OvenWerkshmm, my computer says I can upgrade.... ok.00:19
OvenWerksHmm, the upgrade process should probably turn off plasma notifications. About half way through the upgrade while the new packages are in stalling, I start getting notifications saying I should reboot :P00:48
OvenWerksEickmeyer: when doing the distribution upgrade. First something pops up telling me it is there, so I click on it, it fails with no error, but I think maybe I should make sure sw is up to date so I do that. Then I try it again and it works fine so I guess that was the problem. Now the upgrade starts. I keep getting pop up notices saying I need to reboot, but the upgrade has not got there yet, 00:58
OvenWerksit is still installing the new packages. I am pretty sure if someone was to click on the reboot message and reboot, it would not do good things for the upgrade (ie may not reboot).00:58
EickmeyerYeah, there's no way to supress that.00:59
EickmeyerOnce the file is written to trigger the reboot notification, the reboot notification fires.00:59
OvenWerksI wonder how many of the "my upgrade failed" reports are caused by something like that01:00
EickmeyerUnfortunately, the reboot notification is caused by a package upgrade, not by the upgrader itself.01:01
EickmeyerBut yeah, that's possible.01:01
OvenWerksWould it be worthwhile closing the status and notifications applet? or is that separate?01:04
EickmeyerThat's separate.01:10
OvenWerksit wants to remove zita-njbridge01:12
OvenWerksI guess I will need to reinstall that. Was it removed from the US install? I don't remember installing it separately01:13
OvenWerksOh, no controls maybe?01:13
EickmeyerYeah, controls.01:13
EickmeyerOvenWerks: https://ubuntustudio.org/switching-audio-setup/01:14
OvenWerksok, rebooting01:14
OvenWerksThat seemed to work.... pipewire shows 6 audio devices on a laptop :P I think pipewire should figure out that just because the graphics cards shows hdmi audio.... they are not there if no hdmi monitor is plugged in01:20
EickmeyerStrange, my systems don't have that issue.01:22
OvenWerksdisplay knows I only have one display01:24
OvenWerksMy audio card is called:sofhdadsp ??01:25
EickmeyerMight just be your system, or your display reports it has audio capabilities even if it doesn't.01:25
Eickmeyer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯01:26
OvenWerksxrandr only shows one display01:26
OvenWerks/proc/asound/sofhdadsp is a mess There are a lot of subdevices01:28
OvenWerksI need to learn to blacklist devices in pipewire01:30
OvenWerksThe audio setup does not show most of them, but they show up in the jack graph (Carla etc)01:31
OvenWerksjack_lsp says I have 20 ports.01:32
OvenWerksIt is interesting that the desktop side of pipewire is correct, the jack side doesn't try01:34
EickmeyerSome of the inputs are actually monitors of the outputs.01:35
OvenWerksyes but HDMI 1,2 and 3 which do not show up in the pulse side of pipewire, do show up in jack. I think if pipewire is smart enough not to show them in one place it should be the same in the other01:50
OvenWerks I think, but am not sure, the monitors can be turned off in the jack graph01:51
OvenWerksfirefox wiped all my bookmarks :P02:02
EickmeyerThat seems strange and possibly bugworthy.02:02
EickmeyerEspecially since your profile is located in ~/snap/.mozilla02:03
EickmeyerOr something to that effect.02:03
arraybolt3You might be able to use that to restore them.02:21
OvenWerksI'll try that.05:28

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