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cali_anyonre still awake?04:36
Bashing-omcali_: Ask your support question, anyway :D04:37
aimatmeIt is mid afternoon here, so yes still awake.04:39
cali_hope tyhis appropiriat, i didnt come to waste your time hmbly and respectfully teying to find out the best way to install proton vpn...ive used the graphical vpn from proton (paid )  so04:39
cali_im resding some people suugest to set it up thr.ovpn files04:39
cali_whats the differnce, im not even sure how to wiord the question to get good results from google?04:40
cali_besides the memory footprint is there a differnce in performance or security?04:41
cali_i dont understand why someone chooses one or the other besides gui?04:42
aimatmecali: probably native support for VPN's configured with the OS' network controller.04:43
aimatmeI don't know how Proton VPN client works though.04:44
aimatmeI assume you've tried following the Proton VPN documentation? https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-ubuntu-vpn-setup/04:44
cali_yes and ive succesfully set it up downloading and installing the .deb file04:46
aimatmeI wouldn't worry about it unless you have specific issues with it.04:46
cali_ using OpenVPN files to set up thru terminal, do i get performance boost or better stabilty /security04:47
cali_at all in any way shappe or form?04:47
aimatmeHighly unlikely unless the app is garbage.04:48
cali_im not extremliy worried , just thought it would be cool to lesrn something new amd if theres perks to it04:48
cali_it wasnt very good on debian bullseye04:48
aimatmeLooks like Proton have a "how to" on manual setup on linux.04:49
cali_yes they do, sorry if i wasnt clear  the only questions i couldnt find clear and decisive answers on was just the differnces and y or y not use one method as opposed to the other04:50
cali_i need to get better at searching04:51
aimatmeOhh, yeah I see. If you had stability issues with the app, or compatibility issues is why you'd use the manual setup. It's also way easier to automate.04:51
cali_automate-meaning i could set it up to start at boot? i cn do that thru the proton app i believe04:52
cali_thank you for your time by the way  its greatly appreciated04:53
aimatmeno worries. No easier to automate deploying to many workstations.04:54
cali_i see04:54
cali_ok that doesnt pertain to me lol04:54
cali_thank you again for your time  i promise it wasnt wasted04:55
aimatmeNo worries.04:55
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aalekhmsg nishit hiii05:48
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addiksHi, does anybody know how to add folders to the sidebar in nemo? Dragging the folder over the sidebar just moves the folder into the folder that the mose (in the sidebar) is over. Also there is no global menu and there is no option to move into sidebar in the context menu of the folder.08:39
geirhaaddiks: in nautilus, when you drag a folder to the sidebar, one of the entries in the sidebar changes to "New Bookmark", and if you drop it on top of that, it gets added to the sidebar as a bookmark. I haven't tried Nemo, but it's apparently based on Nautilus08:44
addiksqeirha: Looks like my nemo installation is broken somehow. Apparently the shortcur Ctrl+D is supposed to add bookmarks, but on my system that does nothing. I have now just edited the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks file by hand. That at least worked.08:46
addiksThanks anyway :-)08:46
knstnChrome doesn't play sound. I have this problem since 20.04. I upgraded to 22.04, I re-installed Chrome but I have the same issue. For example with Google Meet, only the video is working. I have a laptop with built-in camera and mic. If I plug a USB camera, sound works.... Any hints will be appreciated.08:47
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knstnThe built-in mic is working. It is working with Slack for example.08:57
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geirhaknstn: One thing I'd try is logging in with the guest user (or create a new user to test with) and try there. That ensures you get a fresh instance of chrome. Could be there are some settings saying to not allow using that mic for this and that site09:07
knstnI don't know... It's my work laptop. I don't use Ubuntu on my desktop. I will try what you suggested.09:12
ravageknstn: do other applications have sound? and your usb camera has speakers?09:25
ravageor what do you mean by "sound works"`09:26
knstnYes. Every other application is using the built-in mic. No problems. If I plug a USB camera with built-in mic, it works as well. It also works with Chrome.09:27
knstnOnly the laptop's built-in mic when used on Chrome doesn't work.09:27
ravagemy first suggestion is to try chromium09:35
ravageit comes with Ubuntu and is a supported browser09:35
