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TowserHow would I set up https://docs.phillycommunitywireless.org/en/latest/device-configs/shared-connection in Lubuntu?20:40
lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> Hey all I am new to Ubuntu and just installed lubuntu on my desktop and I ran into an error when I tried to install a program which said something like GLIBC_Private not found. So I tried to install just Glibc and had to install gawk flex and bison then I tried to install glibc again and got this error23:19
lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/49fad835/file_9585.jpg23:19
lubot[telegram] <AngryAutos> Any ideas?23:19
kc2bez[m]@AngryAutos what version of Lubuntu are you running and what were you trying to install? 23:48

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