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nfsninjaDoes anyone have experience using Network Protocol Profiles in VMware for cloud-init to get an ip address from?18:05
nfsninjaSpecifically using Ubuntu 22.04 Cloud image in VMware vSphere 818:06
meenanfsninja: what's cloud-init telling you that it figured out the source is?18:12
nfsninjacat result.json18:20
nfsninja "v1": {18:20
nfsninja  "datasource": "DataSourceOVF [seed=iso]",18:20
nfsninja  "errors": []18:20
nfsninja }18:20
nfsninjameena: Is that what you were asking for?18:24
meenais that the right source tho?18:25
nfsninjameena: Good question. There is OVF and VMware both listed as datasources. I'm not sure which one allows Network Protocol Profiles to be used for IP allocation. Or worse, I don't even know if Network Protocol Profiles CAN be used for IP allocation with cloud-init. I've been googling and googling, and can't find anything on how the two interact, and18:29
nfsninjahow to debug if things don't work as expected.18:29
meenawell, you'd check what data you've gotten, and if there's any network configuration there18:33

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