ravagealso install the package "pavucontrol". it lets you see details about your sound devices09:36
ravagemaybe something is just muted or the volume is too low09:37
deepSleepI was doing a release-upgrade over ssh and I lost the connection, I need to input some responses.  How can i get that session back?  I was passed to it when the upgrade started09:43
ravagei think it runs in screen09:44
ravageis there a running screen session?09:44
deepSleepthank you09:44
windowsHaterhi there10:06
masberhi, I have chrome installed on my laptop, I did the installation some time ago, now chrome complains it needs to be updated, however when I click the update button on the top right corner it says it can't update, also I tried downloading the .dev file but it can't install it, it just extract the files10:34
masberso what should I do about this?10:34
masberdoes this means chrome was installed outside snap?10:34
windowsHaterare you using ubuntu?10:35
windowsHaterbecause it seems you didn't really downloaded the .deb, or even i think you just downloaded the .zip10:35
masberubuntu yes10:35
EriC^^masber: does it say why it cant be updated?10:35
masberyes im using ubuntu10:36
geirhaif you installed it via the deb, it adds a google app repo which will include updates10:36
masberyes im downloading the deb file form the chrome website10:36
geirha*google apt repo10:36
masberI dont remember how I got it installed int he first place10:37
windowsHaterwhat about doing apt update and then upgrade10:37
masberlet me check apt update and apt upgrade10:37
geirhaif it is installed via the deb,    apt policy google-chrome-stable    should output some info10:39
masbergeirha, correct https://dpaste.org/qw6tU/raw10:39
windowsHaterthat paste seems incomplete10:40
masberit is all it shows10:40
masberI double checked10:40
geirhamasber: looks like the apt repo is no longer there. Have you upgraded the OS release since installing chrome?10:40
masberyes I did updated ubuntu10:41
geirharight, the release upgrade will disable all third-party repos, so that's why then10:41
masberah, ok10:41
geirhaShould just be a matter or re-enabling it. Look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:42
masberI hav enothing related with google or chrome under `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/`10:44
masberok, I installed the gogole chrome repos and it now seems ok10:49
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KIRIESHKAAn offer was received in private in DC++ to give admin jess12:01
KIRIESHKAThe offer will be reviewed12:02
lotuspsychjethis is the ubuntu support channel KIRIESHKA12:03
lotuspsychjeonly ubuntu questions here please12:03
KIRIESHKAand accepted12:03
KIRIESHKAухты ёпты12:12
KIRIESHKAопять вы пидаразы попали12:13
KIRIESHKAwery straje12:13
lotuspsychje!guidelines | KIRIESHKA12:14
ubottuKIRIESHKA: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:14
lotuspsychjestop it please KIRIESHKA12:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant12:14
deepSleepI just upgraded from 16 to 20, and now have unment dependencies for chromium-browser.  I've tried --fix-broken, but it throws an error that it cant mount squashfs to install the necessary update.  Is there some other way to fix the program, or someway to remove it from the system?  Apt wont let me do anything12:22
BluesKajHi all12:44
jhutchinsdeepSleep: WHere does squashfs come into the picture?13:00
deepSleepjhutchins, i think its needed during the upgrade of the chromium-browser package13:08
deepSleepits with snapd13:08
jhutchinsdeepSleep: All bets are off with snap.  Sounds like a bad package.13:08
deepSleep"Installing the chromium snap" and "error: system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using13:09
deepSleep       "squashfs": mount: /tmp/syscheck-mountpoint-277614031: mount failed:13:09
deepSleep       Operation not permitted."13:09
deepSleepwoops didnt mean to spam13:09
deepSleepjhutchins, right.  I cant even remove.  Quite annoying because its on a server where the only thing i can do is format back to 16. then gotta go through the setups agian13:09
jhutchinsdeepSleep: backups.13:11
leftyfbdeepSleep: first, please use the correct version numbers. We're going to assume you're referring to 16.04 and 20.04. Second, in 20.04, which kernel are you running?13:11
jhutchins16 to 20 seems like a big jump.13:11
deepSleepjhutchins, its a clean install, no data lost, just upgrading a server that only has the choice of 16.04 as an OS13:11
deepSleepI'm trying to set up npm and yarn, but on 16.04 I can't get the versions I need working13:12
leftyfbdeepSleep: there's probably a reason for that. It sounds like it's a VPS a shared and outdated kernel13:12
deepSleepleftyfb, 4.4.0 kernel13:12
leftyfbdeepSleep: this is a VPS?13:13
deepSleepit is13:13
leftyfbdeepSleep: you'll need to contact your provider for support with acquiring a 20.04 VPS13:13
