lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> Hey all I am new to Ubuntu and just installed lubuntu on my desktop and I ran into an error when I tried to install a program which said something like GLIBC_Private not found. So I tried to install just Glibc and had to install gawk flex and bison then I tried to install glibc again and got this error15:53
lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/49fad835/file_9585.jpg15:53
lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> Anyone have any ideas?15:53
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Your question above is a support question. You should join the support channel and ask again but be prepared to provide more details about what exactly you are trying to do and what version of Lubuntu you are running. https://t.me/+QsBm63JaetzKHPB_ (re @AngryAutos: Anyone have any ideas?)18:20

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