penguin42I did a mastodon poll; 57% got the alert, 33% didn't but were expecting it, 11% didn't but had an old phone - and I forgot an entry for 'turned it off'16:33
zxmpiheard a recording off it. seems to be an os dependent jobbie alright. not an sms, some weird government announement thingy used in states for amber alerts17:50
zxmpinot as high as presidential alert seemingly17:50
zxmpigod help the usa if trump gets back in as he'll use that instead of twitter17:50
davefwe've had that national alert system for a while here21:31
davefmost people i know turned off the alerts21:31
davefbecause the government abused it during the pandemic times21:31
zxmpiin times of catastrophe the government can reach me via fm radio. anything else is irrelevent21:42
davefFM? surely you mean short wave?21:44
zxmpii do have a shortwave radio in my go bag but fm should last a while even in biggest emergency21:53
penguin42you just need to know whether Radio 4 Long Wave is still transmitting or not22:34
zxmpioff air now i thought22:40
penguin42Wikipedia still lists it22:45

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