JoeBkhas anyone installed 23.04 release ?00:00
sarnoldprobably JoeBk, he tries everything :)00:01
* sarnold runs00:01
JoeBkI have not been able to install 23.04 and am wondering if anyone else had trouble.00:02
Bashing-omJoeBk: Not seen anyone else reporting such - what is not happening on your install attempt ?00:05
JoeBkBashing-om, the install just hangs while downloadind stuff.  I let it run for 2 1/2  hours before I gave up.  The beta installs without problem.00:06
sarnoldwhen was that? I understand one of our archive servers was unhappy recently00:06
JoeBkmaybe it was just a bad server.  I should try again.00:07
Bashing-omJoeBk: Yeah try again - and verify the .ISO download (md5 is good enough for that) and there used to also be an option "check disk for defects" // I have not seen 23.04 yet so I do not know that the option still exists.00:10
tomreynBashing-om: there are no more .md500:14
Bashing-omtomreyn: Ouch ! thanks for that notification.00:15
tomreynyou're welcome. i think those have been removed for all releases but <=16.0400:17
JoeBkI verified the checksum.00:17
tomreynJoeBk: now verify the data written to the installer medium00:18
tomreynand tell us how much ram this system has00:18
JoeBktomreyn, I verified the checksum on the install medium the the comuter has 32gb of ram.00:41
JoeBki'll try it again.00:42
JoeBkmaybe it was a server problem.00:42
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JoeBksarnold, you there?01:03
sarnoldJoeBk: pong01:03
JoeBksarnold, I just tried installing again.  I was getting download speed around 3KB.  I think there is a problem with the server.01:04
sarnoldJoeBk: *cripes*01:05
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JoeBksarnold, I got disconnected.  I said I think there is a problem with the server.01:07
sarnoldJoeBk: heh :( I just tested the four IPv4 addresses, and I got eight to 12 megabytes per second from them01:08
JoeBkIt's clearly not working for me.01:09
sarnoldif you leave an mtr running to for a while, what sort of packetloss and latency do you see?01:10
JoeBkno packet loss about 60ms delay01:12
JoeBkmore lin 20ms01:13
JoeBkno packet loss01:13
tomreynsarnold: which server would that be? maybe JoeBk should mtr there?01:13
sarnoldtomreyn: good idea :)01:15
JoeBkI've been asking if anyon e has been able to install 23.04 and I don;t get a response.01:15
sarnoldarchive.ubuntu.com --
tomreynare we certain the downloads are from archive.ubuntu.com and not one of the mirrors, though?01:16
JoeBkwhen I ping archive.ubuntu.com it goes to
tomreynJoeBk: i think we would have seen a lot more reports of "does not work" here if it was a generic issue01:17
JoeBkwhat is  is that a mirror?01:19
JoeBkI'll try again in a few days.01:20
tomreynthat's one of the ip addresses archive.ubuntu.com resolves to, and probably one of the 4 or more central mirror servers01:20
JoeBkstrange I was able to install the beta version without any problems.01:21
tomreynnot really strange, no. it just takes one bad router between you and one of the target servers to occasionally break things in the way you've reported.01:23
tomreynJoeBk: simple test for those IPv4 mirrors:   for IP in; do echo $IP; curl -4 -o /dev/null --resolve archive.ubuntu.com:80:$IP http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ls-lR.gz ; echo; done01:29
tomreynyou'd download 25 MB off each. if one takes a lot longer than the others, that's what you want to mtr against01:30
tomreynthere are also ipv6 mirrors, though, and they could also be the culprit01:30
sarnoldoh nice, that's smaller than the Contents-amd64.gz I tested with, but still large enough fora useful test01:30
JoeBktomreyn, slowest one was 2296k01:37
tomreynJoeBk: and the fastest?01:39
JoeBktomreyn, I should boot the flash drive and try the speed test there.01:39
tomreynyes that would be even better, also with the ipv6 hosts, too01:39
JoeBkI closed the window.  I'll look again.01:39
JoeBkthe go from 2562k to 3463k01:41
tomreynokay, that's fine then, if this matches your normal average download speed01:41
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tomreynin case JoeBk returns they could run these scripts and post the output to a pastebin for review: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/blob/master/check_mirrors_headers_at_url https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/blob/master/check_mirrors_speed_at_url02:59
Bashing-omtomreyn: Ack ^ - I will be around for a couple more hours I expect.03:01
tomreynit may be necessary to install package "dnsutils"03:13
JoeBktomreyn, I did some screenshots while doing install to show download speed: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1LzysJqAhsy_lt_KKyVR7RvcGIT_j2RLz03:16
Bashing-omJoeBk: < tomreyn> in case JoeBk returns they could run these scripts and post the output to a pastebin for review: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/blob/master/check_mirrors_headers_at_url ; https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/blob/master/check_mirrors_speed_at_url // it may be necessary to install package "dnsutils".03:22
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migsis tlp for all lenovos or just thinkpads?04:59
migsI am having a problem with overheating04:59
migsand what is "rdw" radio device wizard?05:00
Bashing-ommigs: tlp > any laptop. please see the result ' apt show tlp '. How old is this machone - due for a good cleaning ?05:07
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NZWillDillHi, I am setting up an HP laptop with ubuntu, it has two GPU (Intel and Nvidea) do i need to do anything special to make sure the better GPU is used when needed?06:49
lotuspsychjeNZWillDill: ubuntu will normaly install the drivers automaticly06:52
NZWillDillok thank you06:53
lotuspsychjeNZWillDill: and nvidia-prime you can use to switch between your 2 cards06:53
lotuspsychjepowersaving vs performance mode06:53
NZWillDillok thanks lotuspsychje, sounds like ubuntu has it under control.06:54
lotuspsychjeif everything loaded fine, yes06:54
lotuspsychjeNZWillDill: depending on your card model, ubuntu will let you switch between drivers too, but usualy the best driver is picked by default06:55
RexDangHello, I am wanting to create a bootable usb ubuntu drive from within ubuntu, can anyone help?09:04
aimatmeRexDang: Use the starup USB creator09:08
aimatmeComes with Ubuntu.09:08
aimatmeRexdang: Sorry, "startup disk creator"09:09
