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seb128goood morning desktopers, hey lissyx!08:57
lissyxseb128, I was wondering, how can I build a snap against a version of libspeech that is not yet in distros?09:03
seb128lissyx, you can change the snapcraft.yaml to build libspeech as a part pulling from a git/branch/tag or stage a deb from a ppa09:04
ricotzhello desktopers :)10:09
lissyxseb128, hm doing a full build might be a bit pain :(10:26
seb128lissyx, you could unsquash, swap content and request or you can shell --login, copy to the userdir and LD_PRELOAD or similar11:22
seb128ricotz, hey11:23
ricotzseb128, hi, could you please push the thunderbird git branch for focal/jammy?14:41
ricotzand the tag for kinetic14:53
seb128ricotz, pushed15:16
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