deepSleepleftyfb, I suppose I can just dockerize everything?13:13
leftyfbunlikely in this case13:14
leftyfbget a VPS with a modern kernel13:14
weedmicHow do I know if an icon theme requires some other icon theme to be installed first?  For example, I picked "crystal theme", but nothing changed on my desktop (although icons did change inside the application launcher).  All the other themes change dekstop icons, some not all of them13:15
lotuspsychjeweedmic: some icon themes might not change all your icons to new ones13:21
lotuspsychje!themes | weedmic see also13:22
ubottuweedmic see also: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:22
weedmicdank jullie voor dat13:26
santoshI don't see any audio input and output settings. How do I restore my system? I have already described my issue here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1464875/audio-settings-not-visible-in-kubuntu-disappeared-cant-listen-speak13:35
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jhutchinssantosh: Sometimes you need to ad an audio mixer to the (taskbar).  There might be a mixer in the menu.13:41
dostoyevsky2Does ubuntu officially support arm?  I wonder how much work the ubuntu touch people have put into it, getting packages working on arm13:42
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.13:43
santoshjhutchins: 1. The sound sliders on the taskbar comes with stock ubuntu. I wonder how it vanished. 2. If you see the edit 3 of the link I posted, I still don't have any audio.13:44
arraybolt3dostoyevsky2: Yes, Ubuntu officially supports the ARM architecture. Note that many ARM-based computers use non-standardized system architectures, so it's usually harder to get an arbitrary ARM system to run than to get an arbitrary amd64 system to run.13:45
arraybolt3(The Raspberry Pi is, for example, an ARM based computer, and there are official Ubuntu images for it.)13:45
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santoshjhutchins inside pulseaudio volume control, I can only see dummy output, no actual output device.13:49
santoshCould this be a problem with drivers?13:49
karthyis this your first time installing ubuntu?13:49
lotuspsychje!who | karthy13:49
ubottukarthy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:49
dostoyevsky2arraybolt3: But isn't it like: There are like 3 different ARM dialects and then you can have extensions on those.  So if you e.g. have a arm64 compiler you might be able to run code even on apple silicon, but you will not be able to use apple's extensions13:50
karthythey guy above me santosh13:50
jhutchinskarthy: May I suggest that you just watch the channel for a bit, see how things go here?13:50
karthyi guess i gotta lurk13:52
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!13:54
jhutchinssantosh: Have you tried the alsamixer?13:55
santoshjhutchins: yes, and here are the settings: https://i.imgur.com/hqv5H9h.png13:59
santoshjhutchins, I still don't hear any sound output + obs studio can't detect any activity in sound inputs14:01
jhutchinssantosh: I don't really have any ideas, I run XFCE.14:02
jhutchinssantosh: Do you get any output from the alsa test?14:02
santoshjhutchins, how to do an alsa test?14:03
jhutchinssantosh: 1) add yourself to the 'audio' group (log out & in again)  2) unmute and raise channels w/ alsamixer (also try muting some & toggle jack sense if available)  3) <pulseaudio> or other daemon stopped?  4) speakers on?  5) does "aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Noise.wav" work for root?14:03
jhutchinsThe solution used to reliably be just purge pulseaudio, but that's no longer the case.14:04
santoshjhutchins, I was not in the audio group. I added, I am going to logout and log back in. Will get back to you after following those steps.14:08
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zibby15What should I pay attention to when setting permanent ulimit in ubuntu?14:48
BactaWhen does Ucuntu Masturbating Monkey get released?14:51
leftyfb!op | Bacta14:51
ubottuBacta: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant14:51
BactaSome of those names look familiar from my Freenode days. Can they answer my question?14:52
leftyfbBacta: leave14:53
leftyfbtrolling if offtopic here. Take it elsewhere14:54
BactaI thought this was an LGBTQ+ safe space14:54
RaimondRajplease anyone help me what was the error on this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Q8CqQj369N/15:06
tekisuihow do i setup tearfree with xorg ?15:10
tekisuithe nvidia server doesn´t work well15:10
tekisuilubuntu 18.04 was fine15:10
jhutchinsRaimondRaj: Easiest fix is to remove/comment out ppa.launchpadcontent.net15:10
jo-erlendRaimondRaj: looks like you have added a PPA that doesn't have support for your version of Ubuntu.15:10
RaimondRajremove/comment out ppa.launchpadcontent.net || how do i15:11