RexDangTHank you found it09:09
RexDangIF you dont mind, a couple more questions, i plan to install ubuntu on my laptop, do I disable Secure boot, Fast boot etc?09:10
RexDangAny other bios considerations09:11
RexDangits an HP Probook g409:12
ice9if nouveau doesn't support offloading, then how can I render something on nvidia on an optimus laptop?09:37
lotuspsychjeRexodus: are you going to singleboot ubuntu?09:38
csharp2aHi all...Does anyone know the default login for the new 23.04 Desktop live image? The old "ubuntu" does not work and I cannot find it anywhere on the docs.09:59
akikchalcedny: i think it's the hostname of the live session10:10
akiki read it somewhere10:10
akikcsharp2a: i think it's the hostname of the live session10:10
csharp2aI had seen that also but how do you determine that hostname when the iso is running?10:13
akikcsharp2a: go into the virtual console with ctrl+alt+f310:15
akikcsharp2a: or open a terminal and run hostname10:15
csharp2aakik thank you10:15
csharp2a@Nihilism Hello10:17
csharp2aakik The virtual console is showing ubuntu as the hostname but it will not take that as the login.  I am completely stumped.10:28
akikcsharp2a: which ubuntu version is that?10:29
csharp2aakik 23.04 Lunar Lobster...just came out10:29
akikoh maybe they changed it then10:29
csharp2aakik That is what I thought, but I am not finding any docu on it.  You would think it would remain the same.10:30
akikcsharp2a: check the system's /etc/passwd for clues10:31
csharp2aCan't login to get there. I suppose I could mount the iso to find out..10:31
akikcsharp2a: you can't start the live session?10:32
csharp2aakik Yes it will start but I cannot login at all.10:32
csharp2aIt immediately asks for login and password10:32
csharp2aakik I starts with the gui login screen10:32
akikcsharp2a: you don't get the gui?10:33
csharp2aakik Nope, goes immediatly to the login screen10:33
akikcsharp2a: don't know then. maybe somebody else here knows10:40
akikcsharp2a: do you know why you don't get a gui?10:40
akikcsharp2a: maybe you could try booting it with kernel parameters that disable nouveau/nvidia and use i915 for the igpu10:45
csharp2aakik I have no idea why the gui does not start.  I do get the gui login screen but then trying to login fails.  I will keep looking. Thank you for your help!10:45
akikcsharp2a: the live session should start directly into the gui logged in10:48
akikcsharp2a: try creating the usb stick again and verify the iso checksum before that10:48
csharp2aakik will do10:49
akikcsharp2a: use dd to do it or rufus in windows (press alt-i once after starting rufus so it goes to the dd write mode)10:49
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csharp2aakik Ok10:52
akikcsharp2a: the syntax for dd is: dd if=ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M10:53
csharp2aakik Thanks I will give it a go shortly10:55
akikcsharp2a: you'll get the storage device names with: lsblk -a -o +TRAN10:55
ice9if nouveau doesn't support offloading, then how can I render something on nvidia on an optimus laptop?  I don't wanna use the proprietary driver from nvidia10:55
akikcsharp2a: oops sorry i forgot you don't have ubuntu yet :)10:58
csharp2aakik No worries.  Its working now. I am not sure why but it was trying to run an autoinstall script and not succeeding. A new ISO fixed it. I am in and its happy. The ISO must have been borked. Thank you for all your help.11:06
akikok good11:06
csharp2aakik Have a great day!11:07
akikcsharp2a: btw11:07
akikcsharp2a: now that you're in the live session, try sudo -i and check /etc/sudoers or /etc/sudoers.d dir for the username defined for the passwordless sudo access11:08
akikcsharp2a: and check which username in /etc/shadow has no password11:11
csharp2aakik Ok I will do that11:13
csharp2aakik Oddly its is ubuntu11:16
akikcsharp2a: how did you create the usb stick when it didn't work?11:18
csharp2aakik Etcher11:18
akikcsharp2a: does it do dd write mode?11:18
csharp2aI do not know for sure.11:19
akikcsharp2a: i mean does it just write the image on the usb stick or if it opens it11:19
csharp2aI belive it just writes but not sure11:19
akikok well good that it now works11:19
kubuntu ciao ragazzi, ho bisogno del vostro consiglio, sto trasferendo da una nas synology ad una ssd interna al pc 350 gb di dati, ho fatto un semplice copia e incolla della cartella (smb) remota tramite dolphin11:25
kubuntuora dolphin sta calcolando l'ammontare di file cartelle e relativa dimensione totale dei file da copiare11:26
kubuntuc'è un piccola provblema, indica al momento 15 TiB e continua a salire...che succede, è un bug?11:26
kubuntusorry wrong channel11:26
kubuntuhi guys, i need your advice, i'm transferring 350 gb of data from a synology nas to a pc's internal ssd, i did a simple copy and paste of the remote (smb) folder via dolphin now dolphin is calculating the amount of files folders and relative total size of the files to be copied. there is a small problem, it indicates at the moment 15 TiB and it keeps going up... what's going on, is it a bug?11:36
strkI don't know since when but I have no video support anymore, it broke somehow, there's no /dev/vid*11:37
strkhow to debug ?11:37
strkdmesg shows:11:37
strk[    1.834207] ACPI: video: Video Device [GFX0] (multi-head: yes  rom: no  post: no)11:37
strk[    1.834261] input: Video Bus as /devices/LNXSYSTM:00/LNXSYBUS:00/PNP0A08:00/LNXVIDEO:00/input/input1011:37
strkv4l2-dbg -D # Failed to open /dev/video0: No such file or directory11:40
strksudo modprobe videodev # kernel: [  570.372076] videodev: Linux video capture interface: v2.00 ; systemd-udevd[38821]: video4linux: Process '/usr/lib/snapd/snap-device-helper add snap_chromium_chromedriver /class/video4linux 0:0' failed with exit code 1.11:42
strkhow's snap related to kernel modules ?11:42
akiki was just going to ask :)11:45
akikbut hey ubuntu packages curl into a snap...11:46
ravagewhy would curl not be part of a snap package?11:50
ravageit is a common tool11:50
strkwho's curl now related to all of this ?11:51
ravagenone i guess11:51
strkalso, how's chromium related to video ?11:52
strkI'm very confused about all of this11:52
strkthe very first thing I'd like to figure out is why I have no video device in /dev11:52
strkis that normal ? (I don't think it is)11:52
ravagei dont have that11:53
strkdo you have a camera ?11:53
ravagenot connected atm to be honest11:53
