mitsubachiHey folks, I'm having a crash in xfce-screensaver-dialog that happens every hour or three...05:03
mitsubachiI've reported it, but the bug has been merged into a bug that I can't view05:03
mitsubachiThe bot that merged it helpfully told me to consult the bug that I can't view for further information, debugging, etc05:04
mitsubachiI've tried asking the maintainer what I can do.. no reply05:04
mitsubachiI've tried asking the bot owner what I can do.. no reply05:04
mitsubachiAnyone got ideas on what to do?05:05
mitsubachiIt's been two weeks I think05:06
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bluesabremitsubachi: I'm going to work on a fix for it this week. Presumably, this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-screensaver/+bug/201279509:41
mitsubachi@bluesabre: 201282609:52
mitsubachithe other fun thing is how the website tells me that bug doesn't exist09:52
mitsubachirather than just telling me it's private09:52
mitsubachiat first I thought they had linked me a bad number09:53
mitsubachithere's my report09:53
bluesabremitsubachi: Thanks! I reviewed the main bug, and marked it public. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-screensaver/+bug/201282609:56
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 2012826 in xfce4-screensaver (Ubuntu) "xfce4-screensaver-dialog crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium, Confirmed]09:56
bluesabreI hope to have a fix this week. Please subscribe to that bug for updates.09:56
mitsubachiwill do09:58
mitsubachiweird that it doesn't do that for me09:59
mitsubachisince my bug was marked duplicate, and etc etc09:59
mitsubachimuch much better now10:01
sorinelloHello. Bluetooth seems to be broken on 23.04. I am on a clean install, and I am unable to pair my bluetooth headphones. On 22.10 this was working with no problems. Using the full xubuntu x64 version.10:03
mitsubachiis 23.04 uh... lunar?10:03
mitsubachiI had a bear of a time getting bluetooth audio happy on lunar, because of conflicting suggestions on websites10:03
mitsubachiI ended up uninstalling pulseaudio, because pipewire is supposed to replace it10:04
mitsubachithen you also install pipewire-audio I think10:04
sorinellook, I could try that10:04
mitsubachithis was just last week, so hopefully good information for you10:04
sorinelloso pulseaudio is getting decomissioned ?10:04
mitsubachiI still don't have it automatically switching to the bluetooth device though10:04
mitsubachiyeah, it was announced like two ubuntu versions ago... pipewire is a drop in replacement that also handles video or something10:05
mitsubachiand it's been on the machines handling video for a while10:05
sorinelloproblema is that I am unable to pair the headphones10:05
sorinelloso I get stuck before even trying to play something10:05
mitsubachiI also had trouble with that, but I'm not sure what I did... other than like... factory reset my headphones and just try a billion times10:06
mitsubachichecking my bookmarks to see if I have anything for you10:06
sorinellothat would help, thanks10:06
sorinellobut clearly something is broken in ubuntu/xubuntu too, since it was working OOB10:07
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 2015000 in blueman (Ubuntu) "blueman-applet crashed with gi.repository.GLib.GError in call_finish(): g-dbus-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Unknown action ‘Activate’ (16)" [Medium, Confirmed]10:08
mitsubachithis is the only thing I have bookmarked10:08
sorinelloyepp, I think this is what I get as well10:08
mitsubachiI wonder if it didn't want to pair until the conduit worked10:08
mitsubachibut otherwise I don't remember, sorry10:08
sorinelloConnection Failed: br-connection-profile-unavailable10:09
mitsubachiyeah that's this10:09
sorinellothis is what I get from the blueman applet10:09
mitsubachiinstall pipewire-audio and that error will go away10:09
sorinellook, so it is already reported, great. Good to know I'm not the only one having the issue10:10
sorinellook, doing it now10:10
sorinelloI play a lot with VM's so it is easy for me to test stuff10:10
mitsubachilast report was by me10:11
mitsubachino reply since then10:11
mitsubachiso I don't know if people know10:11
sorinellolet me see if just installing what you said fixes the issue for me10:11
sorinelloblueman-applet still crashing like crazy10:12
mitsubachiyeah, it does that for me still too10:13
mitsubachibut it does get the job done before crashing10:13
sorinelloindeed the eror went away after i installed wha you said. Xubuntu reports that the headphones are connected, but the headphones usually say "connected" when they are connected10:17
sorinelloand the headphones do not give this information10:17
sorinelloso they are not  properly connected :(10:17
mitsubachicheck volume control app for settings10:17
mitsubachiyou might have to kick it into some other codec10:17
mitsubachithere's the configuration tab (last one) where my headphones show up as a device10:18
mitsubachimine says "Off" right now, which makes it act kinda dumb10:19
sorinelloyeah, I just have a dummy device10:19
sorinellogonna try in the main Ubuntu distro10:20
sorinellook, so on mainline Ubuntu everything works out of the box10:22
sorinellopairing, sound on headphones, and so on10:22
sorinelloso  this is Xubuntu specific10:22
mitsubachiI mean, please note that10:23
sorinelloI will mark myself as affected aswell on the lunchpad bug you reported10:23
mitsubachiI think mainline doesn't install pulseaudio10:23
mitsubachiand installs pipewire-audio10:23
mitsubachiso that's part of what works10:24
mitsubachibut I don't have any more information10:24
sorinelloI have posted a comment as well on the bug page. But I am not sure if this bug is for Ubuntu or for Xubuntu10:27
sorinellothis all distro thing with upstream, downstream, specific distros is a mess in my head10:27
sorinelloanyways, thanks for the info10:30
PokeyI'm having trouble getting my Xubuntu (22.04.1) install to start. This install is not at all important, but I want to learn what has gone wrong so I can apply it to a real scenario in the future.14:08
PokeyAll research I have done has been "unplug USB devices" or "the disk/partition UUID has changed" or "your fstab is invalid" when I have confirmed none of that is the case. I have updated the fstab to point to the partition under /dev (/dev/sda2) and removed the UUID and it still times out. I am able to mount the partition manually based on fstab (mount /boot/efi) without any issues at all.14:08
PokeyLogs: https://imgur.com/a/HpMAGWk14:08
xu-irc37whi where can i buy a disk with xubuntu?14:48
Kuschelponyusually you download it and then either boot from a USB stick, or burn it onto a DVD14:49
null_why is xfce so ugly14:54
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Pokey[my issue is resolved]19:15

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