timbbaDoes anyone have an idea, why language packages fails to download on fresh 23.04 Kubuntu installation? Error is like "Failed to obtain authentication"...04:16
timbbaThe another language related issue: xdg-user-dirs won't update to my own language. By running `xdg-user-dirs-update` doesn't help either.04:16
timbbaAnyone? Are these language  issues marked already as known?05:10
alkisgtimbba: pastebin the whole terminal output so that we understand the context08:36
BluesKajHi all12:44
weedmicHow do I know if an icon theme requires some other icon theme to be installed first?  For example, I picked "crystal theme", but nothing changed on my desktop (although icons did change inside the application launcher).  All the other themes change dekstop icons, some not all of them.13:13
hjliusudo apt install ibuschewing14:27
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keithzg[m]Damn, apparmor is failing to start since my upgrade to 23.04, recovery mode these days isn't nearly as helpful and actually tries to start everything up (which means it also hangs indefinitely waiting for apparmor) and apparently I don't have any USB sticks kicking around home anymore?18:26
truefireAnyone know why 23.04 seems to be using alsa rather than pipewire?19:08
GrayGhostwhile updating to 23.04 I tryed to use this command :20:57
GrayGhostsudo sed -i ‘s/jammy/lunar/g’ /etc/apt/sources.list20:57
GrayGhostand got this error sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: `�'20:57
GrayGhostso I manualy changer them .... what is wrong with the command?20:58
mparilloI think you want ' not ‘21:55
DragnslcrGrayGhost- yeah, the problem is the fancy quotation mark22:22
GrayGhostThat is part of the error message23:07
GrayGhostsince I finished the upgrade to 23 I guess i will worry about it23:09
arraybolt3GrayGhost: As a sidenote, that's usually not how you upgrade to Lunar. Usually you want to use "do-release-upgrade" for that in the Ubuntu world at least.23:13
arraybolt3do-release-upgrade can take care of some extra things that simply changing sources.list may not take care of.23:14
arraybolt3If your system works, great, but just keep in mind that things may be broken in subtle ways (or possibly not-so-subtle ways). Have backups of your data in case you need to reinstall.23:14
GrayGhostThanks .. I do have a backup23:19

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