akikravage: there's no need to package a tool like curl into a snap11:53
ravagelet me check that usb cable11:53
strkthanks ravage11:53
strkthanks, that's what I'd expect11:55
ravageakik: that is not what you said. and it can be totally useful if you want to provide a newer/patched version11:55
strkhow about `journalctl | grep video` ?11:55
akikravage: but it's true. they package a newer version of curl into a snap11:56
ravageakik: link?11:56
strkincidentally... can I escape snap at all with ubuntu or do I have to switch to a different distro ?11:57
ravagestrk: https://p.haxxors.com/xldp6ge5.txt11:57
akikravage: https://paste.linux.chat/?e64e61cc1c82c45a#FVMeDqzpzRnCjL3oUeCRgyugnxBbpW4oDnP1zfpG7vHS11:58
strkravage: interesting, so it ALSO fail for you11:58
strkbut this doesnt' prevent your /dev/video from appearing11:58
strkravage it looks like discord, firefox, skype and teams failed to deal with the new video, can you check if any of them work with video ?11:59
ravageakik: ok, apt searches for exact matches of that package name. but it is not associated with canonical at all11:59
ravagestrk: my camera works just fine in my skype snap12:01
ravagealso works in firefox12:01
ravagei dont think snap is the problem here12:01
strkevidently not12:02
strkin my journalctl I also have: `kernel: videodev: Linux video capture interface: v2.00`12:02
strkdidn't see that in your output12:02
strkI might be missing a kernel module12:02
strkdoes `v4l2-dbg -D` work for you ?12:03
akikravage: i don't know what you mean? that command is from ubuntu. canonical creates ubuntu12:03
ravagepossible. mine uses uvcvideo12:03
ravageakik: no that command is the result of an exact match search from the snap store12:03
akikravage: i ran curl in the shell and got that. you're trying to find reasons to prove me wrong12:05
akikravage: and failing pretty badly12:05
ravagei dont have to prove anything to you. isnt that neat?12:05
akikravage: so why did you start arguing?12:06
ravagewell this is a chat room12:06
ravageand i did not prove anything. i just told you whats happening12:06
akikravage: it return two commands to install curl, one is snap the other is apt. what is not clear to you?12:07
ravagethat is totally clear12:07
ravageand that is what i said12:07
strkuhm, what about: lshw ravage ? how does your camera look in there ?12:08
strkany match for "camera" or "video" ? I only have a "Video Bus", but no camera12:09
* strk wonders if the laptop camera broke this morning12:09
strkyou should find your camera with some logical name being /dev/video12:10
ravagestrk: does not show up there12:10
ravageah damn12:10
strk`lshw  | grep video` what about this ?12:10
ravagegive me a moment :P12:10
strkgrep -i maybe, if you want to also catch the bus, assuming you have a bus too12:11
strkinteresting, so that camera is not in /dev/video but in /dev/input12:12
strkoh, fun12:12
strkFn-F10 (the key has the icon of a camera)12:13
strkall solved12:13
strkand now `v4l2-dbg -D` shows it12:13
strkand now I have /dev/video0 and /dev/video112:13
ravagei did not read the backlog so see we are talking about a laptop12:13
strkand product: Chicony USB2.0 Camera: Chicony12:14
ravage*to see12:14
strkI didn't mention upfront12:14
ravagewe have that button problem here all the time12:14
strkI recently switched to i3 and had this silly idea of keybinding that key to fix the monitor12:14
ravageand not only with cameras12:14
strkso maybe I accidentally hit Fn instead of the "win" key :)12:15
ravagewifi, bluetooth :)12:15
strkjournalctl reports hitting tha tkey with: kernel: usb 2-7: USB disconnect, device number 512:15
strkand: kernel: usb 2-7: new high-speed USB device number 6 using xhci_hcd12:15
strkwhen you toggle12:16
strkit's interesting that rebooting the machine does not reset that state12:17
strkand also that all those errors about those clients do not affect functionality of them12:17
strkie: chromium (in a videomeeting) immediately saw the camera enabled12:17
ravagei have no idea where those settings are stored12:18
ravagei would think bios related somehow12:18
ravageand with battery backup maybe :D12:18
strkthis is a freebios laptop, btw12:18
ravageonly replaced the bios of one chromebook so far12:19
ravagewhat is that? coreboot?12:19
strkbut honestly I didn't really play with it much12:19
strknot even sure I ever saw it :)12:19
strkit came preinstalled (system76 machine)12:19
ravagei looked at some of the devices at fosdem12:20
ravageneat hardware12:20
strkI'm a long time happy customer of system76. Only once I had a problem (hardware, and not happy to send the machine back)12:20
strkbut the customer service is pretty nice12:21
strktoo bad it's only ubuntu12:21
strkwell, popOS now12:21
ravagebtw we do not really support popOS here if that is what you are running. does not matter with your button problem12:21
ravagejust a general information for next time12:22
strkI never know what I'm running :P12:22
strkprobably this one was before popOS12:22
strklsb_release -a tells me ubuntu 22.0412:22
strkDescription:    Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS12:22
ravagethats totally fine then :)12:22
strkI took the habit to search for "ubuntu" when I need some info about anything GNU/Linux related12:23
ravageas i said the button was an easy fix. but when it comes to kernel modules it can really make a difference12:23
strkthere's just much more info and usually it's associated with Ubuntu even if it's not strictly related :)12:23
BluesKajHi all12:51
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hiyaWhy does ubuntu uptime shows 2 users?14:49
JoeBkhiya, mine only shows 1 user14:50
hiyaJoeBk: Am I hacked? What is going on?14:50
JoeBkI'm trying to figure how to see a list of logged in users14:51
hiyaJoeBk: try w ?14:52
hiyaOk do one thing14:52
hiyaopen a new tab, and do sudo -i and retry uptime14:52
JoeBkthanks that works14:53
JoeBklast -p now14:55
JoeBkI think the proper way is: last -p now14:56
webchat64can i have some help. i want to change the name of my home dir from <dead name> to real name14:59
JoeBkwebchat64, you homedir is specified in /etc/passwd15:01
webchat64yes but if it just change it it will bake eveything15:01
JoeBkwhat if you rename your homedir15:02
hiyaJoeBk: So what do you get? two users now? When you open a new tab and 'sudo -i' ?15:02
JoeBkyeah uptime lies15:03
webchat64trure can i do that safly when login the that user?15:03