RaimondRajE: The repository 'https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable/ubuntu jammy Release' does not have a Release file.15:15
jo-erlendRaimondRaj; sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/hexchat-stable15:15
jo-erlendRaimondRaj, then sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade15:16
tekisuistill a mess15:17
tekisuii tried: Section "Device"15:18
tekisui    Identifier "modesetting"15:18
tekisui    Driver "modesetting"15:18
tekisui    Option "TearFree" "True"15:18
tekisuiin xorg.conf at etc/x1115:18
leftyfb!paste | tekisui15:18
ubottutekisui: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:18
RaimondRajthanks alot jo-erlend15:23
tekisuihello ?15:23
jo-erlendRaimondRaj; you're welcome.15:23
tekisuiam trying to fix tearfree15:23
tekisui18.04 was fine15:24
jhutchinstekisui: What release are you on now?  What drivers is it using?  Are you running Xorg, or is it actually Wayland?  Is this the standard gnome desktop, or something else?15:30
tekisuilubuntu 20.0415:31
tekisuiit says xorg15:31
jhutchins"tearfree" sounds like "nosmoke".  That would be a Windows binary...15:31
tekisuii used tearfree before, cause the video doesn´t seem right15:31
tekisuiwell not i got an nvidia graphic card15:31
tekisuibut since the update i only get 800x600 screen size15:32
tekisuixorg seems to be good15:32
tekisuibut the screen ¨laggs¨15:32
tekisuiam going rabote15:35
tekisuicross fingers15:35
militantorcI found a thunar bug/"bug"15:50
tekisuiwell that broke it15:52
leftyfb!bug | militantorc15:52
ubottumilitantorc: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:52
militantorcI am not sure it even is a bug or not which is why I would like to talk about it here a bit first if you on't mind15:54
lotuspsychjecan you explain whats happening exactly militantorc15:55
militantorcyes, one minute please15:55
militantorcdo touch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7; observe the sequence on thunar if you sort by modification15:56
militantorcthen do  touch 7 5 3 4 1 2 615:56
militantorcwait there is another aspect to it15:56
militantorclet me just test that out too15:56
jo-erlendmilitantorc, perhaps you should write it up on Reddit or something and post the link?15:57
oerheksor wait for #linux answers?15:57
militantorcin fact rm it all; touch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7; and see the thunar window; then rm ; touch 7 6 5 4 3 2 1; and see again15:57
militantorcboth show same sequence in thunar15:57
militantorcviz the reverse alphabetic sequence15:58
militantorcwhen I had sort by descending time selected15:58
militantorci even mixed up some letter name files15:59
militantorcsame result15:59
leftyfbmilitantorc: what distro/version are you running?15:59
militantorcyou can also see in one command: touch 1 d 2 b 3 c 4 a16:00
militantorcthunar 1.8.14 on xubuntu 20.04 lts16:00
militantorcsame thing also happens on the older 18.04 machine16:01
militantorclet me just try another file manager and see16:01
rfmmilitantorc, if I do "touch 1 2 3 4" then "stat 1 2 3 4" I see the mtimes are equal down to the nanosecond (surprising, but there it is)16:01
militantorcyes but funny experiment again rfm16:01
militantorcdo ls -t16:01
militantorcls -lt16:02
militantorcand then do ls -lt --full-time16:02
militantorcthen do ls -t again16:02
militantorcyou'll see something funny16:02
leftyfb!enter | militantorc16:02
ubottumilitantorc: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.16:02
militantorcls -lt ; ls -lt --full-time ; ls -lt16:02
militantorctry this sequence next16:02
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rfmmilitantorc, what do you see that's "funny"?16:03
militantorcso I think, the "bug" is that time resolution is too low so its just disambiguating with alphabetic order when timestamps feel equal within its resolution bounds?16:04
militantorcrfm, the higher resolution with ls --full-time -lt shows a different sequence sometimes16:04
militantorcand after its invocation16:04
militantorceven ls -lt shows the same (changed) sequence16:04
militantorcdo you think, the "bug" is that time resolution is too low so its just disambiguating with alphabetic order when timestamps feel equal within its resolution bounds?16:05
militantorcwhen I manually insert 1s pauses it shows the correct sequence16:05
militantorcie touch 1; sleep 1; touch 2; ...16:05
militantorcafter I interleaved 1s pauses in between the individual touches16:07
militantorcit shows the correct sequence16:07
oerheksso, you pressed to fast?16:07
militantorcand to verify my theory. I did touch *; which again presses too fast; and it shows the alphabetic disambiguation again. just another test left.16:07
militantorcso I touched with sleeps and after that, again i even did touch different_non_alpha_sequence and it again shows alphabetic order.16:08
