitchcancel the box will go away immediately. escape I have to hit like 4+ times before the box stops popping up14:24
tomreyni think you would need to ask this upstream, talking to the gnome project14:27
mybalzitchahh fair enough14:31
ice9ubuntu 23.04 can't start desktop environment when the nouveau driver is enabled, any idea?14:45
jhutchinsice9: What errors do the logs show?  Xorg or Wayland?14:47
ice9jhutchins, https://bpa.st/GZHTW14:48
ice9I don't have Wayland logs14:48
jhutchinsice9: There's a nagging little note in the back of my mind that Wayland didn't work with nvidia, but that may be old news.14:49
ice9jhutchins, it was working on 22.1014:49
jhutchinsice9: Like i said.14:56
jhutchinsice9: Would Wayland log to the journal?14:56
ioriaice9, probably a firmware issue : https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/drm/nouveau/-/issues/20714:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 207 in drm/nouveau "Cannot boot Linux 6.2 with Nvidia TU117GLM (Quadro T500 Mobile)" [Opened]14:57
ioriaice9, try with the git repo firmware repo14:58
ice9jhutchins, https://bpa.st/HSCDU14:59
ice9ioria, another issue with 23.04, that I can't enable bluetooth in gnome settings, do you think the firmware is relevant too?15:11
ice9I'm confused, what's the difference between the driver and the linux-firmware?15:11
ioriai can't tell, sy15:11
oerhekssudo apt install linux-firmware # might do magic15:22
oehmansudo apt install build-essential15:23
ice9ioria, justache installing linux-firmware from the repo fixed the nouveau issue, thanks15:27
ice9does offloading/PRIME works with nouveau driver?15:29
jhutchinsice9: firmware is binary software that is loaded into the on-board memory of a device at runtime.  The driver is a software layer that connects the device's interface with the operating system.15:31
jhutchinsice9: Firmware is almost always non-free.  It may just be proprietary, or it may be a matter of device security, like enforcing local regulations on WiFi radio transmissions.15:32
jhutchinsManufactorers are paranpod that they could be held liable if an open source program was allowed to set higher-than-legal power levels or to use frequencies that were reserved for other services.15:34
jhutchinsHm. My keyboard needs more coffee.15:34
nunyaDoes anyone know a global audio equalizer for Ubuntu 22.04 that runs with pulseaudio other than pulseeffects?15:59
oerheksno, except easyeffects for pipewire https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2021/09/easyeffects-audio-effects-to-pipewire/16:03
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ice9jhutchins, so firmware in memory replaces firmware on board or they work together?18:14
jhutchinsice9: They work together.  Mostly the firmware on-board is not sufficient to run the device.18:20
jhutchinsice9: There's all kinds of reasons for that. One is that the time from design to production is pretty long on hardware, but the firmware can be up-to-date, and can add new features in the future.18:21
sarnoldfor devices that want externally-supplied firmware, the built-in firmware is just enuogh to load the externally-supplied firmware18:21
jhutchinssarnold: Right.18:21
jhutchinsIt's similar to BIOS updates, but even those are sometimes supplemented by firmware.18:22
ice9after I upgraded to 23.04, bluetooth can't be enabled in gnome settings but the unit service is running18:22
lotuspsychjeice9: did you try blueman to compare?18:29
ice9lotuspsychje, blueman-manager 20.31.51 ERROR    Manager:147 on_dbus_name_appeared: Default adapter not found, trying first available.18:32
ice9blueman-manager 20.31.51 ERROR    Manager:151 on_dbus_name_appeared: No adapter(s) found, exiting18:32
ice9also lsmod show that btusb is not utilized18:32
ice9Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to send firmware data (-110); Bluetooth: hci0: urb 000000008cd2a5b0 failed to resubmit (2); Bluetooth: hci0: Failed to read MSFT supported features (-110)18:34
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ranhello. I think there is a bug in xubuntu 23.04 about font rendering20:30
oerheksran, i see nothing in https://wiki.xubuntu.org/releases/23.04/release-notes#known_issues20:36
oerheksfile a bugreport witch screenshot ?20:36
ranin Setting Manager In Appearance When selecting "Enable anti-aliasing" and Hinting "none" and "Sub-pixel order" "none" the hinting is RGB and not grayscale as it used to be20:40
oerheksand which font?20:41
ranany font.20:41
ranSo there isn't a way to change to grayscale anti-aliasing20:42
ranfonts like PxPlus from https://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/fontlist/ looks bad on XFCE terminal20:48
trollkingHello, does anyone know a good solution to bypass the popups regarding the cookies. Better said, accepting them without consent and still accessing the homepage.21:16
oerheksmaybe there are such plugins or settings, for what browser?21:18
ravagethere are browser extenstions for it. the latest firefox nightly has such a feature already21:18
trollkingIm using Firefox21:18
trollkingi see there is a add on for firefox called "i dont care about cookies" but if i read it correctly the addon does the most of the time to accept the cookies21:21
leftyfbtrollking: that really has nothing to do with ubuntu21:21
pinnerupAfter upgrading from 22.04 to 23.04 I find that all Gnome Extensions have been disabled, and when I enable one, it works only until I reboot. Then it'll be disabled and I have to manually turn it on again. Is this something general or is it a local bug?21:28
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cbreak"Desktop snaps have a new refresh awareness capability. Updates for running snaps download in the background and are applied automatically when the app is closed." ... finally21:43
leftyfbcbreak: that's been available on 22.04 for months21:47
leftyfbactually, on all supported versions of ubuntu21:47
cbreakleftyfb: well, I'm on 22.1021:47
leftyfbyep, its available on there as well21:47
cbreakand firefox still keeps nagging me to restart it21:47
cbreakhas been nagging me for like a week now...21:48
leftyfbcbreak: sudo snap install snapd21:48
cbreakI'm planing to go to 23.04 this weekend, so that's probably not needed21:48
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hsiktas[m]how long does it take usually for Dropbox to offer repositories for a new Ubuntu release?22:58
mybalzitchare there unmet dependencies using the version for 22.04 or 22.10?22:59
sarnoldheh, metadata on their repo shows all the directories modified in september 200123:00
hsiktas[m]https://linux.dropboxstatic.com/ubuntu/dists/ yeah23:00
jhutchinsI like to wait a while for the firest to die down.23:02
jhutchinsIt not only makes the downloads easier, it gives the bugs a chance to show and shine.23:03
hsiktas[m]yes, I was impatient :)23:04
hsiktas[m]so far, dropbox still works and that package is afaik only a lightweight downloader + nautilus integration. The app updates itself independently.23:05
loswedsededIm trying to edit a face so I only see the face with a white background. To do that, ideally, Id fuzzy contour the face and some clothes that have several colors, not just one. how do I do that?23:06
tomreynloswedseded: i think oyou're looking for support with some application (which you're not mentioninig), not ubuntu.23:20
tomreyni think they have their own channel23:24
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»23:24
tomreyni think the first task you're describing is called extrusion23:25
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