JoeBkyou should do that as root15:03
JoeBkexec sudo su -15:04
webchat64should i do it from sudo in that account or a diffrunt account15:04
JoeBkdo it in root account15:04
JoeBkexec sudo su -15:04
JoeBkthat will put you in root account15:05
webchat64 sorry dont floower you have to be login to run sudo15:05
JoeBkyes you need to be logged in to an account with sudo priv15:06
JoeBkthat command will log you out of what ever account you are in and put you in root account15:07
JoeBkit might be a good idea to backup yourn stuff first.15:07
webchat64ok done15:08
JoeBkdid it werk?15:08
webchat64done exec sudo su - and it just put me in a root prumpted15:08
JoeBkyou might want to create anoter account first in case you are unable to login.15:08
webchat64oh so you say the thing i was asking u got it15:09
webchat64is it just15:09
webchat64mv /home/<dead name> /home/<real name>15:09
webchat64usermod -d /home/<real name> -m <real name>15:09
JoeBkshould work15:10
JoeBkI'm not sure tho15:10
JoeBkI would have another account to log into in case it doesn't work.15:10
webchat64is there any other place that mit have my dead name?15:11
JoeBkI dunno15:11
JoeBkI not a linux expert15:11
JoeBkhang around here there are some people who know.15:11
JoeBkhiya, there is a lot of interesting stuff at https://www.makeuseof.com/list-logged-in-users-on-linux/15:13
webchat64my daed name is in15:16
hiyaJoeBk: Okay15:16
rud0lfhappy releaseday!15:33
SorinQhello! I have a ASUS nvidia 1660 6 GB RAM DDR5, it will work with the latest Ubuntu 23.04?15:34
Apachezis it LTS day?15:37
pavlosno, it's ubuntu 23.04 released.15:41
luna_as pavlos said15:46
luna_rud0lf: was Thursday15:46
rud0lfi know :)15:46
rud0lflate greetings15:46
luna_Cake at LAS 2023 for Fedora 38 being released on Tuesday and Ubuntu 23.04 on Thursday15:46
luna_Apachez: next LTS is 24.04 in April 202415:46
luna_and next point release in June/July sometime15:47
luna_i always mix up those summer months15:47
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!15:48
lotuspsychjeplease leave the support channel free for support issues15:48
jhutchinsSorinQ: Try it and report the results.15:51
SorinQjhutchins, ok15:51
jhutchinsSorinQ: Thanks!  Every bit helps!15:51
Bomboi want to build wine: so i did 'apt build-dep wine; dpkg --add-architecture i386; apt update; apt build-dep -a i386 wine'  to install the 32bit deps, but it failed: The following packages have unmet dependencies: builddeps:wine:i386 : Depends: fontforge-nox:i386 Depends: libxml-parser-perl:i386 but it is not going to be installed some more, how do i fix this?16:27
lotuspsychjeBombo: why dont you just install wine from the repos?16:28
Bombolotuspsychje: there is just the latest one, i need 4.0 to test16:30
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Jari--newbie on chromebook, I think it is possible to install ubuntu on it, I think at least sounds sane idea16:47
oerheksJari--, it takes a lot of steps to make it install ready, with crouton or something like that16:49
oerheksthen it is not certain all hardware works.16:50
lotuspsychjewould that still work based on 16.04?16:52
lotuspsychjeAs xenial is EOL, crouton will (at some point) no longer have a default release. You will always have to specify -r.16:57
lotuspsychje(from their github)16:57
Apachezluna_: tnx17:10
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quidnuncAre the snap servers down? I can't "snap refresh"17:25
quidnunc"cannot communicate with server"17:25
mybalzitch"all snaps up to date"17:25
leftyfbquidnunc: works fine here17:26
mybalzitchI'm in north america17:26
oerheksnos signs of issues17:27
LucasBRhey guys, someone can help me?  i installed the ubuntu in dual boot with windows, but when i start the pc he opens the ubuntu directly. I have the grub and i tried to update with the command "sudo update-grub", but doesnt work, ubuntu arent recognize the windows 10!! if i turn on the pc and choose the boot manually i can open the grub, but doesnt17:34
LucasBRrecognize the windows too17:34
tomreynLucasBR: use your bios boot menu to switch between booting windows and ubuntu17:35
oerheksos-prober is disabled, for security reasons17:36
LucasBRtomreyn you think i cant fix the grub?17:36
Jeremy31Ubuntu and Windows are installed differently, UEFI/Legacy BIOS mix17:37
tomreynLucasBR: there's nothing that needs fixing, grub's not supposed to boot windows, the windows boot loader is17:37
LucasBRi had dual boot in another pc but other people configured for me, and i had a interface who had a wine color and in this interface i could choose between windows and ubuntu, someone knows this interface name?17:40
LucasBRtks oerheks i will see this link17:40
jhutchinsI seem to remember that some genius disabled os_prober by default for "security reasons".17:46
oerheksthat is what i wrote some time ago17:46
jhutchinsoerheks: Right.17:47
LucasBRtks oerheks and tomreyn , i did the tutorial in the link and after i used the command sudo update-grub and now he is reconizing the windowsss17:48
oerhekshave fun!17:48
jhutchinsLucasBR: Working as intended.17:48
tomreynLucasBR: note i did not post this link or recommend this. ;)17:49
LucasBRits risky do this?17:50
jhutchinsLucasBR: Not realistically.17:50
oerheksthe article gives the security reason; https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2021-December/041769.html17:50
oerheksRedHat has an other solution, i like;" Red Hat only runs os-prober during install time"17:51
jhutchinsIf you follow the "security" paranoia far enough, the only solution is to remove ALL connections to the system, including power.17:51
Jeremy31My Ubuntu 22.10 found the fake Windows Boot loader I left in UEFI17:53
tomreynLucasBR: i'd always recommend to inform yourself and make decisions based on what you then understand instead of blindly following others' recommendations, including mine. ;)17:54
tomreynhey JoeBk, did you sort out the installation / download issue? if so, how?17:57
JoeBktomreyn, it just started working all by itself.  I have no clue what was wrong.17:58
tomreynJoeBk: hmm, okay, glad it works now. i assume it may have been networking related, still, even though i guess you have verizon ftth18:00
JoeBkI hate verizon18:01
JoeBkthis wifi situation sucks18:01
LucasBRtomreyn: i understand bro, i will learn about and make a decision! tks all for the help!18:01
leftyfbJoeBk: feel free to complain in #ubuntu-offtopic18:02
