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mattyhey guys12:23
LobizonXPHi! Good day to everyone16:14
LobizonXPI'm in a struggle to get XUBUNTU work on a laptop's internal emmc storage.16:15
KuschelponyHello Lobizon, and i hope you get a good help here16:15
LobizonXPThank you!16:18
LobizonXPThis is beautiful... Almost 15 years without using IRC chat. This is really nostalgic!16:20
ranhello. I think there is a bug in 23.04 about font rendering20:27
ranin Setting Manager In Appearance When selecting "Enable anti-aliasing" and Hinting "none" and "Sub-pixel order" "none" the hinting is RGB and not grayscale as it used to be 20:51
ranSo there isn't a way to change to grayscale anti-aliasing20:52
frankitoDo we Speak?23:43

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