militantorcso basically my understanding is, when the timestamps are too close/equal16:09
militantorcthunar just disambiguates using alphabetic order16:09
militantorctats it16:09
militantorcproblem solved16:09
militantorcThe lesson is that you should sleep enough after touching16:10
militantorcor use the manual timestamp option in touch command to set a sequence of ascending times in correct order16:10
militantorcrfm, I think I managed to find the root cause. Read my discussion above.16:11
militantorcAlways sleep and touch16:11
militantorcor manually touch times16:11
bahamatWhat exactly is nodejs-mozilla, and how is it different from nodejs?16:43
oerheksnodejs-mozilla might use different implementations of JavaScript and may not support all of the features that Node.js uses for chrome16:48
leftyfblooks like it's not even available in the recent versions of ubuntu16:48
bahamatoerheks: Both packages say they use "Chrome's JavaScript runtime".16:49
bahamatleftyfb: Fine, but hopefully not terribly unobvious that i'm not using the latest.16:50
bahamat18.04 is still a supported LTS, so you can't just expect people to always be running the latest of everything all the time.16:51
leftyfbbahamat: 18.04 will be End of Life in a month.16:51
bahamatBut it's not *today*.16:51
bahamatI didn't say I'm using 18.04. But it is still supported.16:52
greatgatsbyHi.  On an ubuntu 22.04 system, the /var/lib/dpkg/lock file seems to always exist and is always empty regardless of whether or not there's a dpkg process.  How is that lock file supposed to work?17:08
bahamatif it exists, there's a running apt process.17:09
greatgatsbythat's not the behavior I see on any of the 3 machines I've tested on:  https://bpa.st/5HA4G17:14
leftyfbgreatgatsby: is something broken?17:15
greatgatsbyI guess that's possible, but these are 3 completely unrelated machines17:17
greatgatsbyso neither of you have that file currently, while there is no apt/dpkg process running?17:19
greatgatsbyI'm surprised I could have an ARM device and 2 VMs all behaving the same, when that's not the correct behaviour, and they aren't on the same network on managed the same at all17:20
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leftyfbgreatgatsby: the empty file exists all the time from what I can tell17:25
leftyfbgreatgatsby: I'm just curious why this matters though17:25
greatgatsbywhy what matters?  I'm trying to determine if apt/dpkg has a lock before rebooting a machine.  Was going to check the contents/existence of that file, but I can't seem to get any behaviour that indicates something actually has the dpkg lock17:27
ravageit is totally notmal for that empty file to exist17:34
jhutchinsIn linux flags are files?17:40
paul424Helllo, hello who could help , I need to configure my snapcrafy.yaml file to work properly on core20 -- focal ( Ubuntu 20.*). Problem is I keep getting errors of python library not found . How the development libraries are called under Ubuntu ?17:40
paul424libpython3.11-dev ?17:40
leftyfbpaul424: maybe try asking in #snappy17:41
greatgatsbysorry, had to reboot/reconfig after my apt tests17:46
tomreyngreatgatsby: sudo fuser -v /var/lib/dpkg/lock    should tell whether there's a running dpkg process with a lock17:58
ViatonWidz[m]greatgatsby: https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/FAQ Read the first question.18:00
greatgatsbytomreyn, ViatonWidz[m] - thanks a lot, this is great info18:01
burgerhi I have snap installed and noticed its in my user path but not root is there a preferred way to correct this other than adding to PATH manually?18:05
leftyfbburger: what snap are you trying to run as root?18:13
leftyfbburger: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-nextcloud-on-ubuntu-20-0418:14
leftyfbburger: you shouldn't need to manually run it as root18:15
burgerleftyfb step 2 uses sudo18:15
leftyfbburger: ok, what error do you get when you run the command in step 2?18:16
burgersudo: nextcloud.manual-install: command not found18:16
burgerwhen I run sudo env | grep ^PATH snap's paths are missing18:17
burgerwill reboot again though18:18
leftyfbburger: https://github.com/nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap/issues/584#issuecomment-75920229418:18
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 584 in nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap "Nextcloud is not installed - only a limited number of commands are available" [Closed]18:18
burgerthats a different issue. the commands are there I just cant run them as sudo because /snap isnt in $PATH18:20
leftyfbburger: did you try the command in the link I gave you?18:21
burger"nextcloud.manual-install sammy password" this one?18:22
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 584 in nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap "Nextcloud is not installed - only a limited number of commands are available" [Closed]18:22