JoeBkI'm like 15 feet from the router and I get a weakk signal.18:02
ravagecan you maybe just disable wifi on that thing and get your own router?18:02
JoeBktoo expensive18:03
JoeBkI should call verizon and see how much they want to install it.18:04
ravagea wifi access point i mean18:04
ravagethey are not that expensive18:04
JoeBkhow does it connect?18:05
ravagelan cable18:05
oerheksbut is started working, suddenly...18:05
JoeBkoerheks, yes18:05
jhutchinsJoeBk: If Verizon is charging you, that's the most expensive option.18:05
JoeBkI tried it on 2 laptops.  both had same problem.  then areound 1:15 am both started working.18:06
jhutchinsJoeBk: An easy solution would be to get a wireless access point and physically connect it to the router.18:06
JoeBkcomcast is in this area.  I hate comcast more than I have verizon.18:06
jhutchinsJoeBk: I think that's sound judgement.18:06
JoeBkt-mobil is spozed to have some sort of 5g internet.  they are not in this area yet.18:07
jhutchinsJoeBk: It sounds like you want to measure your signal strength, and monitor it.  Record the results to show to Verizon, and ask them to replace the router.18:07
jhutchinsJoeBk: If you're having trouble with RF connections 5G is NOT the way to go.18:08
JoeBkjhutchins, I don't own the building.  I have compained about the wifi many times and get ignored.18:08
jhutchinsJoeBk: 5G is the LEAST reliable cell protocol.18:08
JoeBkjhutchins, 2.4g has interference problems here.18:09
jhutchinsJoeBk: That's Wifi, not cell, right?18:09
jhutchinsTerms are confusing.18:09
JoeBkyeah  I'm talking wifi.18:09
siddhSome people refer 5GHz WiFi as 5G18:10
jhutchinsJoeBk: So you have a dedicated Verizon router?18:10
JoeBkthe microwave oven downstairs wipes out 2.4g18:10
siddhThis stupidity comes from phone world where they show a 5G symbol over 5GHz WiFi.18:10
jhutchinssiddh: Yeah, the to-the-home "5G" that Verizon and T-Mobile (Sprint) offer is the cell protocol that barely covers a football field.18:10
JoeBkyeah it's nowhere near 5G18:11
jhutchinsJoeBk: What's the wired speed on it?18:11
JoeBkI looked it up and it varies a lot.18:11
JoeBkwe are supposed to get 300mb18:11
jhutchinsYou can get programs to graph your WiFi signals.18:12
JoeBki gotta run for a bit.18:12
jhutchinsJoeBk: If everybody in the building is on the same channel that can cause poor connections. If you can graph it, you can force a channel fromt he client end.18:12
tmus_Trying to get vanilla gnome on Ubuntu 23.04 I get this dependency error: pipewire-alsa : Conflicts: pulseaudio but 1:16.1+dfsg1-2ubuntu3 is to be installed. Is there a way around this?18:13
rboxwhat have you done to "try to get vanilla gnome"18:13
jhutchinsI know somebody who had a neighborhood problem with that.  Seems like it was Verizon.  Wired the whole block with the same default channel.18:13
oerheksseems not like an error, just a warning18:13
tmus_rbox, apt-get install vanilla-gnome--gnome-default-settings18:14
tmus_..only spelled correctly18:14
tmus_rbox, actually it's "apt-get install vanilla-gnome-desktop" that causes the dependency problem because it pulls in pulseaudio18:15
siddhWhy "vanilla"? At that point just move to debian.18:16
tmus_siddh, or Suse? I like Ubuntu!18:17
rboxi just created a docker for 23.04 and ran that command and it seem sfine18:17
rboxmaybe apt update?18:17
rboxwants to install both pulseaudio and pipewire-pulse18:18
tmus_rbox, already did. did you try with apt-get vanilla-gnome-desktop?18:18
rboxi ran the comamnd you said18:19
siddhtmus_: Ubuntu is nice, and the devs maintain the `ubuntu-gnome-desktop` metapackage for a reason18:19
tmus_Actually I may be fine with gnome-session and the vanilla settings so the problem is probably not that severe18:20
tmus_siddh, Okay, so that metapackage just needs an update then18:20
oerheksbug #102090318:20
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 1020903 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Application freezes when browsing files" [Undecided, Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102090318:20
oerheksadd yourself to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pipewire/+bug/201719618:22
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2017196 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "package pipewire-alsa (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: conflicting packages - not installing pipewire-alsa:amd64 [pipewire-alsa conflicts with pulseaudio]" [Undecided, New]18:22
oerheksalso interesting to read https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/lubuntu-23-04-now-uses-pipewire-info-you-should-know-call-for-testing/390718:23
tmus_Thank you oerheks18:24
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Bombohow do i fix 'Depends: libxml-parser-perl:i386 but it is not going to be installed' when i try 'apt install libxml-parser-perl:i386' i get more and more18:36
rboxmore and more?18:37
oerheksBombo, what is the full output, plus the command used?18:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:37
lotuspsychjehe's trying to compile wine from his original question18:37
lotuspsychje<Bombo> i want to build wine: so i did 'apt build-dep wine; dpkg --add-architecture i386; apt update; apt build-dep -a i386 wine'  to install the 32bit deps, but it failed: The following packages have unmet dependencies: builddeps:wine:i386 : Depends: fontforge-nox:i386 Depends: libxml-parser-perl:i386 but it is not going to be installed some more, how do i fix this?18:38
leftyfbBombo: sudo apt install wine18:38
oerhekswhy building the same wine?18:39
Bomboleftyfb: that doesn't install the 4.x wine18:39
Bombooerheks: i want to try wine 4.x18:40
leftyfbBombo: no, it installed 6.0.3 on Ubuntu 22.0418:40
Bomboleftyfb: too recent18:40
leftyfbBombo: why?18:41
oerheksso it is not an ubuntu issue..18:41
oerheksinstall bionic beaver in a vm18:41
Bomboleftyfb: because apt always installs the latest version in the repo18:41
oerheks= wine 3.0118:41
Bombooerheks: well ubuntu wont let me install the deps18:41
leftyfbBombo: why do you want to install an outdated version of wine?18:41
Bomboleftyfb: for reasons18:42
leftyfbBombo: good luck18:42
Bomboleftyfb: thx18:42
alkisgBombo: ubuntu stopped supported 32bit after the 18.04 version. So yes, many deps will be missing18:45
jhutchinsalkisg: Unfortunately, there are still proprietary apps like printer filters/drivers that are only available in 32b.18:47
