guivercdal2, your second bug was filed against 'pacman' or a game that has players "Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth"  02:31
guivercfyi: dal2, PCMan is the developer who created pcmanfm (file manager & desktop handler for LXDE) & the newer pcmanfm-qt that does the same thing for the modern LXQt desktop.  PCMan is a person & not Pacman (old 1980s game)02:36
guivercdal2, https://github.com/PCMan & you'll see who I think of when I read/see pcman02:38
dal2guiverc: Thanks for catching the error. Do I need to refile the bug or is there a way to edit it or?02:39
dal2guiverc: Just got the notification email. I'll re-file it for pcmanfm-qt in a few minutes02:43
guivercI'd suggest filing a new bug report (`ubuntu-bug pcmanfm-qt` on the system where issue occurs) rather than changing the filing... as I tried to explain in comment on that report02:44
guivercsorry for my wording; not ideal language was used (odd missing word etc)02:44
guivercack & thanks dal2 02:46
guivercdal2, after you've refiled; please change the status of the ^ pacman bug to 'invalid'  (comment about the new filed bug report is optional)02:48
dal2ok bbs02:49
lubot[telegram] <ctisme> +1 (re @lubuntu_bot: (irc) <guiverc> on low resources boxes (esp. low RAM), setting up Swap (with sufficient size) really makes a huge difference)02:51
* guiverc remembers bulletin board systems (bbs)... send an email to someone & it could take 26 hours to reach other side of the world... 02:51
dal2guiverc: Better? I re-filed the bug under pcmanfm-qt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcmanfm-qt/+bug/201746403:42
-ubottu:#lubuntu- Launchpad bug 2017464 in pcmanfm-qt (Ubuntu) "in pcmanfm-qt, permission denied after successful decryption" [Undecided, New]03:42
guivercthanks dal2 ; sorry busy elsewhere (ubuntu news hat on etc)03:43
dal2arraybolt3: Here's the bug with pcmanfm-qt I was describing yesterday that today I re-filed because of a more or less clerical error on my part earlier today: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcmanfm-qt/+bug/201746403:43
dal2I marked the incorrect one as invalid, too.03:44
* guiverc smiles, thanks dal2 !03:44
arraybolt3teward: You may have accidentally left yourself in op mode.13:42
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towserhow do I disable the feature where it disables the touchpad when pressing keys on the keyboard perminantly?23:17

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