burgerTry snap run nextcloud.manual-install ***** ********. Run this as root or append sudo .18:22
leftyfbcorrect, try that18:22
burgerhttps://pastebin.com/gYhvRsDp leftyfb18:31
leftyfbburger: not sure why you're showing me a command that we both know won't work and hasn't been suggested18:34
burgerI apologize I kept reading over "snap run"18:34
* burger has a case of the pebcaks18:35
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burgersame issues persists18:41
burgerappended sudo18:41
leftyfbnot sure how you would append sudo to a command18:42
burger!! is prepend?18:42
leftyfbburger: snap run sudo nextcloud.manual-install18:43
leftyfbtry that18:43
leftyfbburger: or: sudo snap run nextcloud.manual-install18:43
burgerI got it ty leftyfb sorry for being a lil...challanged18:43
leftyfbwell, you need to add the install commands at the end18:43
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Psil0[m]12Is Gatsby back,19:58
Psil0[m]12I see you.19:58
luna__Hello to the "thank you for helping me" group.20:03
matrixyjust trying to jump start the room... sorry20:05
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morgan-2204What I would like is to demonstrate to "Specturm, the ISP" tht my internet speed or even availability is not consistent. First I have to see that for myself.  Is there an "app" that will do this for me?20:06
morgan-2204matrixy, np. You encouraged me to give a general thanks. I am really grateful for this channel.20:06
matrixyif your internet speed isnt consistent you could try to unplug both the router and modem for like 10 minutes20:07
morgan-2204PLUS my notifications for discord sit in the upper righthand corner and block things. Do I have a choice for location of the fleeting-too-fast-to-read banners, that come in waves?20:09
matrixyworked on my router anyways. i was trying just unplug like 20 seconds but i left it unplugged for a while then it started working again20:09
matrixymy router used to cut in and out20:09
morgan-2204Yes. did that, got a anew router. Tech reported hefound loose connections inside and ourside. -- matrixy I want to be sure that is what is happening.20:10
morgan-2204I am using mate which "used to announce disconnections. But that might have been in the gnome DE. I could switch Desktops.20:11
matrixybad wires will cause inconsistency20:13
morgan-2204I waanted a strength meter. I have an iphone that lages only on the things that require internet - like clicking on a link. Not like "home swipe to see the homescreen/desktop on the phone.20:13
morgan-2204matrixy, yes, they did and supposedly al is good now.20:13
matrixythe tech support is probably right. they will have to redo your wiring20:14
morgan-2204after this conversation with you is done I will unplug both the modem and rounter and give it a  -- wow why 10 minutes?20:14
morgan-2204What happens after 2 minutes?20:15
matrixyidk just try it20:15
morgan-2204The tech support did not say they hae to redo my wiring. The tech who was physically here said he tightened up the connections.20:15
morgan-2204So you dont know what happens after 2 mins. Sure I will try it but I want to ask in #hardware first.20:16
morgan-2204Sorry, it is so important for me to be clear.20:17
leftyfbmorgan-2204: in order to properly test your internet in a way that your ISP would accept as comparable to their tests is to plug a Windows laptop or desktop directly into the modem they supply. No router inbetween. There really aren't any tools in ubuntu that track these sorts of things other than maybe running speedtest periodically and outputting to a csv or database and graphing the data. But again, ISP's all run screaming when you mention linux.20:18
leftyfbmorgan-2204: as for the time it takes to properly powercycle electronics, the extra time is to give capacitors enough time to discharge so there's no remaining electricity powering anything which could result in bad configs/data sticking around20:19
matrixyyeah capacitors discharge. they fill one plate with electricity then drain the other plate20:20
matrixybut they need time to discharge20:20
matrixyrouters run old linux they probably get all buggy sometimes20:21
matrixyyou can echo a file onto a router lol20:21
morgan-2204leftyfb, thanks.  on A and B.  THIS ubuntu installation or an update started showing a small popup "Your internet is disconnected" "Your internett is connected" (paraphrase)20:39
leftyfbmorgan-2204: were you connected via wire or wireless?20:40
morgan-2204but in the lower left, while when I just unplugged, it showed up in the upper right.  (I am getting curiouser.)20:41
morgan-2204leftyfb, thanks.  on A and B.  THIS ubuntu installation or an update started showing a small popup "Your internet is disconnected" "Your internett is connected" (paraphrase)20:41