leftyfbjhutchins: not related to wine18:48
alkisgjhutchins: I agree, but... that's just an unrelated remark, it doesn't help in compiling wine, did I understand correctly?18:48
Bomboalkisg: hmm ok but apt doesn't say there is no such package, just 'it is not going to be installed'18:49
jhutchinsJust saying there are still reasons to need 32b support in various systems.18:49
Bombojhutchins: indeed i still got a computer with 18.04 with an old printer, which does still work ;)18:50
alkisgBombo: run `apt policy wine`, you'll see it's available for i386. Run `fontforge-nox`, you'll see it's only available for amd64. So you can't install fontforge-nox:i386 because it doesn't exist18:50
alkisgNew versions, new dependencies. Old versions, old dependencies, not available in new versions, hence you can't compile them there18:51
leftyfbBombo: mind you, Ubuntu 18.04 will be unsupported here in 8 days18:51
leftyfbsorry, 39 days18:51
oerheksmaybe ESM is a help with 18.0418:52
leftyfbright, that would mean contact Canonical for help18:52
oerheksVendors that supply 32 bit drivers only, know it by now.18:52
alkisgDo we refuse to help esm users here?18:52
oerheksalkisg, i don; t refuse if i can find an answer18:53
leftyfbalkisg: The ubuntu community generally does not support releases longer than 5 years. Canonical has paid support for that (free for a limited amount of machines and users)18:54
leftyfbalkisg: it's a lot to ask for volunteers18:55
alkisgI think we talked about that in the past and the agreement was that people here were allowed to help for outdated programs if they wish. Sure the advice is always "update", but in cases where they can, if someone WANTS to help, we don't tell them "out of topic, go elsewhere"...18:56
alkisg*they can't update18:56
Bomboalkisg: ii  fontforge-nox:i386                     1:20190801~dfsg-4                 i386         font editor - non-X version18:57
Bombo(it's focal)18:57
alkisgBombo: in your case, you're making a frankenubuntu, noone will be able to support that :D18:58
alkisgIf you need 32bit support in current setups, do install debian; ubuntu dropped support for it, no point in stretching things...18:59
Bomboleftyfb: ok good to know, but i'll keep using it i guess, just for that one printer18:59
Bomboi just can't throw old hardware away, that still works18:59
Bomboalkisg: hm19:00
jhutchinsIt's amazing how on a given date, all knowledge and advice for a certain system can suddenly disappear.19:00
Bomboalkisg: but why are there i386 packages anyways, apt could say 'nope' if i install :i38619:00
jhutchinsalkisg: I agree with that policy.19:01
alkisgBombo: mainly to allow an amd64-arch wine to create 32bit prefixes19:01
jhutchinsOne of the great features of Linux is broad cross-platform compatibility.19:01
alkisgTo run 32bit windows programs; not to compile 32bit linux programs19:01
Bomboalkisg: well ;)19:01
deegoI have 22lts, suported, right? Then why do i see this: "25 additional security updates can be applied with ESM Apps.   " ?19:03
leftyfb!pro | deego19:03
leftyfb!esm | deego19:03
ubottudeego: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.19:03
leftyfbdeego: https://ubuntu.com/pro19:04
deegoyes, but 22 has not expired yet. why do i need extendend maintenance?19:04
deegoit's not eol yet19:04
* oerheks is puzzled too19:04
deegoit is the latest lts, in fact19:04
leftyfbdeego: can you pastebin the entire output please?19:05
deegodon't you guys see the same on your lts's ?19:05
deegoleftyfb: https://pastebin.com/e1YHESAc19:06
leftyfbyeah, that's probably referring to pro19:06
leftyfbsee the link I provide above19:07
deegoi think we are talking past each other? like i said, it's not eol19:07
deego.. so i shouldn't need pro or esm ?19:07
oerheksyes you need esm19:08
deegooerheks: can you explain?  i thought you need esm for /end-of-life/ things for /extendend/ maintenance?19:08
oerheksyour paste is clear, those updates are only available with esm19:09
oerheksand esm is free19:09
leftyfbI think it means pro. ESM should only be for EOL releases19:09
leftyfbthough I think they are actually both 1 in the same19:09
oerhekscorrect, pro19:10
leftyfbdeego: these are updates to community packages that Canonical has updated but are only available if you sign up for pro19:10
leftyfbdeego: which for a home user is free for I think 5 machines19:10
oerheksI think it is because maintainers do not patch quickly enough ...19:11
leftyfb!ubuntupro | deego19:11
ubottudeego: Ubuntu Pro is a service offered by Canonical for expanded CVE patching, ten-years security maintenance and optional support. Anyone can use Ubuntu Pro for free for personal use on up to 5 machines. For details please see https://ubuntu.com/pro and https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/3101819:11
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ranI think there is a bug in xubuntu 23.03 - Grayscale font anti-aliasing not available19:52
ranin Setting Manager In Appearance When selecting "Enable anti-aliasing" and Hinting set to "none" and "Sub-pixel order" set to "none" the hinting/anti-aliasing is set to RGB and not grayscale anti-aliasing as it used to be, So there isn't a way to change to grayscale anti-aliasing, thre is only RGB anti-aliasing. The problem is that not anyone likes RGB hinting/anti-aliasing, and some fonts look bad especially on black/dark background.19:53
jhutchinsran: Note that this is probably a gnome problem, not Ubuntu per-se, but still relevant.19:56
jhutchinsran: Are there any bug reports that cover it?19:56
ranit can be xfce problem19:56
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2017314 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Problem With font rendering in Xubuntu 23.04 - Grayscale anti-aliasing not available as it used to be in 22.10" [Undecided, New]19:56
ranthis is my bug report19:57
ioriai know19:57
jhutchinsran: Ah.  We assume gnome, which is the default, unless otherwise specified.19:58
jhutchinsWhich, duh, I see you did, you said xubuntu in the first place.  My bad.19:58
jhutchinsran: Definitely vote that up or post "me too" or something.19:59
jhutchinsOh, it's yours.19:59
jhutchinsI think I'm gonna go get more tea.19:59
ranthere is some true-type fonts that emulate bitmapped fonts that look bad with RGB anti-aliasing20:01
ranthe only way to fix this is to turn-off anti-aliasing, but the fonts looks very bad20:03
