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janneroneholy sh*t elitism was keeping me away from xubuntu instead using debian but its like use the right tool for the right job there is a reason barely anyone uses raw debian as a desktop you can do it but its more work00:22
janneroneits actually easier for me to secure apps using xbubuntu e.g. snaps, firejail, apparmor w/ the profiles instead of aa-genprof in debian etc..00:23
xu-irc93w83Just joined. Am a I missing something or is this supposd to be an empty chat window?00:30
Unit193Use whatever tool works best I'd say...04:23
teranexHi! I upgraded my GDP P2 Max to Xubuntu 23.04 and it seems I'm running into the screensaver unlock dialog crash issue as mentioned in the known issues. However, eventhough the news item mentions it's possible to unlock the session, that doesn't seem to be the case for me as the dialog keeps crashing. Sometimes I can see it for just a fraction of a12:21
teranexAlso, the news item mentions LP: #2012795, but that leads to a 40412:22
teranexIn the hopes to work around this issue for now I tried setting i3lock as my screenlocker using `xfconf-query -c xfce4-session -p /general/LockCommand -t string -s i3lock --create`. This worked when I manually lock my laptop with `ctrl+alt+l`. But when I suspend the laptop it still uses the default, crashing, xfce4-screensaver, so after a suspend I12:24
teranexcan not unlock the laptop anymore12:24

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