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mmikowskikeithzg[m] Exactly my experience. It works on a VM with clean installs, but things get sticky with other apps and repos IME. I always just clean install now days, and recommend that to everyone.02:35
mmikowskiBesides, its a good excuse to get data backup squared away :)02:35
keithzg[m]I'm too lazy and stubborn for that, I just upgrade with `do-release-upgrade` or, failing that, changing the apt sources list and dist-upgrading! My main server runs a continuous install from 2006 that way, though not a single piece of original hardware remains, a full Ship Of Theseus run ;)03:37
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CraigMJust installed kubuntu 23.04 onto a second nvme drive to test it out using the guided whole disk encrypted option. It modified EFI boot partition on my primary nvme drive (which I did not tell it to use) preventing me from being able to boot my main system (having EFI boot that drive just boots my new test installation from the other drive). The05:59
CraigMinstaller also some of my partitions when I was trying out the manual partitioning options despite not telling it to apply thrm. It also crashed once when I tried to configure partitions manually. Given that this is two possible data loss causing bugs with my first few minutes with kubuntu 23.04 installer, I figured I should report it somewhere.05:59
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kubuntuciao ragazzi, ho bisogno del vostro consiglio, sto trasferendo da una nas synology ad una ssd interna al pc 350 gb di dati, ho fatto un semplice copia e incolla della cartella (smb) remota tramite dolphin11:23
kubuntuora dolphin sta calcolando l'ammontare di file cartelle e relativa dimensione totale dei file da copiare11:24
kubuntuc'è un piccola provblema, indica al momento 15 TiB e continua a salire...che succede, è un bug?11:24
kubuntusorry wrong language11:35
kubuntuhi guys, i need your advice, i'm transferring 350 gb of data from a synology nas to a pc's internal ssd, i did a simple copy and paste of the remote (smb) folder via dolphin now dolphin is calculating the amount of files folders and relative total size of the files to be copied. there is a small problem, it indicates at the moment 15 TiB and it keeps going up... what's going on, is it a bug?11:36
aragorn238Hello, i am having an issue with the kubuntu installer for 23.04. I have a dual boot scenario where i have my Windows install on one drive, and i want to install Kubuntu on the other. I go through the process of manually partitioning the new drive with an EFI partition, Root partition, and Swap Partition. I then select the drive in the drop down11:39
aragorn238menu for where i want to install the boot loader. The installation finished fine, but when i boot up again the boot loader is placed on my windows drive rather than the new drives EFI partition that i just created. I have gone through this process 3 times now just to make sure i have not made a mistake in the boot loader selection. it seems like11:39
aragorn238Kubuntu's installer is just ignoring the location i chose for the boot loader and is defaulting to my other drive. Anyone know how i might be able to fix this?11:39
kubuntuaragorn238: how did you notice that the bootloader is on the windows hdd?11:43
Dragnslcrkubuntu- might be circular symlinks11:44
aragorn238kubuntu: 2 ways, my mother board reports the location of bootable media and shows it on the same drive( I know this since the two drives i have are different models), then i also checked within windows by assigning a letter to my EFI partition and looking inside(I then delete the ubuntu and BOOT folders from the partition so i can try the install11:45
kubuntuDragnslcr: Hi! I think it is as you say, it must be we are at 20 TiB 4300000 files 750000 folders... the problem is that with this loop it doesn't start the transfer...11:46
aragorn238kubuntu: also, if i look in the efi partition created on the drive for Kubuntu its empty. Nothing is in it11:47
kubuntuaragorn238: is this your first installation of ubuntu and/or derivatives?11:48
aragorn238kubuntu: No, I have been installing different linux distributions for a while. I have done it on several different systems before. Normally, i use just a single drive and just share the windows and ubuntu EFI partitions. However, I have not had to do the installation with a secondary drive before. I would expect, if i select the second disk as the11:53
aragorn238disk i want the bootloader put on, and i create an EFI system partition it should install there.11:53
kubuntuaragorn238: sudo fdisk -l ?11:55
aragorn238currently on the windows partition give me a moment to swap.11:55
aragorn238kubuntu: Ok on my kubuntu partition11:58
aragorn238kubuntu: i have run the command, what specifically should i be looking for here?11:58
aragorn238kubuntu: i see both of my disks and both EFI partitions. One on each disk11:59
kubuntusend via https://paste.debian.net/ the result11:59
kubuntuturn off the pc. unplug the hdd with windows and restart the pc with just the hdd with kubuntu12:06
aragorn238kubuntu: I was worried you would suggest that. The drive is an NVME m.2 Drive and its somewhat hard to get to since its on the back of my motherboard. I would need to disassemble my PC to get at it.12:08
aragorn238kubuntu: Couldn't i just move the folders that are created for Ubuntu on the windows EFI and put them on the empty EFI  meant for Kubuntu? Would there be a FSTAB issue?12:09
aragorn238kubuntu: im gonna give it a try and ill let you know if blow up my install. be back in 512:13
aragorn238kubuntu: im back12:22
aragorn238kubuntu: it did indeed blow up spectacularly. However, i did find out that this is a know and unfixed bug in ubuntu since 201412:23
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 1396379 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer uses first EFI system partition found even when directed otherwise" [Medium, Triaged]12:23
aragorn238it looks like this issue may be fixed with the new installer for 23.0412:25
BluesKajHi all12:51
pibarnashow to solve elisa not launching in kubuntu 23.04? is it happening to everyone?13:48
IrcsomeBot<Tezze> L0zh14:47
* BayouGuru is running Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS :)15:21
IrcsomeBot<Kevin_thomas> It is happening here too. (re @IrcsomeBot: <pibarnas> how to solve elisa not launching in kubuntu 23.04? is it happening to everyone?)18:32
oerheksweird bugreport, need to install VLC? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/elisa-player/+bug/201732418:36
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 2017324 in elisa-player (Ubuntu) "Elisa will not launch after install and/or upgrade to 23.04" [Undecided, New]18:36
mmikowskifor kubuntu: use rsync -x or rsync --one-file-system to prevent following symlinks and mounts when copying files. When dealing with such a large amount of data, I very much recommend rsync over GUI tools. And use a dry run before committing, e.g. rsync -avzxn /source/ /target. Hope that helps!19:22
GrayGhostis 23.04 still a bata ... or is it ready for primetime?21:53
oerheksit is out, 23.0421:58

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