Jari--firmware support from HP for Ubuntu is very limited in my opinion20:16
Jari--actually meaning AMD, the hardware I have is AMD20:16
Jari--Radeon+APU CPU20:17
ravageJari--: that is a very general statement and i would like to see some data that support that comapared to others20:17
Jari--ravage well, how do you e.g. flash a BIOS in Ubuntu?20:17
Jari--on Windows you simply click away20:17
ravageusually via efi20:17
jhutchinsJari--: Linux is not just windows without the pricetag.20:18
Jari--ravage but the EFI upload interface is Windows only20:18
Jari--I should search for Ubuntu EFI tools, I think20:18
jhutchinsJari--: That's not true, EFI/UEFI come from a mainframe background and are used on a WIDE range of hardware, including Apple Macs.20:18
ravagealso HPs enterprise support for Linux is great20:19
ravagei can update my bios via the included remote interface20:19
oerheksfwupdmgr get-devices # or go wild; fwupdmgr get-updates20:19
TowserHow do I make a "network bridge" between the WiFi and the ethernet so that the WiFi connection goes through the ethernet but is also still available to use20:20
rboxyou can't easily bridge wifi20:20
jhutchinsI've run some pretty big Linux farms on HP servers.20:20
jhutchinsTowser: With a router.20:20
Towserrbox how in Lubuntu?20:20
rboxi just said you can't...20:20
jhutchinsrbox: You CAN, but it usually takes some extra hardware.20:21
leftyfbTowser: you don't20:21
jhutchinsrbox: Most routers run a form of linux.20:21
rboxand most routers aren't running consumer hardware20:21
leftyfb" but is also still available to use"20:21
leftyfbthat part is not possible unless you have a chipset with multiple radios and the software supports it20:22
leftyfbTowser: you get multiple wifi cards/adapters20:22
TowserWiFi goes into eithernet but you can still use the WiFi connection20:22
leftyfbTowser: you cannot put the wifi adapter in AP mode and expect it to also function in station mode20:23
Jeremy31Towser: Depending on the driver it is possible20:25
TowserHow do I do that with my card/driver?20:26
Jeremy31Towser: See https://github.com/lakinduakash/linux-wifi-hotspot be sure to install the dependencies.  It doesn't work with all wifi devices supported in Linux20:27
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leftyfbJeremy31: that's not what they're asking20:27
oerheksnetworkmanager in ubuntu can setup hotspot too20:27
leftyfbthey're not just asking for a hotspot20:27
TowserI'm looking to feed the WiFi into the ethernet and still use the WiFi20:28
Jeremy31leftyfb: They want to share a wifi through a single wifi device?20:28
jhutchinsTowser: What do you mean "use the wifi"?20:28
TowserHave the WiFi connection usable on the machine still20:28
leftyfbthey want a single wifi adapter to join an SSID, but also act as it's own SSID for clients to join it, while also sharing wifi to clients connected via ethernet - not possible with standard wifi devices20:28
leftyfbTowser: you get 2 wifi adapters. One to join an SSID, the other to act as a hotspot20:29
jhutchinsTowser: I'm still not clear on "usable".  If you want to use the  wifi on this device to connect to another device on the network, that's probably not going to work.20:29
jhutchinsTowser: Especially without studying a LOT of wirless network theory.20:30
TowserNot quite. I'm looking for it to use a network and also share it to ethernet. Sadly it only has the one WiFi card20:30
leftyfbTowser: that you can do. But you cannot have other clients join your "hotspot" wirelessly. Only via ethernet20:30
jhutchinsTowser: The good news is that if you can figure this out, you can probably get a good job as a network engineer.20:31
TowserThat's the plan, the WiFi is shared via ethernet and the same WiFi is also the network connection for the computer itself20:31
leftyfbTowser: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/creating-and-configuring-wi-fi-hotspot-in-ubuntu/#20:32
Jeremy31Towser: Works better the other way, using ethernet as a source for a wifi hotspot20:33
leftyfbJeremy31: you can do either20:33
Jari--okay, Ubuntu running, but terminal fails to start up...20:33
oerheksnot possible. being hotspot and host at the same time20:33
oerheksuse 2 wifi adapters20:33
Jeremy31oerheks: depends on if the driver supports concurrent mode20:33
leftyfbTowser: sorry, wrong link: https://docs.phillycommunitywireless.org/en/latest/device-configs/shared-connection/20:33
Jeremy31Using one wifi device will be slower than using 220:34
TowserMy connection is WiFi but one device I have only accepts ethernet so the solution would be to set this up20:34
leftyfboerheks: when connected to wifi and sharing said connection to connected ethernet devices, the host also uses the wifi connection for connectivity (internet)20:34
leftyfbTowser: https://docs.phillycommunitywireless.org/en/latest/device-configs/shared-connection/20:34
leftyfbTowser: good luck20:34
TowserHow would this work on Lubuntu? It's a little bit different20:35
jhutchinsShould be possible to route traffic from the wired connection through the wifi to the gateway.20:35
jhutchinsTowser: lubuntu is the same underneath the GUI.20:35
oerheksjust use wired and setup wifi for sharing.20:35
jhutchinsTowser: Networking is the same.20:35
jhutchinsoerheks: I think he wants to forward the wired to the wifi.20:35
leftyfblubuntu uses network manager?20:36
leftyfbI don't think that's true20:36
PokeyIs Ubuntu dropping support for ZFS rootfs entirely?20:36
jhutchinsDoing this with Network Manager would probably be a nightmare.20:36
ravagePokey: all we know is that the new installer in 23.04 does not support it20:36
ravageit may return. but there is no official statement20:37
leftyfbjhutchins: it's literally a dropdown choice as per the link I posted twice now20:37
Pokeyravage: Ye, quite, and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1966773 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/196815020:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1968150 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Remove zsys from installer" [Undecided, Fix Released] [duplicate: 1966773]20:37
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1968150 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Remove zsys from installer" [Undecided, Fix Released]20:37
ravagezsys is another topic20:37
ravagei think we can burry that for good20:37
PokeyWhat is the recommended way these days?20:38