leftyfbmorgan-2204: ok, so wired?20:42
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jo-erlendleftyfb; I really want to get to know you.21:00
leftyfbjo-erlend: please don't21:00
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jo-erlendleftyfb; If I have offended you by proxy, that is an even better reason for us to get to know each other.21:02
=== hygge is now known as Nevermets
leftyfbjo-erlend: please stay on topic. This is a support channel. If you'd like to chat with people in the community, feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic21:03
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jo-erlendwhois lefty21:51
jo-erlendwhois leftyfb21:52
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idmbein pro status show warning from days until now "The current kernel (5.19.0-40-generic, amd64) is not supported by livepatch." any one have it ?22:40
Jeremy31idmbe: Using Ubuntu 22.04?22:47
idmbeJeremy31: Yes22:48
Jeremy31idmbe: You might want to switch back to the 5.15 kernels, there are instructions out there22:48
sarnoldidmbe: I don't think any of the 5.19 kernels have livepatch support, look on https://ubuntu.com/security/notices/LSN-0094-1 for a list of kernels that have recently received livepatches22:49
leftyfbsarnold: interesting though. That's the HWE kernel for the latest LTS22:54
ravagesarnold: https://ubuntu.com/blog/canonical-livepatch-gets-even-better-now-supporting-hardware-enablement-kernels22:54
leftyfbI'm confused as to why it wouldn't have already been enabled for the latest LTS kernels22:55
idmbei tried before back to 5.15 but it's not work for me, 5.19 much better until now22:55
ravagei dont think it is enabled for 5.19 yet22:55
leftyfbravage: that's the concerning part. Why wouldn't they have livepatch enabled for their latest LTS?22:56
ravagemaybe there was just no patch needed and they will enable it then? i dont know :)22:57
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: can we help you with something?22:57
ravage"You can then start using Livepatch on HWE kernels starting from version 6.2, which will first be released as an interim kernel with Lunar Lobster 23.04 in April 2023, and then made available as an HWE kernel on the 22.04 LTS release, Jammy Jellyfish, starting July 2023."22:58
adminrootuuid[m]Look at the Linux Kernel all the encryption is off and false positive22:58
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: huh?22:59
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: what do you need help with?23:00
adminrootuuid[m]Install on HD and look at it from a LIve CD boot23:00
ravageso we have to wait until July to get our live patches :)23:00
ravageadminrootuuid[m]: you dont make any sense sorry.23:00
adminrootuuid[m]With the admin root still usable23:01
adminrootuuid[m]The Kurnel is substituting security protocols to off and making a false positive23:03
adminrootuuid[m]Every bite counts and 2 bites change is traceable23:04
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: feel free to file a bug with the linux kernel23:04
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.10/admin-guide/reporting-bugs.html23:05
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: good luck23:05
adminrootuuid[m]Hashing does not include metadata or dates , your /home/ is a secret UUID23:06
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: please stop23:07
adminrootuuid[m]Ya telling the truth sucks I know23:07
ravagethere is a special social media site for your kind of truth. not here.23:09
adminrootuuid[m]Then prove me wrong23:10
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: file a bug23:10
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: this isn't the appropriate place to discuss your issues23:11
adminrootuuid[m]They have to know or there completely incompetent23:11
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: don't assume23:11
adminrootuuid[m]No it's assumeing that has caused this Fup in the first place,23:12
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: go report the bug with the kernel team23:12
adminrootuuid[m]Its not a bug it's full on spying 100%23:13
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: the linux kernel is open source. Go find the code that proves someone is "spying" and file a bug. If you find it, feel free to post it here. Good luck23:14
adminrootuuid[m]And every system is at risk and not encrypted and if u have the UUID you have full access23:14
leftyfbadminrootuuid[m]: good luck23:15
towserhow do I disable the feature where it disables the touchpad when pressing keys on the keyboard perminantly? in Lubuntu23:18
sarnoldtowser: there's probably something like "disable while typing" in a mouse and keyboard control panel somewhere23:35

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