leftyfbTowser: maybe ask in #lubuntu how you can replicate https://docs.phillycommunitywireless.org/en/latest/device-configs/shared-connection/ in lubuntu20:38
jhutchinsTowser: How to do it with two wired interfaces: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/IP-Masquerade-HOWTO/20:38
Pokey(I'm looking to migrate a Ubuntu Server install to ZFS rootFS long term)20:38
jhutchinsTowser: Very old, possibly out-of-date/obsolete, but good background.20:39
leftyfbjhutchins: that's not what they're asking20:39
leftyfbjhutchins: I've given them exactly how to do it with a single dropdown selection in network manager. Now they need to discuss with dedicated #lubuntu support how to do it specifically in lubuntu20:40
leftyfbthey could just install network manager, that would also work20:40
Jari--Lubuntu must be much lighter, not reinstalling Ubuntu 22... it might just break again20:40
leftyfbI don't think installing nm will pull down all of gnome/xorg20:40
Jari--I just need a sewer where to throw in the Perl program I have20:42
ravagea gui perl program?20:43
Jari--choosing xubuntu, recalling this is really fastest X there is20:44
webchat6I am unable to boot Ubuntu and am getting a BadTLP error.20:55
webchat6This is version 20.20:56
leftyfb!yy.mm | webchat620:57
ubottuwebchat6: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle20:57
oerhekswebchat6, like this ?https://askubuntu.com/questions/1272533/badtlp-pcie-bus-error-in-ubuntu-20-0420:57
leftyfbwebchat6: try Ubuntu 22.0420:57
oerhekssome tips, https://itsfoss.com/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected/20:57
webchat6I am unable to log in to upgrade to 2220:57
leftyfbwebchat6: how long ago did you install 20.04?20:58
oerhekspci=nomsi is likely to be helpful20:58
webchat62 years ago...this just started happening today afternoon when I removed Python 320:58
oerheks... uh oh20:58
leftyfbwhy did you remove python 3?20:58
oerhekstime to reinstall.20:58
leftyfbwebchat6: fresh install 22.04. That is your best option now20:59
webchat6I wanted to install anaconda and not the default pip as the package mgr20:59
webchat6Will I lose everything in my hard drive?20:59
leftyfbbackup and then restore after install20:59
webchat6I can't backup since I am unable to log into it21:00
ravageyou can backup from the installer iso21:00
oerheksbackup with a live iso session21:00
ravageclick "try ubuntu"21:00
webchat6ok thanks ravage21:01
leftyfbwebchat6: and don't mess with anaconda. There's a reason it's not available in ubuntu21:01
webchat6got it21:01
webchat6pytorch folks recommend anaconda and hence I thought of trying it21:02
leftyfbdid you tell them you were running ubuntu?21:02
rboxso how does trying anaconda equate to removing python21:02
webchat6Anaconda comes with its own Python321:03
rboxthat doesnt say anything about removing python21:03
webchat6true but I did not want multiple Python3 versions on my laptop21:03
oerheks"Python 3.7 or greater is generally installed by default on any of our supported Linux distributions, which meets our recommendation."21:04
oerheksand further in that page" Python 3.7 or greater is generally installed by default on any of our supported Linux distributions, which meets our recommendation."21:05
oerheksIf you use Anaconda to install PyTorch, it will install a sandboxed version of Python that will be used for running PyTorch applications.21:05
webchat6I agree that what I did was stupid21:06
oerheksno need for that sandboxed 3.7 at all..21:06
ravagelearning through pain is effective :)21:07
oerheksand that page is old, their wiki says; https://github.com/pytorch/pytorch#from-source21:07
oerhekswhat a mess21:07
leftyfbwebchat6: why do you need pytorch?21:07
rboxmaybe his lights are out21:08
webchat6To do Deep Learning exercises for my HW21:08
batman_anyone here21:11
rboxjust missed em21:11
batman_first time using IRC chat21:11
leftyfb!support | batman_21:11
ubottubatman_: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com21:11
leftyfb!offtopic | batman_21:12
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batman_ok i see21:12
bpromptbatman_: just check the channel list in your irc client, based on topics, join a channel :)21:12
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Jari--so, when is the first Ubuntu based evehicle coming out? electric cars21:40
rboxthe first teslas used ubuntu21:41
Jari--rbox, I recall reading trillions spent on investments on evehicles, so I am betting everything will in order be this, or is as of21:43
gryJari--: look at automotive grade linux (agl), it's in use at a few brands21:44
gryJari--: though in vehicle specs it's not usually widely advertised21:45
gryJari--: perhaps they dont have an official channel here, so ##agl could be utilized..21:45
Jari--xubuntu made an internal error21:49
Jari--okay, the setup popped up, multiple clicks on install icon on a slow pc21:53
Jari--I am wondering if snapdragon 7c or 850 is supported by Linux, how well, is it usable21:55
Jari--so called "tablet pc" laptops, averaging 150 euros, for a performance of say 2016 core i721:56
rboxwhen it comes to arm, its not about the processor, the device itself has to be supported21:58
WaVthere is a snapdragon hwe package. I would assume that means ubuntu is compatible.21:58
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userrno one?22:42
idmbehi, no one, ok, bye :) that best one from days :)))22:59
Bashing-omidmbe: I Just joined - what is the issue you are facing - maybe I can help.23:00
idmbeBashing-om: i'm just talking about someone come here and wrote that so fast and he is left23:03
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idmbeBashing-om: and thanks for you trying to help23:04
Bashing-omidmbe: Ack - drive bys do happen :D23:04
idmbeBashing-om: That truth :)23:05
Bashing-omidmbe: I did notice your Ubuntu Membership Application on the Forums. Please join the #ubuntu-discuss channel to discuss this.23:10
idmbeBashing-om: Ok thank you for let me know that, done23:13
nshiretracker-miner is using ridiculous CPU power for me23:46
nshire100% usage with 1000h of cpu time23:46
leftyfbnshire: https://askubuntu.com/a/125877223:51
nshire1000 hours of cpu time is not normal23:51
nshirewill .trackerignore work for subfolders? probably?23:54
nshireI was going to disable it outright but looks like .trackerignore in my folder with 1mil objects is a better option, thanks23:58

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